My reply to Li Ao

Ah Bian was interviewed by Yang Ming over Channel News Asia. And Ah Bian was in his own self, speaking or misspeaking in words that he could not pronounce clearly, and explaining his policies and philosophy of life and politics. Yang Ming was his professional best, articulate, polite and perceptive. He was posing questions at Ah Bian, leading him along but Ah Bian evading all the sensitive issues related to China. The most important feature throughout the interview was Yang Ming's expression. Though he smiled very often, and very cool and polite in his questions and comments, he could not hide his frustration at the man sitting in front of him that he called President. His face was as red as a lobster. He must be wondering why the Taiwanese elected such a man to be their President. There was nothing in Ah Bian that could impress him as one who can lead a nation. Ah Bian was fumbling as he could not articulate his words clearly. It was not even Min Nan dialect. After this interview, my reply to Li Ao is that the Taiwanese are also stupid. How else would a people electe a President like Ah Bian when there are many capable men around. Even Yang Ming is a much better man, anytime, in all aspects. They need to raise their President's salary to attract better talents.


Anonymous said...

Orrh, that li ao who said we all Sengkapolians r stupid rite? He also got said Taiwanese r "undisciplined" mah.. Maybe that's why they hv a leader also like that..
Haha, President Chen was funny, as always. We watched the prog for some insights, but ended up arr, having splitting sides from laughing hard! ;P

Anonymous said...

In the interview, Chen was like, got say like no say.. Also siaming in his answers haha.. I didn't notice YangMing's reddening face. I thought, in fact, my wife n I both thought we saw him holding back trying hard not to laugh.. ;P

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

yang ming was very polite. as to the colour of his face, at first i thought it was sunburn. but it was sooo red that it was like he had one too many of hard liquor.

ya, he tried to withhold his laughter. he probably gave up in the man. he must be wondering how could it happen that chen became his president.

the taiwanese deserve the president they voted.