Age of citizen journalism is here

And this is what the media big bosses are saying. Their comments are justified by the coverage of people on the ground, at the scene, shooting and relaying information and pictures to media organisations to broadcast or put into prints. Handphones and digital cameras are very handy tools for the coverage of instant news. And there is the great happenings at Youtube with everyone trying out their flair and showing off what they have shot. What the media gurus forget to say is that citizen journalism is journalism of the people. The people choose their agenda and report things they want to report. This is a huge difference from what one reads in the media when the content is chosen by the editor. Now the citizens decide what they want to write, print and shoot and read. My denture almost fell out when I read this statement from ReuterTV's senior producer Jahabar Sadiq who cautioned against the bias in such material. "I 've seen videos that were edited and shaped in such a way that they presented just one point of view...News agencies will still be there to provide a neutral point of view - a view that has integrity and is created by professionals with very good editorial policies.' He said. How much is true in Jahabar's statement? 10% perhaps. All the news we read are edited and shaped in such a way that they present the views of the journalist or that of the media or broadcasters. It is often a one sided view. A neutral view? What a load of bullshit! And integrity, created by professionals with very good editorial policies? Integrity in what? Good policies according to who? The only thing professional is that the people are professional people being paid to do what they are told to do. Only in citizen journalism is there independence of thoughts and ideas reflecting what the citizen sees, hears and reports, of course with his taint of biasness. At least the citizen does not pretend to be neutral and objective.


Anonymous said...

I think the problem with News Agencies is that they are not providing a balanced point of view.

So they are equally credible as the guy on the ground.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

they will insist that they are professionals and always present a neutral, objective, unbiased point: )

Anonymous said...

You're right. That idiot from Reuters should be force-fed with old newsprint :)

It is ALL opinion. One has to use one's own critical judgement to DISCOVER the truth.

Even the BBC journalists present their view, despite the fact that the Beeb claims to be "objective".

Big media is fucken scared of citizen journalsim.

And so they should be — the bastards have had a monopoly for too long. This time, We The People have a chance to beat the "hegemony of official(¿?) opinion" at their own game.

Power To The People, Right On!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

this is a voice for the people. it will change the world.