Rats, I am out of touch!

In my earlier post on the rats at Bukit Batok I made a conservative guesstimate on how much it would cost to get rid of the rats problem. Off hand someone suggested that it would cost $30k to get the job done. And that was huge to cull 300 rats at $100 each. How wrong he was though I too thought that would be reasonable, to kill a rat. $100 a piece!

Someone pointed to me that the Chinese media has reported that the whole operation costs $120k. My God, that would be $500 for 1 rat as slightly more than 230 rats were caught. That sum of money could buy 1,000 roast pigs to feed a lot of people.

I can’t imagine rats are so highly priced, must be golden rats or pedigree rats. And hope the $120k is the final number and no more over and above to add on.

I am really out of touch with the cost of everything.

Complain some more lah. Who do you think will pay for it?

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Anonymous said...

Someone pointed to me that the Chinese media has reported that the whole operation costs $120k.

So? Will Jurong GRC fall to the Sinkie opposition next GE?

And if so, will opposition TC do a much cheaper job per rat killed?

I am assuming that rats, although hundreds were killed, but their fertility rate is not. And of course is much higher than Sinkies fertility rate lah.

Anonymous said...

Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

The $120,000.00 is "wet wet water".

Anonymous said...

They eliminated the rats no doubt, but did they eliminate the root cause why the rats were there in the first place? Or worse, attribute it to the wrong cause?

Perhaps the pest control company will see repeat business in the future. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Soon RC members will be setting up $2 rat control company...after funeral blannket biz. Not to make $..but to help

Anonymous said...

RB, you seem to have missed the report from the pest eradication people. They said the rats were Norway rats. Surely Norwegian rats must be expensive.

Anonymous said...

About RM315,000.00!

Anonymous said...

Norwegian rats? How they get here?

I only heard of Norwegian airflown salmon sold in supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

What about rats from other countries that were let in freely over the years? Business of culling rats must be one of the trade that many will go into judging from the charges levied in this exercise. 2015 Huat Ah!

patriot said...

Thought I read here in My Singapore News, a suggestion by Agongkia, that could even turn the Rat Problem into a very good educational and social programme at minimun cost.

If each of the Bukit Batok Rat costs that much to put away; how many billion dollars is needed to clear all the Rats all over the Tiny Rock? Indeed there shall be lots of money to make for any $2 company.


patriot said...



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Patriot, quick, don't wait, form a $2 company to be rat catchers. I smell money.

The said...


patriot said...

Chin Leng and All;

let me just say tgat I was victim to a rat years ago despite the Fact that I live on the 4th Floor of a HDB Block.
It was not a fully grown rat, very alert and fast and chose to hide under a cabinet at the Balcony and at times sneaked into the packed storeroom at the other end of the Unit.
Days after it got in, the stench of its faeces and urine became overhelming and family members became frantic. When it raced from anywhere in the house, the Mistress went berserk. Me went to the sundry shop and found that it carried many stocks of rat/mouse traps. Out of curiosity, I asked tge Shopkeeper if the traps were selling well and the Answer was quite well. Just to check the Rat Probkem, I went to 4 hardware shops located within 1 km and all of them were well stocked with rat/mouse traps. For information, the HUDC Estate near my place had a large colony of rats inside the Perimeter Fence which was/is beside a busy walk path. Most passerby anf the HUDC Residents were/are nonchalant about them.

Me managed to rid the Rat in my unit after placing many traps around the House. The Funny Thing was that the Rat was NOT TRAPPED, it probably sensed the Dangers with the Spring Loaded Yraps which would have got it seriously maimed if it stepped on any of them. It was no ordinary rat in a way.
Imagine a rat at a 4th Floor HDB Unit. It could be in another unit if not exterminated.

Btw, there is a colony between the bus stop and Blk 125 Tampines St 11 and some evenings, they enjoy the evenings with cats staring at them from a few feet away. If only they can talk to one another.

What irks me more is when I see them around around wet markets in the evenings. They are common sights. Really do not blame those who suspected that the Rats are placed around to generate business, seems probable.


Anonymous said...

we pay more than S$1 million every year for each PAP Minister.
So S$500 for a rat caught in a PAP constituency is less than derisory (1$ PAP Derisory = S$5,000).
Very cheap.

by the way, anyone know how many PAP Ministers there are in total?
I know the number is less than the 240 rats caught thus far.

Anonymous said...

By the way.
Was there a public tender before the contract was awarded to the current pest control company?

Anonymous said...

/// MP David Ong reiterated that food littering by irresponsible stray feeders was one of the main causes of the rat infestation. ///


/// Now Mountbatten MP Lim Biow Chuan has joined the fray. On Saturday (27 Dec), Mr Lim told the media that the rat infestation problem in Bt Batok is due to stray dogs not finishing its food. ///


PAP is such a multi-talented political party.
After the rat problem has become public knowledge ... suddenly we discover they have two expert PAP MPs who can give expert testimony on rats.

Remember PAP Minister Lui?
After the Little India riots, it emerged that he may also be an expert on the causes of riots.
"I can smell the alcohol"
maybe listening to Minister Lui would have been cheaper than convening a Committee of Inquiry?

b said...

THats why this gov has the most talented ministers - Getting job done using the most expensive way. This kind of talent very hard to find you know.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ patriot:

I've killed so many rats lah. Traps are for mice lah, not effective on rats. For rats, better to use a cage trap.

BTW, can the average fucking Singaporean tell the difference between a mouse and a rat? I have my doubts...

My favoured way of dispatching rats is to use rat poison. You have to be careful because it will kill pets too. The way to do it is to keep all pets indoors--inform the neighbours too, then set you poison baits in places you know the rats will go to...i.e. where the food is!

When you see that the baits have been eaten, you remove the remainder and dispose of them with care. Wash down the areas where you placed the baits.

Then all you have to do is WAIT. Within a day or so the rat poison--warfarin or metal phosphides--will do their "magic".

Warfarin is an anti coagulant/ blood thinner. It is used on cardiac patients to prevent blood clots which can lead to aneurisms and strokes. In the rat, it damages capillaries causing rupturing. Since the blood won't coagulate, the hapless rat bleeds to death internally.

Metal phosphides react in the rat's GI tract to form toxic phosphine gas which causes massive organ failure (irreversible) .

The biggest rat I've killed weighed about 4--5 kg and was the size of an average house cat. This was in Perth, and the fucker "terrorised" us for sometime. He actually burrowed through a concrete wall, chewed up the electric cable, and ate his way thru cardboard boxes of food in the kitchen...then shit all over the place. So I got him with warfarin, and found him lying belly up one morning. The INTERNAL BLEEDING caused by warfarin makes the rat THIRSTY so they COME OUTSIDE in search of water---which is great! If this fucker died in the wall spaces or the roof, can you imagine the smell?!?

So next time patriot, use poison lah!

patriot said...

Poison not an option for I am afraid the Rat might rot in the cabinet. Did use a cage trap as well with a piece of dried cuttle fish as bait, as said the Rat was too clever and chose to leave
Had I got it, would have had it placed in airtight cellophane bag and suffocated it.

Yes, few Sinkies can tell the Difference between rat and mouse, they are used to call hen and cockerel chicken. Me can tell because me was and is a mountain tortoise, not turtle.

Some keep mouse as pet, others keep rats for companies, not all Sinkies dislike rat.


Anonymous said...

So crap face has finally emerged or is he just melting. What a smelly yellow mess this die_lah_Singapore dung bag.

agongkia said...

Dun think only FT create jobs.Rat oso create jobs.Be nice to rats.

@Patriot.Thks for the attention.

patriot said...

"Rat oso create jobs".

Cant be better said.

The Rats can actually create millionares and millionairesses.

I salute You Mr Agongkia for


Anonymous said...

All these daft people here making jokes on a very serious rat infestation episode which is really a public health issue. Perhaps it takes a rat eradication levy to wipe the grins off their faces. An expensive stay at your local hospital should do the job too. Ha ha.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@106 mean-spirited asshole:

I think you should die painfully in a fire, and hopefully it will be soon. ;-)

What the fuck is wrong with you? People make JOKES, because that is one of the HIGHLIGHTS of our species: humour. Humour brings people together. Humour is the best non-violent weapon against authority which has lost control of its own self-restraint. Humour helps us as a species and as individuals COPE with the FRAGILITY and UNCERTAINTY of our finite, temporal and temporary existence.

So lighten the fuck up and have a laugh---or fuck off and die, and make it funny so the rest of us can have a laugh at your SELFISH expense. :-))

Anonymous said...

Shit bag in da house, emptying his head.

Anonymous said...

This die_lah dirt bag must be so full of himself that he has the urge to crap himself in front of everybody. Disgusting shit head.

Anonymous said...

Matilah_Singapura what a creative choice of name. Congratulations to your parents.
Nevertheless a shit head by any other name is still a shit head.