The en bloc battle ensues

Neptune Court residents are also locked at battle over the sale of their estate. And the issue is, yes, the tyranny of the majority versus the tyranny of the minority. The second issue is about the ugly Singaporeans who think that with a little knowledge, a little money, they can go around demanding apologies or threatening to sue one another. The legal provisions for the en bloc sales has stood up as a sore thumb. Its provisions are clear, legalistic but simplistic. It actually provides for the majority to do what they like. And though there were some considerations for the minority, these provisions can only hold under very exceptional conditions. If the majority can command their required 80-90%, technicality the sale will go through. Unless the minority have the resources to fight a long legal battle in court. The other aspect of demanding apologies and threatening legal actions are a reflection of the kind of Singaporeans living among us, their pettiness and shallowness, simplethons in their heads, but think that they can go around threatening and suing everyone. They did not know that to do such silly things they need to have a lot of money to spare. The lawyers would love to have more of them as their clients.


The Oriental Express said...

You are right.

I remember when I was working as a legal secretary at Lim Kean Siew and Company, a prominent law firm in Penang.

On a wall in my boss's office, there was this picture hung prominently and as a reminder to clients that the longer they fight, the more my boss will earn!

It was a picture of a cow with one man pulling its head and another pulling it by the back. In the centre, was a lawyer, sitting down on a stool, and milking the cow!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i was helping a friend fighting a copyright case which was settled out of court. not a single day in court but a few exchanges of letters (not more than 3 letters each way). my client won the case and the other party paid my client about $125k. and the fucking legal firm got the cheek to charge my client $120k.

this is a rip off. they should do away with the legal profession and turn the system strictly to the govt with govt employed legal officers fighting the cases at a standard fee.

without any regulations, the amount charge is like robbery.