An unbelievable world record!

Other being a PAP MP, he(Yeo Guat Kwang holds) has an amazing 64 other positions !!! http://www.parliament.gov.sg/mp/yeo-guat-kwang?viewcv=Yeo%20Guat%20Kwang 1) Member, Government Parliamentary Committee on Manpower 2) Member, Government Parliamentary Committee on Community Development, Youth & Sports 3) Member, GPC for Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts 4) Vice Chairman, Aljunied Town Council 5) Alignment Director, NTUC Quality Worklife & All Nationalities 6) Acting Advisor to Taxi Operators’ Association 7) President of Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) Vice-Chairman, North East Community Development Council 9) Member, Board of Directors of PUB Board 10) Advisor to the Singapore Table Tennis Association 11) Advisor to the Singapore WeiQi Association 12) Advisor to the Ren Ci Hospital 13) Advisor to the Bright Vision Hospital 14) Advisor to Artistes & Performers’ Association 15) Advisor to Restaurants Association of Singapore 16) Executive Secretary, Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Unions 17) Director, Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre (FIDReC) 1 Advisor, Federation of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore 19) Executive Secretary, Amalgamated Union of Statutory Board Employees 20) Member, Workplace Health and Safety Council 21) Co-Chairman, National Tripartite Committee on Workplace Health 22) Co-Chairman, Customer Centric Initiatives 23) Co-Chairman, NTUC-SNEF Migrant Workers’ Forum 24) Member, Aids Business Alliance 25) Member, Mental Health Alliance 26) Member, Centre for Service Excellence and Leadership Governing Council 27) Member, SPRING Standards Council 2 Patron to Pets Enterprises & Traders Association (PETAS) 29) PAP Community Foundation HQ Executive Committee 30) Member, Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) 31) Member, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) 32) Member, AVA Human Resource Committee 33) Member, WSH Council Finance Committee 34) Member, Tripartite Committee on Employability of Older Workers 35) Member, Tripartite Committee on Portable Medical Benefits 36) Member, Tripartite Committee on Flexible Work Arrangement 37) Member, Quality Service Advisory Council 3 Member, Institute for Service Excellence @ SMU (ISES) Governing Council 39) Member, Motor Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Pte Ltd Board of Governors 40) Member, Retail Price Watch Group 41) Member,Tobacco Licensing Consultative Panel 42) Member, Ngee Ann Kongsi Council 43) Advisor, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore Staff Union (IRASSU) 44) Advisor & Trustee, NatSteel Employees Union (NEU) 45) Business Advisor, NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd 46) Advisor, Yeo Clan General Association 47) Advisor, Singapore Taoist Federation 4 Advisor, Fo Guang Shan (Singapore) 49) Advisor, Mun San Fook Tuck Chee 50) Advisor, Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services 51) Advisor, Sian Chay Medical Institution 52) Advisor, Society of Tourist Guides (Singapore) 53) Advisor, Singapore Furniture Association 54) Advisor, Eggs’ Import/Export Trading Association (Singapore) 55) Advisor, Federation of Merchants’ Singapore 56) Advisor, JCI Senators Club of Singapore 57) Advisory Board Member, Singapore-China Association for Advancement of Science & Technology 5 Patron. Buddist Fellowship 59) Independent Director, Grandwork Interior Pte Ltd 60) Independent Director, Japan Foods Holding Ltd 61) Independent Director, Koyo International Ltd 62) Independent Director, United Envirotech Ltd 63) Independent Director, Asia Water Technology Ltd 64) Independent Director, HLH Group Ltd The above is copied from Thoughts of a Singapore Statistician. This is the kind of overworked super talents that Singaporeans can be very proud of. As an average individual, I would forget at least 80 per cent of the names of the organizations in the above list. It is a marvel to even remember them, let alone trying to perform all the duties associated with them. But I am just an average bean. The uncomfortable or unfair part is that for a miserable $15k per month, this super talent is made to shoulder such an unenviable number of important positions and responsibilities. I really feel sorry for him. I doubt he even has time to eat or sleep if he is to do his duties, just to attend meetings alone. But when I look at how well he looks, I think he is coping very well. And he is not alone. I believe all his peers are also shouldering a fuller list of appointments, maybe more. So Singaporeans should not begrudge these great talents and the money paid to them. They deserve every penny they received. In fact they should be paid more. I will die trying to do more than 3 jobs. Singapore is indeed blessed with such super human beans, rightly described as more than mortals.


notanotherspinstory said...

Greed of the highest order.
Unless of course he did all 64 for free, then I have nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

One high flyer used to tell his friends, 'I just lost count with the directorships I am holding. I don't even have time to attend director's board meeting. The best part is that money keeps being credited into my bank account, as director's fees or bonuses or what ever.'

That is life worthy of a super talent.

Wally Buffet said...

Utterly amazing.

I don't know what to say.......

But I do know that if I need some MP to settle a dispute on:

1. Taxis
2. CASE's inept handling of complaints.
3. Water and utilities.
4. Foreign trash in the Singapore table tennis team.
5. Bad food served by some restaurants.
6. Another Lemon, sorry Lehman fiasco.
7. A bad deal from a pet shop.
8. Bad cucumbers and other veges slipping in from the European Union.
9. Motor claim disputes.
10.A dispute with a furniture supplier.
11.Rotten eggs.

I know I can get some help from Mr. Amazing.

Wow! The power of the internet. Before this, I never knew that Sinkapoore has so many super talents and genius multi taskers.


I am just an advisor on how to have a jolly good time and live life like a human being not a multi tasking superman rushing from one meeting to another.

Sure or not?

Unbelievably amazing.


The said...

This must be 64 million dollar question..........

Anonymous said...

Zorro and his gang are all exceptional people.

The list is, I must agree, unbelievably long and how could someone have the time to keep track of what he is doing.

This is greed of the inhuman kind.

No wonder he does not have time for CASE. Well, now we know.

Anonymous said...

Superman on auto pilot ATM. It's raining cash.

Anonymous said...

the people must understand how busy they are. and please forgive him for having so little time to handle CASE problems.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are ALWAYS most respectful of people of talent and authority.
So, the more talented the leaders, the more (Singaporean)fans and adulators.
In this case, Yeo Guat Kwang deserves 6.4 million admirers, of which 6400 must be top executives and business people.
And whether he got time for meal, make babies; we dont know. However, for sure he got time to shit, bathe and change(attires).

Anonymous said...

it is my understanding that annually they are given an allowance for most of the directorship and committee that they sit on. minimum 1k. so multiply by 64, OMG, I wanna be an MP too.

Anonymous said...

you will be shocked if they dare to declare how much they get for each directorship. 1k is for boyscouts.

Anonymous said...

According to para 35, Rule of Prudence, as long as they declare their earnings "for their own protection" to PM in confidence, then they've been given the go-ahead and protection already ;-)

Anonymous said...

theoretically, he could double the position. even triple. In this day and age, u own an iPad, you can do the job anywhere in the world.
take the old man for instance. he is valued for his business acumen, insight and landing weight through his credit. if in a day, u can read 100 docu ,each representing a company or organization, and sign on it, u can be offered the job of directorship, advisor etc.

put it another way. if you can talk , and I mean open your mouth and spit some intelligible words, to 500 people in a week, you can carry 500 organizations on your shoulder. LoL.

no big deal. all quan xi, duplicate once you break through the ceiling.

best part is, not all these people are truly intelligent or wise(like LKY) LOL

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If every Singaporean were to have 10% of their abilities, each will be able to take on 5 or 6 jobs. Then there will be no need for more foreigners.

And FTs would not dare insult Singaporeans for no talent.

Joseph Tan said...

Ya sure super human talents like in other words we can also call them reptilians from outer space. Snakes and lizards low life.

Anonymous said...

Can we set up a petition that for 2016 GE, all potential candidates to make public all their affiliations and Directorships with all Companies, their involvements with all and any public or private companies for all voters to see ???

Then all voters will have a clear choice to make before casting their votes!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good idea. People who are overloaded with too many jobs are unlikely to have much time left to serve the people, even on a part time basis.

The people better chose those who will have the time to serve them.

Anonymous said...


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