Are they still in politics or out of politics?

The shocking resignations. Radio Australia reported that both LKY and Chok Tong are out of active politics. What does this mean? Is there such a thing as active politics or inactive politics? Or is it another case of half in and half out? They may have left the cabinet, but they are both elected MPs and are paid politicians. So what are their jobs now that they are no longer inside the cabinet? For one, Chok Tong will spend more time coaching the newbies. But would both of them be serving their constituents in MPS? When they were both ministers, they could claim to be busy, one crystal balling, and one travelling. Now that these heavy duties and responsibilities are out of the way, would they really be meeting the residents and help them with their problems, like how to apply for jobs, how to apply for HDB flats, how to apply for subsidies? As the elected representatives of the people, they have the mandate to sit in Parliament to speak for the people. If they are no longer in active politics because they are now MPs, does it mean that all the MPs are also not in active politics? Are part time MPs in active politics or are they part time politicians? What is inactive or not active politics? Radio Australia, please explain. Sylvia Lim has resigned from her job as a lecturer in the Polytechnic to be a full time MP and be in active politics.


Anonymous said...


Active means dictating. Inactive means no more dictating but pulling the strings from behind.

How can a puppet show continue without the puppet master?

notanotherspinstory said...

LKY is still Minister Mentor, GIC chairman
GCT is Emeritus (retired) Senior Minister, adviser to MAS

Confirm this can?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No more MM. Both are senior advisors to GIC and MAS respectively. Yes Chok Tong is 'Professor' Emeritus Senior Minister. I wonder what does this mean, half in half out?