Extraordinary indeed

Hsien Loong was at the White House having a strategic dialogue with George Bush, the President of the world's number one super power. The Prime Minister of an island that has hardly 4 million people and sharing ideas and strategies on world politics with the President of a world empire. And Hsien Loong is giving kind words of encouragement to Bush to stick to his strategies. It must be very comforting for George to have a convert to agree with him openly in a time when all his friends have left him. This is extraordinary. I mean the getting together of these two leaders when size and capabilities, to call them a mismatch, is an understatement. The other thing that is extraordinary is the dominant role played by Pakistanis in the world of terrorism. The latest court case in Britain found that Pakistanis were the main motivators, and Pakistan is the home and factory to world terrorism. Isn't this extraordinary?


Anonymous said...

Lee Snr and Jr are the blue-eyed boys of the White House, especially when there is Republican in office.

Lee Snr's role in dealing with communism in the 60's - onward, and later on a zero-tolerance for drugs, has made Lee Snr. a perpetual ally of the US. Also S'pore embrace of free markets, MERITOCRACY (an age-old American value), the rule of law and commitment to peace, prosperity and security has won many fans in the US.

Singapore, is a de-facto US state in SE Asia. The US military is stationed here "unofficially".

SIA is the ONLY commercial airline allowed to fly to and from Diego Garcia — the US Navy's "Camp Justice" in the Indian Ocean, which services the aircraft and their ordnance requirements for the War On Terror.

God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

must he endorse acts of war? i think we should have no business with war in whatever form. bowing to a forest on fire on its way out may cause us some mileage with the next leadership if not, antagonises people we should try to keep peace with.

a peaceful resolution is one that respect a prodigal dissolution.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


a country is no different from an individual. think of self interest first. an individual, like you said, must make all the money that he can to improve his lot. a country too must behave in the same way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

agree with you anonymous.

we must be sensitive to this emerging force that is unconventional and can hit us where it hurts.

Anonymous said...

> a country is no different from an individual.

What nonsense. Did you go to school, or have you been faking it thru life?