They were so drunk

They were the superer of all the super talents in the island. They were the thinkers and tinkers, whose ability to plan, to be proactive, to read into the future, to nip problems in the bud, were claimed as superior and worth every million they are paid, but they failed to see what is coming. They went on and on dismissing the daft Singaporeans, telling the Singaporeans to buck up, to down grade, not to expect too much if they could not afford it, tighten belt, to acept a quality of life worst off than their uneducated or semi educated parents, while they pay themselves millions and millions and enjoy a living standard far exceeding the Swiss. They think the people are blind, and daft of course. They were so drunk that they could only uttered that they empathized with the people’s plight, but questioned the poor if want to eat in hawker centre, food court or restaurant over $50. They could not understand what $50 mean to the poor. They only understand that they needed millions and millions to maintain their opulent lifestyle. Right into the midst of the GE, their swollenheads were still in the clouds, not knowing what the ground was like. Only the intense pressure in Aljunied jolted George Yeo into awareness, that the anger of the people was real. And only the last couple of days that they started to change tack, to apologise, to want to listen to the people, to change their style of talking down to the people. The dismissal of George Yeo was a defiance act, a rebellion against the PAP. And the people of Aljunied made it very clear that the days of the PAP are over. The general public too sent the same message. The losing of one GRC was a cautious step taken by the people. They were still unsure of how the opposition would be like. They were looking for change, but with apprehension. The popular vote of the PAP fell from 77% to 66% to 60% must say something. Would the high and mighty understand? If the WP could show the people of Aljunied and the rest of the island that they could manage the estate well, if they could show that they are responsible and as able as the PAP in Parliament, the next GE will see a sea of change that the people have been waiting for all these years. Too much good food and good life is like having too much fat in the head.


Wally Buffet said...

I truly believe that in the ruling party, there are a few good men like George who can hear the rumblings on the ground. But when you do have groupthink despite the denials, yours is a "minority voice in the church of..."

It will be apparent to most observant commentators on the political scene as to who are the good guys and who are the villains. No prize to guess that George is one of the good guys and you can count them on the palms of one hand.

I am especially disappointed that he is ruling out running for the office of President. He fits the job to a T. Given time, he may be as good and assiduous as OTC but right from the start into the job, he will be light years better than the incumbent. If he were the president, my whole family will head for the Istana off Orchard Road on public holidays, something I have never ever done in all my existence on this Island. That, in my own little way is showing respect for the Office and the Man. Now, I don't even want to get into Plaza Singapura which is next to it. Too close for comfort.

The work of the WP has only just begun by winning Aljunied GRC. If they muck up the job, they will go down in history as the party that captured a GRC but lost the mandate eventually of the only GRC won by the opposition.

Quite an unenviable job really.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, those who slept with prostitutes and then called them 'whores' are unlikely to be better beans. Unless they repent of course.
Similarly those that stayed and preached in the Church Of Sin for decades have to rediscover their consciences to make up for the damages they have helped to wreck.

Anonymous said...

The WP's job in Aljunied GRC is unenviable all right, from the word go.

But what can they expect from the PAP, which is seeing itself bigger than the Government, whose motto is to punish those who do not support them for decades at a stretch, using the resources of the Government that they formed. They will make things much more difficult than usual for the WP.

Aljunied GRC voters must understand that and give the WP sufficient time to put their act together. I am sure they can pull it off.

notanotherspinstory said...

Good article. They never saw it coming. They still remain blind and continue to screw Singapore. Paying lip service to "reform". Our only hope is in a competent and credible opposition to run the government.