Children handcuffed by police for theft

The photo shows 2 young boys being handcuffed by police officers at the traffic junction near I12 Katong. In the post, Ms Ang, who is a volunteer for children’s development needs, said, “I just saw three very young kids under handcuffs. Pains my heart that the police (would) handcuff young kids.”
The boys had allegedly stolen some shoes. They were then driven to a police station in a police car. (Full article in TRE).

The above is copied from a post in TRE titled, 'Police handcuff very young boys for theft'. I am not going to say anything. Just ask, 'Are we proud of this?' To build smart city more important or to bring up smart people? This is what happens to a country of daft people.

I wept.

PS: The American police shot dead a boy with a toy gun. They could not make out if it was a toy or the real McCoy when the boy went shouting, 'bang, bang, bang'.


Anonymous said...

Read some sick comments in the TRE article saying there is nothing wrong and police were doing the right thing.

When a country is full of sick people, this is what gonna happened. The fish rots from the head.

Anonymous said...

In 1977, a 14 year old boy was sentenced to death in Matland for possessing a gun.


So what is handcuff on a young boy?

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised to note that such a thing actually happened in singapore!

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Virgo 49 said...

Our SPF so ah kuah so scared even of small boys!!!

See the picture, the boy so puny size, for their safety???

More for their own safety.

Afterall, already kena hantam by the Ah Neys.

Anonymous said...

Just google ISIS + children

Anonymous said...

Just look at that small boy........

He is just a small kid....

Oh dear......................


Anonymous said...

Singapore Police Officers very brave to handcuff 3 very dangerous children under 12 years old.

Little India Riot.
Why we never see any police officer handcuff any rioters in the middle of the riot.
Why only observe from a safe distance?

Anonymous said...

There are actually poor people in Singapore too!

Surprised? Very Surprised? Very Very Surprised?

Anonymous said...

I look look 'First World' list.
No hv Matland leh ?

Anonymous said...

Give that man a mango!

Pls make it 2, sister.

agongkia said...

Only shows that even a station inspector does not know how to use his initiative.
Surely they will justify that the boy will run away if not cuff.
Doesn’t look good to me.
Anyway high handedness is becoming normal .
Recently drove into a camara monitored side lane slowly just to pick up someone for a few second but is accused of stopping
and given demerit point and fine when there is no other place to pick up without compromising safety.
Quite a dissapointment as a Sinkie citizen .

Anonymous said...

Original video: Monkey saves another Monkey after a severe electric shock.

After a Singaporean PMET gets bullied and sacked by an FT manager.
Do you think our two legged white PAPigs will help the sacked Singaporean PMET?

PAPigs are not monkeys.
So don't expect help hor.

Anonymous said...

"... given demerit point and fine when there is no other place to pick up without compromising safety.
Quite a dissapointment as a Sinkie citizen. "

Serves you right for voting PAP.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sorry folks,I back the cops on ths one. What they did has the potential to mould the characters of the little thieving shits: Don't take stuff which doesn't belong to you, and don't fucking steal!

In the old days, the parents would lose face over an event like this, and then punish their kids severely, and force them to apologise to the owners of the stolen goods.

Now the entitlement-mentality parents will expect an apology from the cops, maybe compensation from the govt to pay for "therapy" to help the kid overcome the "trauma".

Yeah, society is sick alright: no one takes any fucking responsibility anymore.

Anonymous said...

You are a sick dick. How much do you expect from a kid at that age and look at the boy?

You need to be cursed for that kind of thinking. Hope you got whacked for your smugness.

Virgo 49 said...

School holidays, restless boys with mischievous pranks like shop lifting.

Common offences. Just warning or call parents to pay for goods.

No need to call our gallant men in blue. They busy at Little india lah.

Anonymous said...

A nation of people without a heart but all claiming to be caring and compassionate and with a big heart.

When would the fakes be unmasked?

Anonymous said...

The photo makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Three boys, two of whom in the picture look very young, purportedly steal some shoes and are forcibly handcuffed. We do not know why they did it. To many, including myself, the police action seems quite an overkill, but is not untypical of the sometimes seemingly draconian measures taken in Singapore. I share the despair, sadness and pain; sympathy first before judgement. Despair for the children and their future and for what might have driven them to steal, if indeed they did. Much to ponder about the possible failures of society, of family perhaps; root causes I mean.

Interestingly Matilah's condemnations are typically harsh and uncompromising; they are 'little thieving shits', no doubt children of 'entitlement-mentality' parents in a 'sick' society where 'no one takes any fucking responsibility anymore'. He makes lots of assumptions which one suspects reflects his own paranoia; a mantra of 'entitlement-mentality' and 'not taking responsibility' that is relentlessly repeated here and elsewhere. One wonders if he was himself subjected to this kind of incessant chastisement in his earlier life so much so that he has developed a compulsion to inflict this (a kind of Freudian 'transference') on any and everyone with every opportunity he has so that this forum, for instance, provides an ideal opportunity for him to 'get back' at the 'ghosts' of his own past. If so, a very sad, warped and tangled individual indeed; one who has lost the capacity for being genuinely humane .

Anonymous said...

After the Little India riots, our police have become very takut, even of 9 year old boys !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agreed with Anon 4:41. This is a very sad individual indeed. He is so sick in his head that he doesn't even know it.

Anonymous said...

Actually look at it this way. The police handcuff the kid I think is better than manhandling them. Also by law the names of minors cannot be disclosed.
There might be no news reporting on this and the kids will be spared the shame after everything is done. The police would release them after all the procedure is done.

But now because the netizen posted the picture online it is everywhere and these kids become publicized where it could be kept quiet. Who has brought the bigger shame to them?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ all you soft and fluffy assholes:

Thank you for your psycho-ANALysis of my apparent mental state, which BTW is none of your business and doesn't contribute Jack Schit to the discussion ;-)

People are quick to criticise "draconian measures" without properly understanding the CONTEXT in which those harsh measure might be enacted.

These 2 little cunts were accused of STEALING STUFF FROM PEOPLE...and so they--quite rightly--get a nice taste and an important life-lesson about CONSEQUENCES from one's own actions.

Compassion? Compassion is often doing the "difficult thing" to repair something in the present so that the future may turn out to be "better".

These kids did wrong. They get a nice "shock experience", which eventually might save their lives from going into shit from a life of crime in the future. An intervention like this probably stopped this stealing from becoming a habit (or helps to break an already formed bad habit).

Grow the fuck up lah, you pussies!

Anonymous said...

Your mental health is our concern. We want to help you. We will send our helpers from IMH to bring you in to take good care of you. It is good for you.

The police have to handcuff the children to protect them.

Matilah_Singapura said...


WOW! I had no idea a loser-asshole like you would be spokesperson for the Singapore Police Force, an organisation known for its professionalism and high standards.

...or maybe you're just bullshitting?

b said...

Very sad that the police has to resort to using handcuffs on small kid that cannot cause harm. Will they shoot adults next time they are caught stealing? Will they do that if the child is a descent of youknowlah or powerful people? They did not even use handcuffs when the so and so committed hit and run. This is a clear case of abuse of power.

b said...

When a kid has to resort to steal shoes, there must be something very wrong in this rich mini republic.