Who is responsible? - UNSW

The UNSW staff held a meeting with the students and parents affected by the closure at Trader's Hotel yesterday and were bombed by the parents. It is hardly imaginable for a highly regarded institution and academics to do such a thing. Unbelieveable! The classes should not have started at all and the students need not waste their time and resources to go through such a slipshod arrangement. Where is the duty and due diligence done to take in the students only to close the university barely 3 months after classes started? The parents cannot be faulted for having trust in the UNSW which is a reputable university run by reputable professionals. But the situation is definitely unjustifiable and they should sue them for compensation. Singapore should also sue them for damaging our image as an education hub.

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No one is responsible. Actually, no, the PEOPLE are responsible, but then they always are, because they get the government they deserve.

The wonderful thing about "public goods" is that no one is accountable for them when they fail.

The buggers at the EDB and the UNSW admin still have their jobs and haven't lost a dime of their personal wealth.

If this education venture were strictly a private enterprise, then the people who would suffer the heaviest loses, plus be also liable for lawsuits by students and parents would be the management and the investors of the venture.

Public education really sucks ass. Everyone involved is a total moron and fuck up. Whatever the state touches will always fail, there is no doubt about this, simply because the state only achieves its ends by FORCE.

Human freewill is inviolable. When humans are forced against their will, by some arbitrary "authority", like the state or the government, to hand out their personal cash produced by their labour, the state invariably misallocates these resources.

Why not? Any of us would do the same if we had absolute power, with no accountability or transparency to anyone, and in fact have no "authority" over us.

I'm so fucking happy the damn thing collapsed. Anything to splat an egg in the face of the state, to me is cause for celebration!