Boiling the daft brains

After a long period of gradual abuses, the human beans would have adjusted and adapted to a higher level of pain and absurdity. Subsequently any lowering of suffering would be greeted with relief and gratitude. The high housing price is a living example that the people are getting used to it and paying a little less is cause for celebration. The people are now jubilant over the announcement by Boon Wan of the release of more public housing and a change in policy to build in advance of demand instead of waiting for demand to build up. Great man, compassionate man, with people centric policies, compare to his predecessor. Now this is a caring govt for the people and will look after the needs of the people. They have forgotten how they have ended in the shit hole in the first place. The history of lack of housing in the founding years need not be retold. The story of govt building public housing for the people, where people can go and choose their flats like choosing to buy a car or private properties must be repeated to remind the beans that it should be that way. But after getting used to waiting for 4 or 5 years, the beans are so happy if they can get it in 3. Now they will go down on their knees if they can get it in 2 years. Even the expectation for 5 rm, executive or private properties is forgotten. They no longer aspire for them and are contented with a 4 rm public flats for young professionals. Boiling daft brains are not much different from boiling frogs. The daft Singaporeans deserved to be treated that way, easily conned, easily appeased, easily contented, in their unthinking way. They will take it lying down when told to plan their marriages 4 or 5 years in advance or they will have to suffer the brilliant BTO housing policy. It is their fault for not planning ahead. Dumbos.


Wally Buffet said...

His predecessor left such a big pile of dung for him to shovel that he'll be a real Hercules to untangle the public housing mess.

One short ass to another. Fock you!

Make no mistake about it. If this matter of public housing is not solved and young people who are planning on getting married are not appeased, 2016 will see GRCs falling like ten pins at a bowling alley.

For those who bought at sky high prices, it's time to extend the lease by another 20 years and public housing, whether resale or not, should only be made purchasable by citizens, not opportunistic PRs out to make a killing before laughing all the way back to the rat holes they came from, with sacks of Sing dollars sucked from Sinkapooreans.

Five years is a very short time to possible oblivion.

The time for talk is over. Rhetorics can only fool some people some of the time.

Walk the talk.

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans are not daft, we will not have such 50 years of dictatorship government who could proclaim it's democracy of some kind good for Asians, Asian value, good government and governance, and even first world country

I cannot simply believe that a government without accountability and transparency is anyway a good and strong government. Those who think a strong government means a less than democratic government are just daft or somewhat behold. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is true. "Leopard never changes its spots" is also a fact.

GE2016 is also therefore predictable.

Anonymous said...

The add insult to injury, after years of dictating to the daft, the rulers are telling Singaporeans in the face that they are truly daft, to let them stay in power despite being treated like garbage for more than 4 decades.

Where can you find a more arrogant ruler on this planet?

Anonymous said...

When arrogance comes with ability, still tolerable. A lesser evil. The most disgusting thing is for asses to act arrogant and really believe that they are godlike in ability.

Now look at the idiots walking away with heads down, but after pocketing millions.

Anonymous said...

Releasing more public housing is NOT addressing the root cause to the problem. Khaw did not prohibit PRs from buying public housing, he did not release the actual cost of flats and how much they earn from sales of the flat, inflated overpriced flats etc.

He's just releasing more flats to temporary increase the number of houses on sale. The fundamental issues were not even addressed at all. More wayang.

Anonymous said...

Good. All of you deserve it. For being such armchair critics.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The battle of 2016 has just begun.