SINGAPORE: Police are investigating a theft in Pasir Ris that took place in broad daylight - vandals have taken, of all things, metal railings. Support rails on an access path, specially built for the elderly and disabled, no longer exist at Pasir Ris Drive 6. It is the same at Drive 1 also. Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council says it would take at least three weeks to replace the railings, at a cost of S$20,000. Some residents said they actually saw the suspected vandals at work, but did not realise they were witnessing a crime. "I saw them sawing the railings around 3pm the day before. But I thought they were contractors. There were three workers, and another two men who looked like they were supervisors," says Pasir Ris resident Eliza Khong. - CNA/yy This is what will happen when a country is no longer a country. The citizens no longer think, and do not think anything belongs to them. We are all just passerbys. Citizens or visitors, no difference. No ownership, no responsibility, no care. And the people who cut away the railings know this. It is free for all, take what you like. It is really WYSWYG.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

How come, ah, the police doesn't go after the BIGGEST CRIMINALS and THIEVES in the land?

You know who I'm talking about...

Anonymous said...

Things that are very common in our neighbouring coutry is happen here already and you know why.

Anonymous said...

B i n g o !
This is eerie.. I share exactly these sentiments & more - when I watched the news on tv!
It's sad. It's sure, that Sengkapolians were not compelled to react/ respond at all.
What will U say or do if U witness such blatant act?
Will U at all?

Sengkapolians NOT Stupid

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

in singapore where everything has been carefully designed and built in public places, we take them for granted. but they all cost money. there is a saying that the streets of our city are paved with money. of course it is true. every piece of tile is money. and some very expensive too.

now they are all for the pickings. just take. i had personally witnessed two car washing boys in a mscp discussing how to remove the metal gratings placed over the drains. they push a trolley there and tested lifting them up.

yep i called the police. but when before the police arrived, they gave up what they were trying to do. probably seeing me and another ah ma watching over them.

every piece of the metal grating is money whether to be reused somewhere or as scrap metal.