I was called a mobster in Temasek Review

Not by TR of course. TR reposted my article ‘The daft Singaporeans voted’ and it drew more than 110 responses and growing. One blogger by the nick of CPCM called me a mobster because he said I called the Singaporeans daft. Would he also label everyone who called Singaporeans daft as mobsters too? In his haste and anger, he forgot how the label ‘daft Singaporeans’ came about. If he bothers to read my article in full, he would have realised that I did not really called the Singaporeans daft, but responsible and thinking people, who voted using their heads. People who used their heads, thinking and rational cannot be daft, or could they? I quote from my article ‘The pattern and consistency in the way the daft Singaporeans voted are pretty predictable by now. They have seen what PAP could do and are enjoying the success and would only vote for good candidates if they are available. They are responsible and voted with their heads.’ The use of the word daft in the my article is in a cynical manner. Now who is daft, who is or are the mobsters: )


Abao said...

Chill redbean, some people dont bother to read the content... and some dont know that how to use word relatively and creatively ;)

Joseph Tan said...

All those who could not catch the cynicism are not only daft but also stupid.

Anonymous said...

zero comments

there are a lot of such people with no sense of humour on Tr.
can't blame them, the PAP has conditioned our education so rigidly that very very few people can think out of the box and they take everything at face value, even a satirical comment in jest.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi zero, welcome to the blog.

My latest article on 'A church besieged' may be taken literally by some unthinking believers. I hope they don't come here to tear down this blog.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Joseph, it depends on the level of thinking. Some just would not think. There is a term called 'blind believers.'

Joseph Tan said...

I am a believer and I have to say your latest post A Church Besieged is really funny. Like the punts a lot. Please drown us with more as Singapore's politics are so bloody dry and boring. Thanks Redbean.

Anonymous said...

Now that there is no Minister Mentor, may I take the oppoortunity as a SM, short for Senior Member(citizen) of the public to reiterate the Byword that Singaporeans are daft.

Anonymous said...

Most Sporeans are trained to just read and believe. They're not trained to use their brains to process information.

They're not trained to seek alternative information, to enhance their decision making or analysis.

That's why they took what you mentioned and failed to process it through their grey matters. Hence, the conclusion about you.

Don't take it to heart lah.

Some foreigners have the same issues/mentality too. They thought that FT = Foreign Talent/Trash that everyone spoke so passionately during GE and whenever we joke about FT (which could mean other things), they jumped to the conclusion that we're talking about the foreigners.

Close minded, overly-sensitive folks that help to fan mistrust amongst everyone.

So can't just blame Sporeans, foreigners are the same too haahaa =P

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Joseph, try imagine that it is another religion, you can compare the similarities between this religion and the other mega churches, and have a really good laugh.

I tried that and was amazed that I can't tell which is which.

notanotherspinstory said...

TR has changed its tag line to "An Online Community of Daft Singaporean Noises".

Not many people appreciate the self-deprecating humour. Somebody even thought TR was hacked.