The most decent election campaign

I must admit that we have the most decent political rally for a GE over the past few days. It was almost free of personal attacks and all parties tried their best to stick to issues and policies. It is possible that we can keep a contentious situation under control if all parties play the game with good sportsmanship. There were a few instances where they threatened to get ugly, but fortunately again, the transgressions did not get developed into something uglier. Let’s hope that future election will be conducted in such manners and candidates can still shake hands after the hustings are over without feeling too hurt and without getting angry with each other. It is quite an achievement by all parties concerned. The internet too did not get too wild either. The restraint is commendable.

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Anonymous said...

"The internet too did not get too wild either"

In my opinion the internet kept it civil, in the sense that the PAP knows airing the dirty linens of the opposition candidates is no longer their prerogative, using the biased MSM under their control.