So much anger

Only a few days into the GE campaign and we have witnessed so much anger among the people. Is the anger real, and how widespread is it? We have seen posters being vandalized, minister being chased away by hostile citizen. And there are privately drawn posters of unhappiness hanging in market places. In the internet, there is a spontaneous uprising with netizens coming together to fight for the same cause. They are not paid or organized groups, simply netizens speaking out. They gathered evidence like letters or videos to support the cause of the opposition. And people are turning to the net to get a glimpse of news that will never be told or make it to the main media. The crowd and mood at opposition rallies that resonated with the speakers’ calls for an alternative voice in Parliament are loud and clear. Again, are they really the voice of the aggrieved, the voice that will turn into votes against the ruling party? Are the people really so fed up with the ruling party and are ready to make a change, to vote for more opposition representatives or even for a coalition govt? Have we reached such a stage? The temperament has changed drastically over the last few days. If the anger is deep enough, and widespread enough, we could see an awakening of the people. The PAP must be caught by surprise for not seeing this and still thinks that they could carry the people with them. And threatening the people in a last ditch effort may prove to be their fatal wrong doing.


Anonymous said...

As gods-fearing citizens, we have been threatened, our deepest fears stoked and our insecurities stirred.

Have our collective ANGER reached that critical point - that tipping point - where we are brave enough to overcome our collective FEARs, and vote for CHANGE?!

I think we DO.


Anonymous said...

Our incumbents are into repent mode and making much promises again.

The Electorates should have learnt their lessons in the Last Decade.


Anonymous said...

"Are the people really so fed up with the ruling party......"

Judge for yourself. Never would we expect PM Lee to apologise and that really took everyone by surprise. Does that not indicate that he knows the ground is shifting?

He is going to get it from his old man for sure. Admitting mistakes or making apologies is never in the old man's vocabulary. It is a sign of a weakening bargaining position.

Anonymous said...

If I can kill that few hundred students there and then have another 100 years stability, why not?

If I can just say sorry to them in order to still return in power for next 5 years, why not? During the next 5 years, I can fix the opposition and again monopolize the parliament.

It is actually very unique in Singapore that people trust their politician. Do Singaporeans really know the true meaning of politician? Singaporeans are daft mostly.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's much anger. Party A's members were all enjoying their lives at Disneyland and Swiss resorts when we needed them.

Now, 2 days before 7th May, they bothered to leave Disneyland and Swiss resorts and realized that there’s some “noise” and their million dollar paychecks sponsoring the Disneyland and Swiss resort stay are in jeopardy.

Hence, they need to put up an act and pretended they understand.

But since they just woke up from their 5 year holiday trips just 2 days before the GE, I’m certain (double confirm) that they don’t have any action plans to resolve those mistakes which they have created for us and blamed it all on us.

So, I hope that people have realized that it IS time to vote for Alternative Voices (any Alternative Voices) to make sure that Party A will stay awake for the next 5 years.

Otherwise voters will be faced with Hard Truth i.e. they'll be angrier the next 5 yrs to come.

A Green Dune said...

Yes, I think the PAP has been caught by surprise the discontentment on the ground. Thus the apologies and the appearance of humility and eating humble pie.

(Side: Especially that shorty, was up till March still saying that HDB subsidies were enough! Suddenly ceiling cap will be raised in 6 months! All of a sudden the subsidies seemed insufficient).

But Singaporeans should really ask yourself, how truthful can it be when someone turned over a new leaf overnight? You would not be conned in your everyday life by such swift about-turns, thus I hope you do not be taken in by such sweet NOTHINGS in the political arena. A leopard can never change its spots, much less overnight.

However as the Author has rightly questioned, will this translate into actual votes is really anybody's guess.

In the Author's previous blog entry, he mentioned that should Singaporeans can only blame themselves if he votes the PAP in and finds out at the end that again he has been fooled. Daft Singaporeans he would be indeed. LKY would laugh all the way to his grave.....

I hope that Singaporeans would make the right choice at the end of the day. An alternative party for your alternative voice. Say no to a prescriptive government!

Pity the daft and stupid Singaporean if not.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I confess I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing.
H. L. Mencken