The Interview – The continuing saga of Sony Pictures

I painted a scenario of what could really happen to the attack on Sony Pictures and how Obama and his gangsters jumped in to create a farce by pointing the finger at North Korea with the re enacting of another fabricated ‘WMD’ case as an excuse to attack the North Koreans. Vital US interests are at stake. The South Koreans are getting a bit uncomfortable with the entrenched position of American bases in their country and are making moves to evict the Americans soonest possible. As respectable independent country and with national pride, they cannot be a semi colony of the Americans forever. It is a very shameful state of affair and very unhealthy to be made a tool of American world hegemony.

The Americans are aware of this discord and the only reason for them to hang on and dig in, to remain in South Korea, to keep South Korea as a semi colony to do its bidding, is to stir up more shit of the North Korean threat. The Americans need military tension and a state of war in some corners of the world, the further away from the USA the better, to promote the sales of American weapons and to continue to be the undisputed Emperor and Empire of the world.

Having set the Arab world in flame that would last several decades, they are now wriggling their way out and to create another hot spot to exploit. When the rest of the world are bickering and fighting each other, the American war industry would be the sole beneficiary of the conflict, not the ordinary Americans that may end up as cannon fodder.

The threats and attacks on Sony Pictures are great excuses to open a new theatre of war. My earlier position was that the attack on Sony Pictures was another false flag incident created by the Americans. A group called the Lizard Squad has now claimed ownership of the attack on Sony. In a statement, ‘I have the nation on strings’ on its Twitter site, a new picture has emerged. The Lizard Squad did not say they had the Americans or the US on strings. The North Koreans would use that kind of relationship language. A new likelihood is that the Lizard Squad is a home ground hacker group in the US. And for attacking Sony Pictures PlayStation and Microsoft XBox after the Americans have brought down the North Korean computers system, it is another sign that this group is not in North Korea and their ability to strike at Sony Pictures and Microsoft is intact, and very likely in US soil.

The North Koreans were angry with Sony Pictures but not with Microsoft Xbox and also did not have the capability to hit at both though claimed to be able to do so by the White House. And having failed to drive a wedge between China and North Korea, failing to turn China against its closest ally, the attack naturally will turn towards China. They are now accusing China for aiding the North Koreans in the attack despite the appearance of the Lizard Squad.

The attacks on Sony and Microsoft are side shows that have been hijacked by the White House, and Obama has replaced Bush, to fabricate another ‘WMD’ accusation to start something very big and very hostile against the North Koreas. This is just the beginning. More accusations and fabrications of ‘truths’ would be printed in the western media, claiming reliable intelligence sources, to prepare the world to accept an attack against North Korea. The tension in the Korean Peninsula must be raised to justify the American bases in South Korea and in Japan, another semi colony.  

Without the ‘spectre’ of the ‘evil’ North Korean regime, there is no reason for the two countries to allow American troops in their countries and to be under the domination of the American Empire. Both want peace but the Americans would not allow it. Both are capable of holding the North Koreans at bay should there be a war but the Americans insisted that they need the Americans’ protection and bases in their soil. Without the Americans provoking the North Koreans, the neighbours would have mended their relations and lower the tensions in the region.

The world must prepare for more trouble in East Asia. The Americans need to create another war to justify their presence, their role as the Emperor to wage wars and to make profits from weapons sales. The UN has been roped in to be the accomplice in provoking and attacking the North Koreans, starting with the accusation of human rights violation and war crimes. Many of the willing cronies would soon join in under the threats of either you are with US or against US.

Who would be paying the heavy price when war breaks out? The two Koreans would be killing each other and bombing their cities to oblivions. Japan and China would also be dragged in and suffer the consequences of war.

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Anonymous said...

the us falsely accuse North Korea so that its mainstream media will go wild and make people forget about the cia torture revelations. to quell the outrage.
one not enough so they quickly did the u-turn policy on cuba.
double whammy!
more smoke the better.
now everyone has forgotten about the torture revelations. american can now act gungho pretend to act tough on north korea and obabma can act statesmanlike with his cuba decision ala nixon-china turnaround.

patriot said...

Maybe Redbean is convinced that the US is indeed invincible and can do as it likes.
I do not think the Rest of the World is that foolish to be led by their noses.

The Achilles Heel of the US is right in the US Homeland itself and that is where Its' enemies will fight the US. it's gonna to be a long and protracted battle if the US does not desist in stirring shits around the World. American interests around the World will have to bear the brunts as well whence sentiments against It are not reduce by less interference in the Affairs of Sovereign Nations.

The Americans will soon know where they stand and the Consequences of their exploits.


Anonymous said...

Any minute now uncle Die_lah_Singapore who is full of himself - like my local public toilet when the auto-flush failed to work - will be dumping his load. Hang tight folks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, hang on folks. Pinch your noses.

b said...

No need to be a genius to figure out that the accusation is to promote the NK movie made by Sony. Its so clear. Anyway, in this world, whoever has the biggest gun will have the last say. Just have to learn to be two faces instead of being honest. THis world is ruled by the king of lies.

Anonymous said...

US has given the green light to Japan to amend its peaceful constitution. A hawkish minister of defence is appointed already

60% of beekok navy coming to this part of the world to kacheow the Asians, right at China door step, massing at Korea Penin., Japan, Guam soon

Jialat leow, tio cheng leow, HanKok

Anonymous said...

Dun forget Taiwan recent elections, the lost of KMT could spelt more tensions and trouble for the Chinese. US /Japan could exploit the situation again.

Anonymous said...

"The two Koreans would be killing each other and bombing their cities to oblivions. Japan and China would also be dragged in and suffer the consequences of war."

If that happens, a Sinkie opposition leader will announce his party is ready to be govt after the GE.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor there are more than two Koreans on the planet and they both live in Korea.