Mums calling the shot

Not enough babies? What is your problem? Forget about all the goodies or flexi hours, incentives etc. Just be real. Just pay us mums $100k each for 5 years for each child we produce. And we assure you that every cent you spent is worth it. The children are the future of this country. Without children means no NS men, no one to look after the country and no one to look after the aged. And also no one to join the work force. See or not? If the baby bust continues, Singapore will be no more. Now that is serious isn't it? And $500k for 5 years or $100k a year, that is cheap. All the mums are waiting.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Do you think it is right for the state to commandeer our women's VAGINAS for the sake of re-populating this colony of insects?

What makes you think that volume of population, or a "young" population is correlated to a nation's "success"?

I think women can decide for themselves whether they want to have children — for their own SELFISH REASONS — without the interference of men, or the state and especially men who CONTROL the state.

The population won't age IF the government maintains it's more or less "hands off" policy to immigration and maintains OPEN BORDERS which will encourage the "right people" (people who believe in meritocracy, winning, and productivity — people with a "can do" attitude) to come in and stake their claim in the prosperity of the nation.

I've been an itinerant for nearly 30 years — I fully support the idea of totally open borders — just the same principle on which Raffles founded Singapore. Anyone who wants some smokin' capitalist action: You are welcome!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

of course i am encouraging the women, the mums, to decide. and i think they should demand a handsome package for doing everyone a service.

Anonymous said...

With the wave of immigration, our local lasses will now have greater choice in who they mate with.

Men who immigrate are more resiliant, more courageous, better at solving problems and planning, and have superior genetic make up especially for risk taking, which makes them exceptional choices for breeding stock. (Proven by many anthropological studies in population migration. Google it)

Sorry, you local guys — You are going to have to lift your game if you want to "score" with the ladies. :-)