PAP may pay for these cavalier statements

In the comfort of their well appointed offices and homes, and fat pays and fat bank accounts, it is so easy to make statements to tell the people off. When the people kpkb about high property prices, they said downgrade and buy smaller flats. When people kpkb about high car prices, they said take public transport if can’t afford it. When people kpkb about high cost of living, they said tighten your belt, eat fish if can’t afford chicken. When people kpkb about GST, they said it is to help the poor. When people asked about GST on essential services, they said too difficult to draw the line. And they said Singaporeans are daft, lack motivation and lack drive, need a spur on their hide. And foreign talents are imported to help the no talent Singaporeans, to create jobs for them. When opposition parties brought up suggestions, they shot everything down. Nothing from the opposition is good. Opposition candidates are people with doubtful motives, lesser talents. And the people are lesser mortals, complaining about a few cents hike in bus fares or a cup of kopi or a few dollars. Tsk, tsk, tsk, so petty. $600k is peanut. As for PMETs, they must go for more retraining to do jobs below what they used to do. Don’t be choosey. Their high paying jobs now being done by FTs. And still they insist that HDB flats are affordable, hospital bills are affordable. And anyone they push out is a super talent, the best talent, and Singaporeans must accept them as real talents. And they pay themselves millions and millions and said Singaporeans are not complaining what. And they threatened you, called you irresponsible if you vote opposition. And when you kpkb too much, they said they no need to listen and can be deaf frogs, and do what is good for you in their own terms. Would the Singaporeans remember and make the PAP pay for their cavalier attitude towards them?


gene said...

This post is well documented and is one of you best. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

When innocent investors complaint about losses in toxic structure product due to mis-selling by financial institution and later proven to be true they ask you to write in to FIDREC and appeal ,knowing pretty well that Fidrec is funded by financial institution themselves.

Anonymous said...

Would tomorrow be pay-back time for PAP? - I pray!

Anonymous said...

<...losses in toxic structure product...>

Notice that in HK, the investors who suffered losses managed to get a better deal in compensation.

Why can't we do the same for them here?

Anonymous said...

You are so right redbean.

Everything the opposition suggested is wrong, cannot work, amounts to raiding the reserves blah blah blah.

And their ideas are always well thought out, well debated blah blah blah. How come so many things now go wrong and why is PM Lee needing to apologise if their ideas were that good.

And lesser mortals just watch helplessly as they shaft what they want and decided unilaterally down our throat. No questions asked, no answers needed, no compromise. As if they have the mandate of heaven to decide our fate.

I think we must make them pay, otherwise no lessons will be learnt. Just giving them another chance is not the solution.

And I hope Singaporeans really want that to happen.

Anonymous said...

Brother Chua;

"When opposition parties brought up suggestions, they shot everything down. Nothing from the opposition is good. Opposition candidates are people with doubtful motives, lesser talents". Unquote.

Me begs to differ with the above quote as there were many instances where ideas from members of the Alternative Parties and citizens were formulated in some policies. However, they were claimed to be original great ideas of policy makers.

Other than the above difference, me fully concurs with the First Commenter that it is one of your best piece of writing. Anyway, me has enjoy every piece of your articles.

On the 8th of May 2011, let's hope that the citizens of Singapore have made a wise choice for change. Just in case they remain daft as concluded by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, we should not be disappointed.

You and many socio-political bloggers have done much to enlighten the citizenry and obviously what have been written must have also been read by the leaders. Such being the case, let's wish that if the citizenry is not moved by the Bloggers, the Leadership could regain some consciences with the Bloggers' efforts.

Me wishes the Result is not anything less than 22/65 with the PAP maintaining Its' majority and the Alternative Parties making some inroads into establishing themselves.

It has been great learning experience for me for the last six years or so and also to meet up with some of You. They were all very enjoyable time.


Anonymous said...

If the opposition can get around 10 seats, that will be good for a start.

Anyway, we must thank all the socio-political bloggers for doing a great job during the past 5 years.

Anonymous said...

We have to vote for co-pilot to ensure the pilot is awake for the next 5yrs to come.

The co-pilot had done a great job so far in waking the dozing pilot but the pilot needs a bigger wake up call from the co-pilot.

We need to give the co-pilot more power to do so!

sam/PRAY, it works said...

There is a tide in the affairs of man which taken at the head leads on to fortune. The time is NOW.The time is HERE. HIT pap where it hurts. At least give them a bloody nose to wake them up

John said...

The PAP's Ministers are getting too cocky & arrogance. Far to many years in Govt, they are now out of touch with the masses & all Sporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi John and sam/pray, it works, welcome to the blog.

The people have taken the rubbing for too long and the rulers took the people for granted. And they internalised their arrogance to the extent that they did not know that they were offending the people all this while.

Phew, it has to take the election hustings for them to know that something was really wrong, and it needed the intellect of George Yeo to realise this and to wake them up. Unfortunately many are still sleeping or have their heads still in the clouds.

And they could be proven right if they get a strong mandate from the people this time. Then they will turn around to George and say, see, the people love us and what we have been doing is right.

Don't worry George. We can continue to be deaf frogs.

Anonymous said...

I am sure George Yeo will be shedding tears of joy when Aljunied Voters put him and his mates into the Parliament again. He will totally forget the laments and disappointments of the people he and his team were exposed to during the hustings.

Crocodiles' tears were been shown by his Cabinet Colleagues BUT see them bathe themselves in glory when they become victors. The joy and glory will eclipse their consciences once more; just watch it, they will boast how great they have been, forgetting the woes of the people.

Hope the Voters in Aljunied and elsewhere will cause the Rulers to reflect hard on their past. They had cooped up in their ivory towers for so long, they did not even know what's happened and is happening on the ground.

Imagine just a few days on the ground and their consciences were pricked for them to want to re-examine their doings.


Anonymous said...

I like the favourite phrase used by Arnold in his movies:

"I lied".

In our case, some people may say: "We lied" after their tears, apologies, pricked conscience goes out the window in victory.

Just watch! It may be Oscar material.

Anonymous said...

"Please remember your place in society before talking to me". Minister George Yeo, 1994.



Anonymous said...

"Please remember your place in society before talking to me". Minister George Yeo, 1994.