myth 139

The fiction of guilt The Sentosa Resort has been plagued with an assumed guilt that Stanley Ho is linked to the triads and it is not desirable to put his money here. I have earlier commented that many of the casinos in Las Vegas and around the world are also linked in one way or another to the mafias and triads all over the world. So what's the big deal? Now western developed, advanced and high moral countries are accepting that the children of Stanley Ho are innocent and not guilty by relations to Stanley Ho. By the way, who has pronounced that Stanley Ho is guilty? Which God said so? I like what Jesus said. 'Let the one who has not sinned be the first to cast the stone.' Where are all the saints? All in the little red dot I supposed. We shouldn't call ourselves a paradise. That is an insult to our squeaky clean country. We shall call ourselves heaven on earth, Sin free City, the habitat of demigods where no evil man shall be allowed to trample on.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This nonsense of "unearned" guilt — an over hang from the theocracies of the Dark Ages, has no place in this present age of individual empowerment and freedom.

No one has bothered to address the reasons WHY organised crime exists in the first place. Organised crime is only possible because The State creates what is known as an arbitrage opportunity (for profit, of course).

Modern Nation States are run mostly by people who are fans of the fatuous and often downright evil ideas used by bishops, kings and cardinals of the Dark Ages to persecute and terrorise the common folk into submission. Modern states ban and regulate many things that are considered to be "morally disruptive" to the "unity" within the social fabric. Therefore the state regulates, bans and taxes activities involving alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, games involving wagering, fixes rates of exchange for currency, regulated the credit market, imposes duties on "luxuries", interferes with the sexual services industry etc.

All of a sudden these goods become "scarce" and their price rises, as the supplies plummet. Hardcore folks see an arbitrage opportunity and hence act to supply the "shortfall" in the market (for financial gain of course, never for altruistic reasons).

These are lucrative businesses, because the criminal businesses are in effect PROTECTED by the state. As long as the state massively interferes with these activities, the criminals can continue to make massive tax-free profits, engage in rapid capital formation, and build up their organistaions.

You can understand how, for e.g., Colombian drug cartels get so huge they can have their own army and air services.

Business is competitive, therefore it is understandable that these organised criminal gangs will occasionally engage in violent conflict with each other.

...all this because The State has provided the opportunity.

So personally I see no need to feel "guilty" about associating with Mafia or traids. At least they are honest about their businesses. They supply a market.

The people in the state are the real criminals. They have things called "laws" which some how gives them the "authority" to play the extortionist with the citizens and to take money from the essentially unarmed and docile population.

I am very suspicious of anyone who coddles up to the state, and plays the ass-kissing sycophant to some overpaid cocksucker apparatchik. At least there is a code of honour amongst criminals. There is no honour amongst the coward of the state and their craven boot-lickers.

Is your MP or some wannabe "authority" attempting to make you feel guilty for not being more "socially responsible"?

Tell him to fuck off and to mind his own business, show the finger. Or if you feel like a bit more fun, smile sweetly, thank him for his concern, and suggest that he considers euthanasia in order for him to reach the pinnacle of "social responsibility" by removing his bad genes from the overall human gene pool.