of law and lawlessness

The two granite executives arrested in Karimum have been let out of their windowless cell where 4 prisoners were cramped in and with one toilet hole to share. But they cannot leave the island, reportedly Batam. Or is it Karimun or Sumatra? The little cell that they were imprisoned may be adequate to the villagers, but to Singaporeans who are used to modern sanitation comfort and cleanliness, this is equivalent to mental bashing. And what had these two executives done? They were mere employees of a company engaging in lawful activities in an Indonesian island. And they were arrested when they voluntarily went there to assist in an investigation on a sabotage and bombing of their company's facilities. And they were kept incommunicado from the world for several weeks, without visitors. The world must take note of such tribal acts and be wary when sending their executives to such a country. The foundation of law in that country is built on lawlessness by the law enforcer. The arrest of the two executives is clearly politically motivated. There is no reason or justification to treat 'assumed' commercial crime violators in that manner. They are innocent until proven guilty. But in this case, they were more than guilty for things they are presumed to have done which everyone knew that they did not do. Compare to how China handled the case of Ching Cheong, the Straits Times journalists, when they had been monitoring him for years and have all the evidence to arrest him. He is being treated more humanely than our executives. And his charge is treason, espionage. He could be jailed for life. When is Indonesian gonna join the civilisation of a new and modern world?


Anonymous said...

When you are in another country, you abide by the laws of that country, no matter how uncivilised you believe those laws to be. If you don't think you can do that, then just stay in Singapore. Very simple principle, don't you think redbean ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

agree, if we want to play with them, we must accept their rules.

that is why i said that we must plan to disengage in areas where we are held at ransom and they can do what they want to us.

we shall just talk about investment in batam and bintang. just talk and no action. the more we plough our money there, the more precarious will be our position.

play only with those who play by the same rules.

Anonymous said...

Or you can choose to play with yourself. You get similar gratification and minus the risk of STDs :)