UNSW case, signs of progress

Though I posted a different sentiment under the topic Signs of Decline on this issue, I am saying something different here from another perspective. We are progressing towards a kinder and more forgiving nation and mistakes are now taken in their strides. When mistakes were made in the thousands of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars, we are now regarding them as honest mistakes and part and parcel of the risk mechanism. And anyone making such multi million dollar mistake becomes more valuable as we have invested the lost millions in them to learn. And definitely they will not repeat the same mistake again and will become a wiser person. We are progressing in the right track. Just because we are paying top dollars does not mean that the axe must come down every time a mistake is made. We must treasure risk takers and people who made honest mistakes. Otherwise no one will want to be risk takers and no honest mistakes will be made. But for those who did not do enough homework or were tardy, and left a big gap in their decisions and resulting in huge losses, now that is a different matter altogether.

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Anonymous said...

When they put our only World War II hero Major General Lim Bo Seng as "Major" in a public plague, they also say like it's ok la, the most honest mistake lor..
C'mon. We'r hardpressed to becoming softer n more forgiving etc, while the policies & actions from pp-on-top gets increasingly harsh, pragmatic & unrelenting.
What don't kill us, make us tougher.
Sengkapolian are not stupid. Are they tough? :)