What it is like with a doubling of population

We need to DOUBLE the following: 1. Roads and public transport system and car parks 2. Housing, either sideways or upwards 3. Schools, polytechnics and universities 4. Hospitals and clinics 5. Recreation, sports stadiums and amusement facilities 6. Places of worship 7. Jobs 8. Shopping centres, markets 9. Land of course 10. Reservoirs 11. Air and breathing space 12. Food 13. And many more things But our land is shrinking because of global warming. When that happens, no more land reclamation and many housing and other landed properties will be under water.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered doubling of prices for everything, eg houses, cars, hospitalisation, road charages etc. Wow, its like a windfall for the HDB, LTA, MOH etc.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

except the doubling of wages. the lower end will likely see their wages go down further because of supply.