Exits weaken team

This is the title of an article in the ST forum today by a Lim Chuan Hock. He was lamenting on the departure of LKY, Chok Tong, Jayakumar and George Yeo from the govt. He felt that the team has been weaken from their departure. He acknowledged and praised the senior politicians for their contributions to what we are today. I can share his fear and concern for the weak team that is left behind. After so many years of being in office, and many are already nearing their sixties, the perception is that they are not good enough, probably still immature perhaps, that without the presence of the yodas to guide them, they are going to see hard times. And Singaporeans are nervous under their charge. They really need the yodas to be around to be safe. Isn't it sad that the current crop of leaders is still seen as inept, that they are unable to give the people the confidence that with them in charge, things will be better than before? Though I share the writer's concern, I think things should brighten up. The first sign of a better future is the increasing sales of private properties and at higher price. I can continue my dream of selling my HDB flat at $1m. This piece of good news is everywhere in the media. All the HDB flat owners must be very happy and waiting for the perfect timing to sell off their milllion dollar flats. Thank God that they have return the PAP to power. Have no fear. The new team will do much better than the yodas. Unless we are saying that the yodas are indispensable and the new teams will never grow up.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, pity the younger generation who would be a slave to the HDB (PAP) forever.

Oops, did that include your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren...?

Pity the daft Singaporeans.

Wally Buffet said...

These four chaps are getting ready for the presidential elections come August 2011. I have a sixth sense that one of them will be elected.

Don't say you fellas don't have a choice. We have a mentor, a seasoned senior politician, a professor and a Mr. Nice guy as your presidential candidates so the incumbent can take a good rest after all the hard work over the years. God knows he deserves it. Lately, I can see heavier eye bags on his face.

Out of the four, it's no secret that I am rooting for Georgie. A God fearing man, a family man and most importantly a man who woke up to the truth that we need change and looks like he is prepared to stick his neck out for it.

If Georgie isn't keen on the job, I would prefer one of the shorties, ie MBT, WKS or KBW to be the president so that they can put their competence to work on the highest office in the land instead of slogging at their respective ministries which by now isn't much of a challenge anymore. Man's greatest wish is to scale the highest mountain and tell their grand children in years to come that, "I was there!".


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, we are all suckers and being sucked dry by those money loving devils that use every trick they can find to smoke screen people who are not trained to think and analyse with their brains.

MM Lee knows that many have been successfully trained to just rely on the govt and not bother to think with their own brains. That's how he can get away calling these group "daft". LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! When are those truly daft pro-PAP Singaporeans ever going to grow up!

Exits weaken team? In what way?

I would say their staying behind would weaken the team. The old man, in particular, practically prevented the younger ones from acting and doing things based on their own judgement and learn from the experience.

Continue to hold their hands and they will never ever grow up. Just like the majority of Singaporeans who cannot see beyond the PAP and think that their survival must, of necessity, depend on the PAP, who dictate what is good and what is not good for them. So much so that they were even dictated to as to when they can and cannot have children.

I think we better not have any of the four as President if we have a choice. But, with the recent revision in salary of the Presidency, perhaps just to make it even more lucrative for the next one, the choice may perhaps have already been made. It is only a matter of writing the script to fit the plot.

On the other hand it may change the whole complexion of the Presidency if the mentor were to ascend the throne. They will have to make the President really, really a power ranger, not one as dumb as a wooden statue.

By then, it does not matter whether he is in cabinet or out, he still wears the iron gloves. And they do not even have to worry about freak election results.

Anonymous said...

Isn't George already elevated to God status? I thought his supporters have already placed him so high up that they are touting: 'In George we trust'.

Talking about a God fearing God?

Maybe they should demand that our currency notes should also bear the words 'In George we trust' to rival the American greenback that the world still trust, despite the battering it received over the years.

I wonder how long ago did Georgie woke up to the truth about needing a change. He should have stuck his neck out long ago, not when under siege or looking defeat in the eye or after loosing the battle. It makes little difference.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans cannot see beyond MM and the old leaders. To them no one can be better. Better bring everyone of them back from their graves.

Anonymous said...

"Lately I can see heavier eye bags on his face" - Courtesy of Wally

Surely you are not saying it is from working too hard. As for needing a rest, he has already rested more than enough after two terms. He should weigh more than when he first became the President, by the look of it.

My theory, as a half literate peasant, is that the eye bags were caused by his staying up till the wee hours of the morning counting the extra money he got recently.

No, I am not talking about his attempt to count the worth of GIC/Temasek. That is already uncountable and unaccountable and the whole episode should die down with his stepping down.

But I think we should not let that matter rest. Since George Yeo is so well regarded, recommended and can be trusted to give the seat a little shaking up, maybe we should let him have the job after all.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, I have children too. Shall all parents also say the children die their pasar, as long as the parents are laughing to the banks?

Parents can also be selfish and short sighted and could not see that this is the biggest ponzi scheme in the country and practically every family's children will have to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Exits of those who instill fear, threats and group-think forcefully is joyous thing of the century!

Group-think kills all creativity and inhibits progress (that's why Qing dynasty was extinct).

On the other hand, free access to alternative voices/information will encourage creativity, innovation and bring us to the next level of better people and country.

So the exits will definitely strengthen, if there's 100% hands-off of those who exit.

Anonymous said...

",,,and practically every family's children will have to pay for it"

That must be the reason why some married couples do not want children. They are the smart ones.
Why make their next generation suffer?

But, on the other side of the coin are the singles, childless, potential ex-citizens and the rich who have other properties. They will want the ponzi scheme to grow ever bigger so that they can benefit more. Do not ever suggest to these people about bringing down property prices.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If George and the few yodas are all we have to be the elected President, then the rest of the citizens must be non existence. For one Georgie there must be plenty of better Georges in the island, excluding the new citizens and FTs.

The people must not insult their own kind by thinking that talents only can be found in people wearing white. This myth has been destroyed and blasted to seventh heaven after this GE and the records of the past 10 years.

There are plenty of good men around, to grace the Istana ground and shake hands with visitors.

notanotherspinstory said...

Yah S$1m for a HDB flat. We are doomed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, we are doomed. Some are celebrating.

When the bubble burst, those with half a million or more in housing debt will be is a state of perpetual shock, like zombies.

The bursting of the bubble will be here before you know it, much more certain than the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

Out of the Four mentioned, only Lee Kuan Yew is capable of bringing Sin to the next higher level. The Rest can be written off.

There is no need for proof to have Lee Kuan Yew as the Choice. Within 40 years, he has transformed a poor fishing village into a mega cosmopolitan city. Give him another 10 years and he will surely make Sin better than New York, London or Paris.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I thought all the ideas came from Goh Keng Swee. He only implemented them.

10 years to be better than New York, London or Paris? If you are talking about rewards for our ruling elites, they already achieved that long ago.

Someone promised in 1984 that we Singaporeans will achieve the Swiss standard of living by 1999. It is now 27 years later and I am still waiting. From single income family to dual income family and I still cannot cope.

Anonymous said...

I am 65 years old and 40 years ago I do not remember Singapore being a poor fishing village? A swamp would be a better comparison, to make it more electrifying.

Did some people just wake up yesterday?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Right. Since its founding, Singapore has always been the jewel relative to its neighbours. It was the heart of the British Empire in the Far East.

Anonymous said...

I really miss some of the old beautiful buildings along Collyer Quay and Raffles Place of those days, that have since been demolished.

Colonial style buildings like Ocean Building, HSBC Chambers, Mercantile Bank Building, ABN Building. Now only City Hall, Victoria Memorial Hall and the old Supreme Court remains of those grand dames, while Fullerton has undergone changes.

Hehe, those were the days.

Anonymous said...

What goes up must surely come down!

Once property bubble burst, let those who are so gullible to think that high HDB price is good will get burnt bad and learnt their lesson on why HDB flat prices should be low. These people can only learn their lessons the hard way. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you want LKY to take us to New York, London, etc??
He'll probably take you someplace where you'll never come back!
Georgie for President? Why not Tan Jee Say?
GCT is a disaster and a clown. The purpose of the ESM is so that he can still be a salesman for Spore wearing some kind of a title. That joker doesn't know when he's licked. Now, let's see if any of these "sacked" ministers retires before 2016. I think some of them if not all will.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you want LKY to take us to New York, London, etc??
He'll probably take you to someplace where you'll never come back!
Georgie for President? Why not Tan Jee Say?
GCT is a disaster and a clown. The purpose of the ESM is so that he can still be a salesman for Spore wearing some kind of a title. That joker doesn't know when he's licked. Now, let's see if any of those "sacked" ministers retires before 2016. I think some of them if not all will.