Go for right wage measures or risk losing edge: Swee Say

Go for right wage measures or risk losing edge: Swee Say 'Labour chief Lim Swee Say cautioned companies against being "seduced" by the easy option of paying higher basic wages to attract workers. Such a measure will only erode their competitive edge in the long term or force them to trim staff in lean times, he told reporters yesterday during a visit to a training.' by Keith Lin in the Straits Times


Anonymous said...

look at his face and i think of all the millions he is drawing .. what right wage is he talking about??

Anonymous said...

You mean my taxes go to pay for this idiot to spout nonsense from his oral cavity?

No businessman would pay any higher than necessary... what a dumbo.

There is no such thing as a "fair" price or a "right" price. There is only one price for any commodity, whether it is labour, blow-job services or bak chor mee — it is THE MARKET PRICE, i.e. the price struck between a buyer and a seller.

How come this dunce can draw such a high wage? Simply because there is no market in govt services or wage rates. What a govt does is FORCIBLY take from the citizens, and use it to whatever arbitrary purpose it chooses — in this case pay their top-dogs outrageous salaries.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

no lah, cannot call people idiot lah, especially when there are laughing all the way to the bank.

the real idiots are those scrounging for a living and can't make ends meet lah.

if i am making that kind of money you can call me anything you like : )

Anonymous said...

Our benevolent NTUC chief should have said this in Parliment when debating the Minister's pay rise.

They certainly don't do what they preach!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck you redbean. Don't tell me how to use my freedom to speak. I can call anyone anything I like.

Anonymous said...

The REAL idiot is the one
• who feels he can say what he want, to anyone about anyone,
• in his loose (as in cheap, promiscous) control-lacking diarrhoea
• of profanity & pseudo-reasoning.
Hiding behind avatars of "come-get-me, I-hate-all-authority"..
Claiming to be a citizen paying taxes and observing the island's affairs from his self-declared utopia in some overseas soft sand..
We're experienced online to see through more than his cowardice..
Dunce, why act tough here? While acting all soft elsewhere posting yr vile thoughts?
Why not quit? Quit paying yr taxes, pointing yr fingers. Quit the country. That will befit yr pseudo-garang attitude and put useful your vulgar angst against all things human, hor?
Mati la matilah.