Indians are the best financial brains

Tharman is not only the Finance Minister, he is also Chairman of MAS. And he is also Chairman of IMF’s International Monetary and Financial Committee. The MD of MAS is also an Indian. The CEO of DBS is an Indian. The CEO of CitiBank and probably several American banks and financial institutions are also of Indian origins. And the finance graduates of Indian Universities are in great demand both in the US and Singapore. The Indians have crafted a niche in the American finance industry, occupying many top and senior positions. Needless to say, many Indians are in the top echelons of the UN and IMF. The Indians shall be very proud of their finance talents and their achievements, especially Tharman, who is widely tipped as the next minority PM of Singapore.


Trebuchet said...

He would be the first minority Prime Minister, although we've had minority Chief Ministers before.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tharman is all coolness, and that perptuatual kindly smile on his face is a great sight to behold. His promotion as Deputy PM is truly well deserved.

notanotherspinstory said...

I have nothing against Indians.
But I have something against people who say taxes are to help the poor when it is the opposite reality.
And I have something against stingy on welfare ministers, i.e. you want a meal in hawker centre, food court or restaurant?

The said...

After, the number "zero" was invented by a Hindu mathematician Aryabhatta in India before 400 BC

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_invented_the_number_name_zero#ixzz1NFIWRxyB

Anonymous said...

I agree that Indians are naturally good in finance and commerce.

The early commerical schools catering to adult education in book-keeping, secretarial and other commerical studies were operated and dominated by Indian professionals in those fields.

Not as far fetched to have a minority PM now. In the past we talk about meritocracy, but when it comes to choice of a minority PM, race becomes more important than merit.

I guess this is another sacred cow that is overdue for slaughtering.

Anonymous said...

On the lighter side, a close Indian friend once told me this; Indians cannot jump. He cited the example of low marks for the standing broad jump station of our IPPT. According to him, most Indians cannot jump very far but they made very good runner.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tharman's disposition is endearing himself to the people. It is a refreshing change from the days of gangsterism.

A first world country deserves a first world political culture. Not that the first world is much better, but at least it is more bearable than third world antics and ruthlessness.

Maybe we will have to wait for Tharman to be the PM for the culture to change, hopefully for the better.

Jack Bauer said...

"Tharman's disposition is endearing himself to the people. It is a refreshing change from the days of gangsterism"

- This is a very profound statement.

Joseph Tan said...

What the fuck happened to Vivian with his YOG budget? LOL

Anyway if ever we get an Indian PM GRC should be scrap! In fact it should be scrap now since that Michael minority guy is able to win an SMC

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Jack, welcome to the blog.

And Joseph, many myths were dispelt after this GE, among which minorities unable to win on their own merits is one of them.

Not sure about Vivian, but Tharman would have no problem getting elected in a SMC.