PAP has done exceptionally well in molding the thinkings of the daft

There is a believer who openly confessed that he did not mind being a dog to a good owner. Is this being humble, self deprecating, deference or what? Why would anyone wish to be a dog and be so proud of it? This is just a small example of how successful PAP is in winning the hearts and minds of the people. Today it is indispensable as the political party to rule this country. No one else is able to do so. This message has taken root in the brains of the daft as an unquestionable truth. No other political party has the talents to run this country, only PAP can. And Hsien Loong summed it up by saying that Singapore would be in deep trouble if PAP lost the next GE. Many are so domesticated that in the absence of the owners they would be lost. They are unable to live on their own, find their own way in life. They are badly dependent on the good owner, the PAP.

Take a look at another view. All the political talents are with the PAP. All the other parties have no talent. Where do these talents come from? Are they not the Ah Kows and Ah Huats, the Ahmads and Subramaniams who lived next door to you? How did they become super talents and talented born politicians to rule this country overnight?

The answer is very simple. All the PAP needs to do is to hang a PAP badge on their chests and make them wear white. Abracadabra, there you are, one talented politician coming out from the hat. You want more, abracadabra, another one from the hat. Those pulled out from the opposition parties’ hats are duds, must be duds, and would not know how to run a country. They would not have the talents like the likes of the Desmonds and the Victors to serve you.

The expectation and confidence in PAP candidates are legendary, mythical. The PAP can even pull out rats from the hats and people will call them political talents, the political leaders that will know how to rule the people well. They could also pull out foreigners (given pink ICs) that were here for a few years to offer to the people as political leaders, and the people will believe and accept them as the best people to rule them. Maybe being migrant stocks, Sinkies love to be ruled by foreigners who are new citizens.

This is how powerful the PAP has become. The believers and converts will simply believe with no question ask. Everyone pulled out from the PAP hat is as good as gold and worth every cent paid to them. Your future depends on them, the instant political leaders from the PAP hat. One day working as a soldier, lawyer, doctor, tomorrow become instant national leaders, born to rule. Reject them at your own peril. You shall repent if you don’t vote for them.

Some may think that this is a myth that the PAP has spun. But they are very effective and very real after believing it for so long. It has become second nature. Like the story books of yore, the prince was always charming and the knight in shining armour. Who would dare to imagine that the princes in the fairy tales could be ugly and duds? The charming princes will always ride off with their fair princesses and live happily ever after.

When would the daft stop believing in fairy tales?

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

as long as pap is the govt,
the abracadabra abracadabra
abracadabra abracadabra....
will go on and on and on...

Anonymous said...

"There is a (PAP) believer who openly confessed that he did not mind being a dog to a good owner."

There you go.
Confirm our beloved country is going to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

"Like the story books of yore, the prince was always charming and the knight in shining armour.....
When would the daft stop believing in fairy tales?"


Then a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others.
The Emperor cringes, suspects the assertion is true, but continues the procession.


Well done Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui.
You asked the obvious questions.

Q: When would the daft stop believing in fairy tales?
A: When they stop believing in their CPF money and the value of their HDB flats.

patriot said...

Singapore has become Dingo Territory.


Anonymous said...

"Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves.
This difference between self-actualizing and self-image actualizing is very important. Most people only live for their image."

Stop actualizing PAP's image of Singaporeans and Singapore as portrayed by the Straits Times.
Actualize your true self instead.

"Cultivate and express our true essence.
If we all did that, we would all be cultivating our uniqueness and we would all put something original and truly authentic into Singapore because it would emanate from deep within ourselves which is a place that no one else can inhabit but ourselves."

Before believing & trusting any talent, always ask:
Is he a PAP affiliated talent?
Is he a PAP beholden talent?

Anonymous said...

You really believe they are talemts? Maybe talents in ther professions, but are they there to serve the people or to serve themselves?

Anonymous said...

There is a believer who openly confessed that he did not mind being a dog to a good owner.

Of course lah, if he/she were a dog. Such a dog will have good food and care, tio bo?

But since he/she is a human being and has a good life under PAP govt , then of course he/she will regard PAP like what a dog will regard a good owner lah.

Anonymous said...

Another "daft" themed article by RB. So smart. Paraphrasing the old man LKY again?

I don't know who was the one who said he don't mind being a dog to a good owner, but here's the thing. Short of being dogs, there maybe indeed be a significant population here who just feel they have benefitted from the system put in place by the PAP. What are you going to do about it? They are not daft.

Who is daft? Those who are unhappy, but keep voting the same, are definitely daft.

But there is also another group of daft. I'm starting to believe that RB now falls under this category. Why do I say so?

Why does RB blog the same thing over and over? And why do you guys comment the same type of comments over and over? Nothing better to do? Cannot be right. You do so because you hope to see something different.

But in all these past years, what have you achieved in blogging and commenting? Nothing. Influenced anyone? Don't know. Maybe only the usual TRE types, who don't really need influencing in the first place. If you can't effect the change you want, can you get out of it? Also cannot.

Thats the other group of daft. Ball bangers who hide in corners of the internet banging their balls in frustration for years, harping the same thing over and over and see no result, but still keep doing the same. They are very smart at calling others dogs, but one can't help but wonder if those really are dogs, then what are these people?

Anonymous said...

I just discover a new type of daft. Everyday come here to read RB and get frustrated by him and cannot tahan RB. Then die die still want to come to read RB again and get angry again.

What kind of daft would you call this? 人斗猪脑

Anonymous said...

Hello daft anon 10:40, why don't you do yourself a favour and fuck off from here? Or are you that daft, another dog?

Anonymous said...

I think its more like feel sorry for RB and the posters here.

Take Roy for instance. He gave it all. Took a risk. Ended up going in a blaze of fire but hell, no regrets.

RB and gang? Obviously a bunch of frustrated ball bangers otherwise why spend years, every few days ball bangs on this site? Yet they are useless to the cause they represent. They do enough to stay out of trouble themselves, never put themselves out there to do more, maybe become an activist, for instance.

Yet they continue to hide here, smugly calling others IB, daft and dogs, banging their balls over and over, and still after don't know how many years, have yet to see what they want happen.

What must it be like to spend years of one's life in such a way? Not daft? I wonder how many such people are there.

Anonymous said...

I see young people out there who dare to join alternative parties or become an activist.

I see frustrated old men here who simply spent years of their life banging balls.

No wonder that guy told me to get lost. It must be some truth in it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you here? very shiok to be here ya?

Why not do something like that Raymond guy, say something big enough so uncle RB can do the necessary, maybe make another report.

you chicken?

Anonymous said...

I can see uncle smiling at the background at this barking dog.

Kopi for you uncle.

Anonymous said...

Moulding Singaporeans to live closer to their dearly departed?


Anonymous said...

The thing with the daft believers is they are like the provervbial frogs in a pot boiled under a slow flame. They will enjoy the comfort of the water until it starts to boil, but by then it's too late. That's the result of muti-generational dumbing down. Cold fact.

Anonymous said...

To all those uncle calling daft people out there, it's Mr Chua to you. Go find your own uncles. You know your mother's of father's brothers. Or don't you have any?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11.52AM...........

It is absolutely useless now to
kpkb about the govt building a

What can the residents do? What
can the residents do? See MP? Go
to HLP to protest?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans must be free to discuss issues that affect their lives and their children's lives. Matters of the state are matters of the heart to Singaporeans. If Singaporeans are not allowed to speak about these matters, about things that concern them and their country, something is drastically wrong.

All Singaporeans must be involved in political issues and things that affect their country. This is their country. If Singaporeans dare not talk about such matters, afraid to talk about them, then what are they? daft dogs?

While we discuss about issues of the state, let's be circumscribe and avoid going personal and attack anyone personally. This is being mature and respectful of other people and their rights to be different, to think different and to choose to be different.

This is what democracy and freedom of speech are all about. This is what being citizens of a country is all about. This is all about being thinking individuals and not being daft.

Anonymous said...

A Heartless blogger discussed about moral authority and Confucious teaching in TRE.

What kind of moral right is there to send daft dogs here to attack RB?

Anonymous said...

@ December 30, 2014 1:32 pm
"It is absolutely useless now to
kpkb about the govt building a

Who says it's useless?
You or a PAP Minister?

"What can the residents do?"
- anything we want that is legal under Singapore law ... including suing HDB in court to stop the crematorium from being built

"What can the residents do? See MP?"
- Why not.
- Are you saying a PAP MP only represents the PAP in parliament?
- Are you saying a PAP MP will never represent the Singaporeans in his constituency against a PAP government?

"Go to HLP to protest?"
- why not?
- it's not illegal
- Singapore belong to Singaporeans or belong to PAP?

Anonymous said...

If you are a morally upright person, which political party would you join? It tells on what you are by the party you chose and the company you kept.

Anonymous said...

From RB's writing you can see that he is holding back from writing the whole truth. He is definitely capable of writing more incisive and biting articles if he lets himself go free completely.

Can't you see he is restraining himself from writing many obvious things that could be very painful to read to some people?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Very fucking long 3 part post.

Redbean's claim:

>> PAP has done exceptionally well in molding the thinkings of the daft

Hmmm...the natural instinctual thing to do, the thought which immediately (automatically) comes to mind is a 100% agreement with RB's claim.

However, upon reflection, I'm not so sure...

I'll define skeptical thinking aka critical thinking aka scientific skepticism as various processes/ tools of METHODOLOGICAL DOUBT. i.e. you have not only to evaluate the evidence purporting to back up a claim, but the cognitive processes involved in arriving at the conclusion that such a claim is TRUE. “Truth” is also spectral—in a sense that its expression is statistical/ probabilistic, and that there are error bars which limit the accuracy of the “truth”. Truth can change as new evidence and data are discovered/ collected.

Here are the “first rules” of skeptical thought, and they are similar in meaning:

1. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary EVIDENCE”

2. “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be DISMISSED without evidence”

3. “The first rule is not to fool yourself, and you are the EASIEST person to fool”.

So as to my opinion on RB's claim, my short answer is a conditional: I don't know, simply because there is no data to support it. Most of us will give a resounding agreement to redbean because we “feel it” like he does. ”Feelings” are signals, but they cannot be relied on to confirm a claim. Further testing is necessary.

Anecdotal “evidence” cannot be relied on as hard evidence because of the numerous heuristics and cognitive biases “built into” every human brain. You have to be able to TEST the evidence to assess whether or not it counts as real evidence, and not be just a piece of subjective experience which is the brain's interpretation of reality, not “reality” itself.

Although there is an “objective reality out there”, by the time we experience it, it has been filtered and processed through our own neurologies—our sensory organs, numerous electric and chemical pathways, neural nets, plus it is “mixed” with our preconceptions, memories, fixed beliefs...etc..

Matilah_Singapura said...


Our brains build “models” of reality—just good enough to help us survive by essentially keeping our loss-aversion and “fear of dying” modules stimulated for “danger”. These constructed “models of reality” are representations of reality, not reality itself. Because out brains' throughput is severely limited, our brain distorts and deletes information. The model of reality we experience is completely constructed.

Should there be any doubt (doubt is good!) on this, you can search the internet for numerous examples of optical and auditory illusions which trick your brain even when you are FULLY AWARE that your brain is being tricked. (one of my favourites: The McGurk Effect) i.e. you have NO CHOICE is overcoming these cognitive distortions.

The only conclusion you can draw is: ”I am aware that my brain is being tricked, and I have no control over the trickery, but at least I KNOW I'm being fooled”--which is not bad. At least you are aware that being aware is not a 100% guarantee that you won't be/ can't be fooled.

A term I find bothersome in a discussion such as this is the use of the word “DAFT”. It is unquantifiable. It is a term used more as an ad hominem than it is to usefully describe some phenomena. The term “daft Singaporeans” immediately raises a red flag signal a COGNITIVE BIAS, and the cognitive bias here is The Illusion of Asymmetric Insight---which is so common, many of us fall prey to it several times a day. I sure do: I have called Singaporeans “sheeple” numerous times ;-) Anyway folks, look it up, as well as the experiments. Basically this cognitive bias tells your brain: ”You probably don't know me/ you're picture of me is inaccurate, but I sure as hell know you—how you think, why you are that way, what your future is likely to be...etc i.e. you are such an “expert” on the faults of others, but they do not posses the mental powers to accurately evaluate you, but you know them so well you are likely to believe that your “knowledge” of them is more in-depth and accurate than their own self-evaluation.

Some people might call this “arrogant”. I call it human nature :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...


To conclude (until later?):

“ PAP has done exceptionally well in molding the thinkings of the daft” – Conclusion: I don't know. The testing of this claim is difficult.

What we do know:

1. As unchallenged leaders of the nation-state, the PAP will definitely have some influence over the culture of the society.

2. Contrary to what is (wrongly) intuitively believed by the majority of people: Beliefs come from ACTION...not from ideas which are read, or heard on the media, although these ideas might influence (or force) people to take some kind of ACTION.

3. Social engineering's eventual goal is to make people take action, and out of that will emerge beliefs—common beliefs which guide action—leading to a CULTURE.

One of the ways to constrain or limit peoples range of action is to control their environment, present them with “incentives”, but limit choice in those incentives, and “reward” or “punish” accordingly.

Although there are people who disagree with me, I still hold the idea that when it comes to social engineering the PAP is the reigning, undefeated Champion Grand Master.

4. “Smart” people (as opposed to “daft”) people are just as easy—in some instances EASIER—to fool as their less cognitively-endowed cousins. “Smart” people have superior skills in thinking, language and specific skills in specialized areas which makes them especially prone to believe their own bullshit because their self-reference is “I know what the fuck it's all about. I went to Princeton/ Yale/ etc. and I've won such and such award...”. The belief in past achievement, accolades and high social-status/ high social-value education, employment, personal history aids the propensity for these folks to be fooled.

Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling from Enron, Bernie Madoff from Madoff Investments...these are real world data points on how thousands of very smart and financial savvy people could be fooled out of the dearest and most guarded possessions: their money.

5. Willpower is not a skill!. It is an energy-hungry resource, like the big muscle groups of your body. Willpower (aka self control, self regulation, resolve etc) is necessary for life, and we do---by varying degrees---regulate ourselves especially in social situations—workplace, public spaces, gatherings etc. However, adept social engineers know how to USURP people's willpower (method: Ego Depletion) and then influence or “seduce” / motivate/ incentivise them toward the social engineer's goal/ objective.
Whether you are selling chicken rice, or BMWs or political/ religious ideas, you need to “exploit weaknesses” your target's brain to “seal the deal”. Once you have successfully done this, the target will “come back for more” without you even having to do a damn thing. The target will also probably end up “evangelizing” your product/ idea. We are social beings--communicating our experience with others helps us “legitimize” our previous choices, and enhances relationships—even if those choices are detrimental to our existence.

6. The Illusion Of Asymmetric Insight--- already covered above

7. Post Hoc Fallacy—full name Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc (English: After this, therefore because of this). This one is the biggie: the Foundation Stone of all non-critical, “magical” thinking. This is the grandfather of the panoply cognitive biases supporting and leading to: superstition, religion, political ideology, advertising claims, conspiracy theories, “alternative” medicine, ...the list goes on and on and on.

Tip: If you want to look for where the PAP is wrong or trying to feed you some bullshit, look for Post Hoc Fallacies.

OK, Very long post! Have fun! And relax, we all have quirky brains, so getting high and banging until your balls are flat and empty is also very much part of human nature.

Human nature is not supposed to be perfect. But I have a suspicion that it is supposed to be F U N !! ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> This is all about being thinking individuals and not being daft.

Haha, good luck on that wishful thinking--well intended no doubt, but almost impossible to achieve as a nation, as a whole. (I doubt that you're even going achieve 1 or 2 % of the population, and it is doubtful whether we can achieve this in our own individual selves.


THE MISCONCEPTION: You are a being of logic and reason.
THE TRUTH: You are a being capable of logic and reason who falls short of that ideal in ** predictable ways.** ”
(asterisks added for emphasis)

Excerpt From: David McRaney. “You Are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and Allthe Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself.” iBooks.

Anonymous said...

Post? This section is for rational folks to voice their concerns. Want to post get your own blog. Shit face.

Anonymous said...

For a blogger and commentator who calls for mature discussion of state affairs and urge restraint in personal attacks is very good.

However it seems such mature discussion and restraint somehow always leads to labelling any dissenting voices as daft, dogs or IBs. Its pretty rich honestly.

Daft. Dog. IB. Do these words have such an important place in free and open discussions of the state that they need to be used so often?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you.
But I am deliberately refusing to read any of Matilah's posts as a sign of protest.

Just as I refuse to buy any Straits Times newspaper to protest.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Daft. Dog. IB. Do these words have such an important place in free and open discussions of the state that they need to be used so often?

They are ad hominems. They are used in place of facts and the ability to render solid arguments. This is quite ok, since this is the internet where nothing is serious anyway ;-)


Signs of protest? Whatever makes you happy dude! ;-) I can promise you: your "signs of protest" will not have any affect on the real world...but anyway, good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

If the dogs did not anyhow bark, why would people call them dogs?

Anonymous said...


Yeah. Ad hominems. Or having ppl tell you to get out if you do not like whats written. Then play the statesman to call for mutual respect before once again calling others daft dogs.

Sounds familiar?

As have mentioned time and again the types here take their cue from a certain ruling party perfectly. The only difference is the types here are not paid millions I guess.

Maybe thats why they so frustrated.

Anonymous said...

If they are happy to own up as dogs and behave like dogs, why are they protesting?

You are called dogs not for no reasons. If you are not a dog, no need to complain. Only dogs will know that they are dogs.

Anonymous said...

Shit face Mati must be beside himself with all the attention he's getting. Now go and dump another load turd bag. Your head will feel lighter.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but who is happy to own up to being a dog? Who here feels they have good reason to be called a dog?

Who decides that someone is a dog? You? Matilah? RB? Or me?

Anonymous said...

What a load of who ha. More turd than what comes out of Mr Mati's head. Cold fact.

Anonymous said...

Chicken rice owner keep serving rubber chicken and using subliminal music to psycho patrons they are tuckin into the best chicken rice in the world. No wonder so many patrons are eating rubber bata slippers and going yum yum.

Beware. You r what u eat.

Anonymous said...

Shit head Mati_man has finally retreated into his little hole. So predictable.

b said...

There are losers and winners in this world. Losers allow things to happen to them and winners make things happened. Losers hate change and winners support change and understand that change is an evitable process for growth and progress. Is the majority sinkies a winner or loser?

b said...

Ask any well paid angmo, they also think sg is expensives lah. Thus, any ordinary sinkies life is tough, tough, tough. Vote alternative = 50% chance to change this tough life. Vote pap = 0% change to change this tough life. Voters have to decide loh.

Anonymous said...

So we need an ang moh to tell us how sick we are. Now we now why we need these foreign talents. (Note the small "t").

Anonymous said...

Matilah_Singapura what a creative choice of name. Congratulations to his parents.
Nevertheless a shit head by any other name is still a shit head.

Anonymous said...

Matilar may you rest in peace u dickhead, knn motherfucker wasting people time

Anonymous said...

It is truly laughable, if we are not dealing with the really serious concerns about the future of Singapore. This, otherwise quite interesting forum is being constantly hijacked by one individual and used as a platform for massaging his own ego.

Our friend Matilah; oh how he loves to pontificate!!! He tells us he can 'manipulate people' and that he is very good at it; well, even if you say so Matilah, even if you say so!!! Genuine REFLEXIVITY makes one a bit more circumspect about making such grandiose claims.

He talks about 'methodological doubt' and offers 'first rules' of sceptical thought.

1. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary EVIDENCE”

2. “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be DISMISSED without evidence”

3. “The first rule is not to fool yourself, and you are the EASIEST person to fool”.

'Rules' he himself does not practising(maybe he is INCAPABLE of it).

He is the quickest to make unjustified 'claim' and judge without letting the 'evidence' reveal itself when three kids are handcuffed. He calls them 'little thieving shits' and 'These 2 little cunts were accused of STEALING STUFF FROM PEOPLE...and so they--quite rightly--get a nice taste and an important life-lesson about CONSEQUENCES from one's own actions'. ACCUSED, mind you, not PROVEN to have stolen; talk about ASSERTING WITHOUT PROVEN EVIDENCE. In most civilized countries, YOU ARE INNOCENT BEFORE PROVEN GUILTY!!! That is why THE PROOF OF EVIDENCE IS SO IMPORTANT. He talks about Soros's very interesting theory of reflexivity and being taught by Popper at LSE, BUT HE CANNOT APPLY A BROADER NOTION OF REFLEXIVITY ON HIMSELF!!! He seems to be oblivious to the self-contradictory claims he makes; gerrymandering ever which way to simply score a point or two. So much so that he is blinkered by his OWN very NAIVE and un-sceptical comprehension, not just of proper evidence, but the theories and concepts he tries to show off that he thinks he understands. Keep reading the populist stuff Matilah! You are the real sucker who doesn't know it!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I really want to add Matilah Singapura as the 24th joke in my list: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW! I am touched by so much attention to 'lil 'ol insignificant me!

Anyway, keep the comments---especially the negative ones--cumming in folks. Ejaculate all over the blog...why not?

BTW, I write opinion, at best--conjecture. I DON'T supply the evidence required to assuage the cherry-picking mind of the hardcore skeptic hell-bent on proving me wrong. Fuck off, that's too hard and time consuming.

You want evidence? Then go look for it yourself, you lazy cunts :-) Otherwise just dismiss anything I write as "bullshit" because I WON'T (as opposed to can't, because because I most definitely CAN) back up most of my claims.

Don't like what I write? Don't like me? No fucking problem. Go ahead, call me nasty names, call my parents nasty names...I really don't care. :-)

I write primarily FOR ==>> ME <<== out of pure, selfish enjoyment for pure self aggrandisement, and onanistic ego-stroking.

If you have a problem with that, sorry, I can't/ won't help you. I suggest you pray to Baby Jezzus, and you'd better hope he doesn't shit his diapers. OTOH, that "holy shit" could win you points from the perverts in the Vatican who love collecting "holey artifacts" :-)

When masturbating all over this blog with my grandiose opinions cease to be FUN, I won't do it anymore. Part of the fun here is walloping fuckers, and occasionally kicking redbean in the gonads (metaphorically speaking, of course). Redbean is very clear when he posits: Hi,
Did I make you sit up, make you uncomfortable, agitate your thoughts, provoke your peace, and make you think?
The more kopi you buy, the more motivated he is to vent his spleen over many "non-issues" which apparently plague the cultural landscape of not only Singapore (he blames the PAP and the daft Singaporeans), but the entire fucking planet (he blames the Evil Empire of America)

RB's inviting people to whack him...so go ahead and have at it. He is an older cunt like me, and we both have exceedingly thick skins...unlike many of the other pussy-wimps who venture over here.

OK, gotta get ready for this evening's Bacchanalian debauchery!

Happy New Year, motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

Whith a head full of turds no wonder this wanker is delirious with a bit of attention. Must have been unloved at home.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ "delirious" 304:

WOW! A Psycho-ANALyst, conjuring up narratives like post-new year diarrhoea...

Anonymous said...

And I enjoy exposing pea-brain shithead like you even more!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...


Well at least you're enjoying yourself. Go for it. "Simple things please simple minds" ;-)

"Expose"? Huh? What? What is there to "expose" about me? You think I'm an asshole, a shithead...so what? My ex-wives think even worse things about me, so like I give a shit :-)

Anonymous said...

Fuck off lah matilah, you're just like a turd that won't flush.

Matilah_Singapura said...


So flush lah, you disgusting, nasty non-flushing , socially inept Singaporean.

Turds away!