What Singapore needs is smart Singaporeans, not smart city

The story of a smart city is the way to go forward, so much promise like having paradise on earth. On the other hand many have rightly said that an infrastructure that is going to do every small little thing for the people would take away the people’s instinct to think and make them stupid in the process.
What Singapore, or any country, needs are smart people. If you are still not sure what that means, look at Japan. Japan is a country of smart people. Smartness in this case is not like making everyone a super talent, but making everyone a thinking person, a caring person, everyone thinking that he is a Japanese and Japan is his country, his home. When the people, like the Japanese, think that way, you would have very little need to have to depend on computers to keep the country in order. The people would not only be disciplined, responsible and proud of being citizens of the country, they will keep the country clean and in order. No more littering, no more graffiti and would even pick up litters left by careless people.

Smart people would transform a country into a garden paradise with very little effort and very little mechanization or computerization. Alas, you can only have such a country like Japan when the people are of one mind, think alike and acting and responsible, and very country proud, like home proud.

How could this happen in a country where half the population is made up of prostitutes and vagabonds? Would the building of a smart city help to turn it into a better place to live in when the prostitutes and vagabonds, people who have no attachments and ownerships in the island and would just treat the island like a cheap hotel? Even an expensive hotel will be turned into a rubbish dump after the guests checked out.

And the sad part, we are getting dafter while the new hotel guests are not any better either. Smart city or smart people which way to go forward? When the people are daft and cannot be taught, then smart city is the way to go, provided the daft people can still be taught to press buttons and follow instructions. And provided the city is not filled with prostitutes and vagabonds that have no attachment or concern to the city’s state of affairs.

Taiwan and South Korea are probably the next to rise to the level of the Japanese, with smart people and not totally dependent on smart machine and smart city that would make them more daft. The social achievements of Japan as a country and people far outweigh all the economic numbers that other countries are chasing. Japan as a well organized country and a nation of smart people is an act that is very difficult to follow and impossible for a country that has turned itself into a cheap hotel filled with 3rd world inhabitants and daft citizens that don’t even know that this is their country.
And to make the situation more depressing is that any Sinkie that turns 55 also loses his brain, becomes irresponsible and mindless, stupid is the word.

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The said...

Smart island - dumb people.
Book smart - street dumb.
Look, but do not see.
Listen but do not hear.
Educated, but not learned.
Knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

Yes, uniquely Singapore!

patriot said...

Maybe tge Smarter Sinkies have left Sin or are preparing to other countries to use their minds and be more purposeful. They do not want to waste their brains and let it goes rotting. There are much more space to develop oneself elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

And to make the situation more depressing is that any Sinkie that turns 55 also loses his brain, becomes irresponsible and mindless, stupid is the word.

Not any Sinkie lah, please. Only some, and maybe only 40% or less, and they lost their brain in the sense that they voted opposition during GE.

Anonymous said...

What Singapore needs is not smart
Singaporeans living in a smart city!

My prayer for 2015 and beyond is
that Singapore be blessed with
happy and caring Singaporeans.

We don't need a smart city!

What is the use of living in a smart city where you are not happy.

Love yourself and be kind to
others, always.......

Happy and Healthy 2015!


Anonymous said...

just look around you......

everyone is so very very busy at work and during leisure.....

you call this smart city......

ha ha ha.......

Raymond said...

So, Chin Leng... just because most Singaporeans don't vote the way you do, Singaporeans are not smart?

Or could it be that you're the dumb one? :) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Raymond, coming to attack RB again. Remember, your case is still with the police. Your IP address is with them.

RB is keeping very quiet to let you dig a bigger hole for yourself. You just won't know when the police will be knocking at your door.

agongkia said...

Go learn their brutality .I dun see them as smart people.
You ah kong surely dissapointed with you for singing praises for them.
Smart to change history maybe

Do not forget history.

Anonymous said...

You can't have smart Singaporeans when there are so many PAPigs in parliament.
Reduce the number of PAPigs in parliament, and Singaporeans will naturally become smarter.

True or not?
Nothing good and strong ever grows under the shade of a banyan tree.
And LKY is a huge banyan tree.
Is this a fair comment?

Anonymous said...

240 rats caught near Bukit Batok MRT station.
Can anybody tell me: Who is responsible?
Grace Fu?

Is this a smart city?
Can PAP a party in power for 50 years deliver a smart city?

Anonymous said...

How to build a smart city with a kueh lapis system of government?
Ang mohs in the west call kueh lapis "papering over the cracks".

Anonymous said...

HDB only responsible for the Hdb flats. MRT only land within the station. LTA, the roads. NEA in charge of longkangs. Nparks, the trees. AVA if there is food poisoning. Grace Fu, dunno leh.

Rats, who is responsible for rats? MOM, the Zoo, the cats, SPCA?

Dunno leh. Oh, oh, oh, I know, PMO.

b said...

Smart sinkies already made extinct by the ISA.

Anonymous said...

@ December 27, 2014 3:46 pm
I think it's more complicated (and also more stupid) than what you just described.
See below problem as described by PM Lee himself:

"One resident saw a fishball stick on the walkway one day.
The next day, the same stick was still there.
So Ms Low called up the agencies, to find out why the area was not being cleaned regularly.
Here was what she found:

On the left of the walkway is a slope, under NEA.
In the middle is a park connector, under NParks.
On the right is a pavement next to the road, under LTA.
The different cleaners each had their own cleaning schedules.
The fishball stick was on the right side, which was only cleaned every two days.
- See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/national-day-rally-2014-new-municipal-services-office-serve-residents-seamlessly#sthash.NwIkcmis.dpuf


Anonymous said...

@ December 27, 2014 3:46 pm
Also hor!
Please note.
Grace Fu's MSO does NOT coordinate with Town Councils.
I don't know lah!
In the words of Grace Fu:

"Asked why the MSO is not working with town councils even though they deal with a lot of municipal issues, Ms Fu said it is an area still under consideration. "But we need town councils to cooperate, obviously, so I think this is something (that) take some time."

- See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/environment/story/municipal-services-office-open-oct-1-says-grace-fu-20140824#sthash.UVRQ83Ly.dpuf

Even PM Lee's "pah kah liao" office does not "pah Kah liao" completely.
So you tell me lah.
Is it possible to build a smart city under a PAP government?

I know! I know!
Set up a coordinating office between Town Councils and Grace Fu's MSO.
And then we appoint a Depty Prime minister to chair this new coordinating office.

PAP's Kueh Lapis government.
Because daft Sinkies voted for it.

Anonymous said...

You want to know if Singaporeans are smart? You will have to wait until to next GE to find out.

IMHO again Singaporeans will always be voting the same way they have done over the past 50-60 years. Nothing will change. Singaporeans will never come out of their comfort zone. Singaporeans have been groomed and moulded to be a typical Singaporean, with the kiasu and kiasi mentality.

NOTHING will change.

Anonymous said...

@ December 27, 2014 5:32 pm

If nothing will change, why did PM Lee kpkb "the next General Elections (GE) will be a “deadly serious fight” and compared every seat to be a “national contest, not a local one”.

If Singaporeans remain loyal PAP voters.
Then maybe PM Lee is afraid the new Singaporean citizens will vote Opposition.
New citizens come from countries that ask their politicians: "What do I get if I vote for you?"
Not so stupid like Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Many silly politicians are uttering nonsense as if there is no tomorrow. One day they will all have to eat their own words in shame.

Anonymous said...

Example Of Singapore's Smart Nation Technology
1) LTA's Taxi app.
Can see the taxi but cannot call for the taxi.

2) CPF Money.
Can see the money but cannot touch the money.

3) PAP Millionaire Ministers.
Can see our tax money going into their salary but cannot see what is our benefit for paying the salary.
Seems like we pay them million dollar salary so that we can hear them tell us we have a subsidy mentality when we approach them for help.

4) HDB flats.
Can see the flat but cannot see the affordability.

How again does voting PAP benefit Singaporeans?
What more can I lose by voting Opposition that I have not already lost voting PAP?

Anonymous said...

They know Sinkies are daft. No hope to be smart. No need to make them smart. Want smart people, millions waiting at the door.

So better talk about smart nation and not smart Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

I remember in the news some time ago that LKY and GCT already forgave Aung Juan Soon Chee by allowing him to pay only $30K damages, and not hundreds of thousands as earlier awarded by the court.

So Soon Chee was discharged from bankruptcy and can contest the coming GE. Hope he can win a seat, so poor thing. Aung San Suu Kyi already won in Mynanmar.