The daft Singaporeans voted

The daft Singaporeans voted for the PAP to rule them again for the next 5 years with a majority of 81-6 MPs in Parliament. Despite the strong presence of able and credible opposition candidates, the opposition parties could not do much except for a little breakthrough in winning a 5 member GRC in Aljunied. The pattern and consistency in the way the daft Singaporeans voted are pretty predictable by now. They have seen what PAP could do and are enjoying the success and would only vote for good candidates if they are available. They are responsible and voted with their heads. There was a little disappointment in that a few GRC candidates from the opposition were equally good or nearly as good as those from the PAPs but only managed a closed fight. The best team other than the WP’s winners in Aljunied is perhaps the SDP team in Holland Bukit Timah, with every candidate matching those from the PAP. The next two good teams were the Bishan team led by Chiam See Tong/Benjamin and the NSP team helmed by Tony and Hazel in Chua Chu Kang. Both teams were handicapped by a weaker supporting cast while Chiam’s physical condition could have given voters a second thought. With hindsight, the popularity of Nicole, if included in the Tony Hazel team could boost them to victory in Chua Chu Kang. But no one could predict how well received she was for a 24 year rookie. She did very well to carry her team in Marine Parade to give Chok Tong something to worry about. Her losing came with a tinge of sadness for her supporters. A little sadness too could be felt with the defeat of George Yeo and his team in Aljunied. It was a big blow to the PAP that boasted of two ministers with George a core member of the PAP leadership. And there was Zainal Abidin, slated to be the next Speaker of Parliament, and young and promising unionist Ong Ye Kong. Now the morning after minus the storm and tsunami of a big political change that failed to take place, is there anything that has changed? For once, the PAP was humbled by the shift in sentiments against them. They sensed it during the election hustings. The knew that the people were angry. And they started to tone down their cocky and high and mighty approach even before Polling Day. Hsien Loong made a public apology for all the mistakes they had made. Very unnatural to have come from an elitist Party that claimed to have all the best talents in the island. They would now have to be more guarded about their claims and their demands for outrageous pay for themselves. George Yeo openly protested against the use of threats even when it came from LKY himself. The post election thank you speech too came out pretty well rehearsed. The cocky position of only looking after their supporters and treating those that did not vote for them with lower priority has changed, or has it? They claimed that they have heard and understood the people’s unhappiness and would want to win them back again. They promised to listen, to work harder, and Boon Wan said that all are Singaporeans and must come together as one people after the election. There is a concerted effort to want to heal the rift and change their aloof image. Those words were said last night. Now that victory is in their hands, would they have short memories and revert to their old self again comes Monday? What is important is that the people have shown that they were most willing to change if there are good alternatives. If the opposition can attract more good candidates, the next GE is going to see a better contest. The people of Hougang stood solidly behind the WP. And the people of Aljunied had taken the first leap of faith to reject the PAP. The sun rises from the East. It will get brighter over time. Nicole could have been the winner in Marine Parade if her team mates were stronger. And it is quite clear that this is the last term for the PAP in Marine Parade. It was a tough choice and a yearning for change, if only a better team was available. Nicole could not breach the wooden wall alone. Now the daft Singaporeans would have to live with their decisions for the next 5 years. Would they regret, would they repent, or would they rejoice? One thing for sure, don’t take them for granted, don’t bully them again.


Anonymous said...

This GE2011 did not come the political reform - a change is much needed and due. There is really no more hope and future in Singapore. Singaporeans may be smart to want quality opposition candidates before voting them. They have failed to see that it is most important to get oppositions into the parliament in large number to make sure there are accountability and transparency. Now the result tells accountable and transparent government is not what they want. There is no future in Singapore. I am migrating too. Forget about this small rock. Life is short. Another 5 years is about 10% of your adult life. Do you want to waste your life in this way? I can contribute and do more in another place in this 5 years. Is it the right time now to sell my HDB and car to get highest cash?

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean

On the contrary, I think the Singapore electorate is collectively sophisticated, not daft.

They have show willingness to elect opposition MPs, even in a GRC, provided they are given credible alternatives.

Opposition candidates can't get elected simply by taking pot shots at PAP, or regurgitating a long laundry list of PAP screw-ups. Whilst the later might result in a swing of votes away from the PAP, opposition candidates need to go further to earn votes (like Nicole Seah), rather than just collect votes that PAP lost.

Whilst Chiam See Tong will always be my hero, I say with sadness that the losses in Bishan-Toa Payoh and Potong Pasir were self-inflicted. Winning an election requires long term planning and a lot of hard work, and you need to successfully groom successors (like Low Thia Kang did) and build up a team of credible candidates perhaps years before any election.

Whilst qualifications are important, the electorate will not elect you on the basis of your academic credentials, even with high anti-PAP sentiment - otherwise all the opposition scholars would have won convincingly.

Party branding has been shown to be extremely important. You can't expect electoral success, no matter how qualified you may be, if you join a weak party (I'm thinking "new SDP", SPP and NSP. I consider RP and SDA to be unelectable. The "old SDP" of civil disobedience would be even less electable than RP and SDA).

Although the very thought of Tin Pei Ling being an MP is laughable to say the least, the answer cannot be to elect equally lightweight candidates from the NSP just to stop Tin Pei Ling. Apart from Nicole Seah and perhaps Ivan Yeo to a slight extent, the other candidates in the team did not impress. Biggest disappointment in that team was Cheo Chai Chien, who as a former MP, ought to have done more to carry the team.

Agree with you that with a better line up, NSP might have won Marine Parade. I hope this will be a wake up call on the PAP not to abuse the GRC system to sneak weak PAP candidates into Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Are Singaporeans expecting more of the same from the PAP? Repent, the end is near.

Wally Buffet said...

It is the day after and as predicted, Aljunied has gone to the WP, which although creditable is not really much of a better team. What came out of this result is the message by the electorate that they desire change if it is really necessary and no amount of threat or innuendo is going to sway their vote.

Again, I say that it's a pity that a man like Georgie has to go. I would have been in a more celebratory mood if one of the three short asses were to go. Perhaps, God in his infinite wisdom has a higher purpose for Georgie and I am thinking about the Presidency. One who speaks with his heart is miles ahead over one who mumbles like a robotic hand shaker. I truly hope that we have not seen the last of Georgie. I want him to be our President. As for his team mates, the lest said, the better, save for the potential speaker of Parliament who I find to be a genial man and as agreeable as Georgie.

Overall, there is definitely a vote swing against the ruling party. It is a signal that they would do well not to ignore. High flat prices, excessive foreigners and overcrowded infrastructure must be addressed or else, come 2016, they could very well lose the two thirds majority to make constitutional changes.

This election also reveals that branding and charisma is everything for the opposition. Putting unknown albeit enthusiastic party cadres in GRC slates is suicidal. Being overly ambitious is also another deadly sin. The NSP could have taken either Marine Parade or Tampines if they had just concentrated their more popular candidates in just ONE GRC. Yet, their ambitious stupidity caused them to lose everything and their strategist must take full responsibility for this debacle. They had a fighting chance of going to Parliament with one GRC and that is a good start for a fledgling party. Yet they blew it. My advice to the NSP, SDP, and RP is to put aside their egos and differences to join the WP en masse to germinate a two party system and form a slate for alternative government much like the developed economies of the West. From this election, we can see that typically Singaporeans are not yet ready to accept candidates with a "colourful" lifestyle no matter how creditable they may be politically. What the electorate wants is staid, straight and qualified candidates for government. That seems a reasonable wish.

I do not concur with some comments that Singapore is going down the tube because the hoped for opposition numbers did not materialize. What we want in Parliament is a quality opposition. No unknowns getting in on coattails which we have so roundly condemned the ruling party of doing.

OK. The event of the year is over. Let's move on and as the comely damsel said, work together for the betterment of our country whatever our political leanings.

Majullah Singapura!

Anonymous said...

Great credit must be given to Mr Low and his Aljunied team. There is no doubt that they will bring a fresh vigour and perspective to parliamentary debates. Unlike the last time, when there were two elected MPs from the opposition, there are now going to be four more new ones, and all of them appear to be more than capable of giving their rivals a run for their money. We must also accept the fact that the majority of our countrymen have chosen the PAP to continue to be the govt and we must respect this decision. It is hoped that this will herald in a new dawn for our country, where there is greate acceptance and tolerance of diversity of views, and at the end of the day, everyone, in the govt and the opposition, come together and work towards a better future for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

It’s been a very interesting GE ! played out like a Taiwan Soap Opera, better than expected

Lots of people feels opposition have a breakthrough in this GE by winning its first GRC.

We strengthen the OPP by winning a GRC!

A lot of things will be said of this GE, so I would like to Flip the question

Who was weaken by losing its first GRC?

PAP? Yes, but who? Aljunied is lost, so there goes 3 Ministers. GY is like a son to Goh….

Kate Spade dumped at Goh’s GRC?
Out of nowhere a SPH Darling Nicole sprang out, so pure so girl next door, you had to vote for her?
Cat Fight and Sabotage on Cooling off Day?

Goh was hanging by his teeth at 56.65%, Imagine, if he lost by 1%?
No by-election this GE, a promise by our PM ! How nice 

Then we have the infamous remark in hard truths?
MM talking about our MMs (Malay Muslims)?

or the notorious you will REPENT sermon?

If poor George has friends like this? Who needs enemies!

We Aljunied voters have the Village Kampong Sprit! See what we will do!
WP won big and almost all NCMP Seats

Better to work with the enemy you know like(PAP2.0 WP?), then a wild card like SDP or RP?

When Goh realize what was going on …. it was too late to save GY
http://sgforums.com/forums/3518/topics/429508 (why GY and not the other losers?)

We even have mindless idiots tweeting, GY is lost and we have Kate Spade in ….. so unfair??

WAKE UP!! Throw out a SM and a Future PM in BG Tan Chuan Jin?? To deny TPL??

I do hope Goh will come out stronger and wiser, there are no fix enemies in politics.

So SDP and RP better get ready for GE 2016!
You never know what’s Goh_ing to happen, a helping hand just might be extended to you

So you have it, we lost a FM and nearly lost a SM and Future PM but gain a GRC.

MIW lost a GRC but won a SMC in Potong Pasir and strengthen its grip internally.

So who won and who lost? What say you?

Regards from
Political Beng

Have you taken the Red or Blue Pill?
The choice is yours, Welcome to the Matrix

Anonymous said...

Well close to 39.9 percent of us Singaporeans have registered our dissent for the ruling party. That percentage is set to grow when the citizens struggle with the challenges of daily life in the island.
Singaporeans will rise again to question these realities: rising healthcare, stressed school curriculum, rote educational practices. Ever increasing transport costs and overcrowded buses and trains. Declining job opportunities and depressed wages for the lower income groups. Foreigners preferred over citizens for jobs in many sectors.
Our electorate is maturing, the shackles and blinkers that bound and blinded them are breaking and dropping. People will become more aware and take the brave step towards change. Be patient, 52 years of learned fear and earned insecurity will take some time to be de-conditioned. Singaporeans will recover to become their own persons and make informed decisions. Yes, the self-serving will always be with us, the blind may never see and others may doubt they can carry on without the familiar comforts, but enough of us have also stood up to voice our stand. At this time, this is sufficient, the next time, we will make clear inroads.
We have told the PAP that we are not pleased, if the party disregards the concerns of the ground, it will be held accountable in five years time. Once again, we will question the tax-exempt million dollar salaries and life time pensions for the leaders of the ruling party. How is it that other men and women with similar if not better talent and training are willing to work for less to serve the people with rectitude and sincerity and resist the temptations of mammon while others from the PAP demand an exorbitant price from the taxpayers?
This is our country. This is our nation that existed before us and will exist after us, so let's look to a better future. We retreat not in defeat or failure, we will retreat to rethink and recover what is ours to cherish and love. This is a promise we owe to our children and their future. Let's move forward Singapore, let's look to a new dawn. We the people of this island will return once again to decide on this mandate in 2016.

Anonymous said...

The greatest comfort that me found in the Last Election was the presences of two very outstanding ladies, namely; Nicole Seah of NSP and Michelle of SDP. Singaporeans will be very lucky to have them stay on with the Alternative Parties.

Another consolation came from fellow countrymen at Hougang and Aljunied. They have shown us that they value higher aspirations such as happiness and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the Rest of Singapore still fear some unknowns, whatever that may be.

Me had some wonderful time in Cyberspace in the Last six years or so and has learnt much from many others. With the conclusion of GE 2011, it is also time for me to spend the remaining time for other interests.

Like to say good-bye and wish everyone all the best.


Wally Buffet said...

Accusations of gerrymandering, using upgrading carrots and giving an ang pow to the electorate from Singaporeans' own pocket just before the elections.........acts that the opposition may even carry out if it is the government of the day.

What has been said of them may be true but it is a world class clean election process from the polling to the counting and we should be proud of it. One of my sons was doing his ICT overseas but the SAF made sure that he and his men were back one day before the election to cast their votes. Well done!

The swing of popular votes without fear to the opposition is a harbinger of the winds of change sweeping the country and this can only be a plus for an electorate that is slowly maturing and getting more discerning, sending worthy people to Parliament.

Wally Buffet said...

Patriot old chap,

Looks like you're throwing in the towel!


Fret not my brother for the apparently dismal results. Change is slowly but surely coming. The message has been sent. It is up to the receiver to decipher it and REPENT!

We're not asking for the moon. We're asking for a gentler hand for the citizens who have fallen on bad times, a more affordable HDB housing for first time buyers, a more rigorous screening system for would be immigrants and not accept all the trash that wants to come and lastly, a truly world class transport system without profitability always on their minds.

Come 2016, I will be in my seventies. I hope that before I really "retire" for a well earned rest, I would see a two party system in a world class parliament with a few good men able to form an alternative government. No men, no matter how honourable and of integrity can govern a country without INDEPENDENT checks and balances.

Chow said...

I hope that LHL really meant what he said about getting things right with the people. But I am not optimistic with the old slate of much reviled ministers like MBT, LSS, and others continuing to form the core of his team. What I hope will not happen is that they come up with even greater plans to nullify the people's voices through gerrymandering. Maybe come 2016 Aljunied GRC will become AMK GRC, joined by a thin line that runs along a meandering, minor road.

Wally Buffet said...

"Maybe come 2016 Aljunied GRC will become AMK GRC, joined by a thin line that runs along a meandering, minor road."

Hope the WP guys have rolled up their sleeves and started preparing for the next election, after a few hours sleep and taken notice of what you said.

Like coloured oil on water, you really don't know how your next GRC will look so it's good to prepare for all eventualities and scenarios.

Of all their tricks up their sleeve, this gerrymandering thingy is the easiest to analyse, extrapolate and tweaked to their advantage. The WP might move a motion in parliament that constituencies be demarcated strictly without changes and put the issue to a country referendum to enshrine in the constitution.

Constituency demarcations in Singapore are not unlike the boundaries of the 50 states of the US. Can you imagine the mayhem that will result if the President of the US keeps changing the state boundaries to capture friendly voters?


Anonymous said...

Change will come, and it will come from the seedling that is Hougang, which now sprouts leaves in Aljunied GRC next door.

Be patient, just like Low Thia Khiang, and take the opportunity, when it comes. Nuture the seedling carefully and it will grow into a strong, big tree. Of course, the people must do their part.

Never write off the stuff that Teochew people are made off. Steadfast, loyal, unfearing, and above all willing to sacrifice for the common good of the country. I am proud of my humble and rustic Hougang enclave and it's people.

No need to say much about the message given by the people, even though PAP still had the lions share of the seats. This is only a wake up call by the people. The PAP must change, listen, heed the people's voices or they will send another even stronger message in 2016 by giving the opposition more seats.

The win by the WP in Aljunied GRC will encourage more talented people to come forward to helm GRCs for the opposition.

The PAP really needs to watch the marginal wins of those GRCs that they took, and there are many, otherwise, with stronger opposition candidates they will fall.

Never underestimate also the significance of the win in Aljunied GRC. The undefeatable myth of the PAP in a GRC has been laid to rest. The notion that ministers helming a GRC means it is impregnable no longer holds water.

Even popular ministers like George Yeo cannot withstand a determined onslaught. The sad thing for me, and most Singaporeans, is that some of the most hated ministers are still going into Parliament.

Finally, the PAP cannot use the same tactics it used in Hougang and Potong Pasir and applying it in Aljunied GRC. It will backfire. In Hougang, when they lost in 2006, they removed the PA kindergarten that angered many, leaving parents in the lurch.

Moreover, 45% of people in Aljunied GRC voted for the PAP and if they discriminate against them, they will lose their support eventually. This is happening in Hougang. Despite trying to clear hardcore opposition enclaves and dispersing them elsewhere, the opposition votes keep increasing. This is one area the PAP needs to look into, if they hope to take back opposition wards.

Anonymous said...


Without gerrymandering, without GRCs, without veiled threats, without handouts and without dangling upgrading carrots, what do you think will be the PAP's percentage share of the votes?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear what Char Tau said last night? He is saying he will deliver what he promised after winning Marine Parade GRC by a slim margin.

I am already a senior citizen by any criteria. I am still waiting for the Swiss standard of living and more good years. Wonder how long will he take to deliver what he promised?

LEONG said...

In my opinion, Goh Meng Seng did a miscalculation in Tampines. He should have concentrated all his firepower there with candidates like Tony Tan and his wife and Nicole Seah. WP's Low was courageous to go for broke in Aljunied and look at the result.PAP doesn't even come close. Goh instead fielded a weaker slate in his team and seems to concentrate his campaigning in other wards especially in MP.
Tampines was there for the taking with an unpopular Minister at the helm and an electorate generally unhappy with Govt policies. The NSP
as a new party, spread itself too thin in standing in too many wards.
Its strategy is just disastrous.

Wally Buffet said...

Goh Meng Seng is a good man but he is obviously not a battlefield strategist like Cao Cao as evident from this debacle.

He had able men and a stella find in Nicole Seah. He just couldn't make good use of his army and instead attacked the fortress from all sides with limited firepower. He should just ram in from the front gate with battle rams like himself, Nicole, Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss, the husband and wife party hoppers and Ivan Yeo. Not exactly a dream team but better, much much better than the unknowns, wet behind the ears he has assembled to help him wrest the GRC from a hugely unpopular minister.

An opportunity to retire Mr. MBT squandered and four years wasted.

Ah well, he will learn but I do hope he will deregister his party and join the WP. He would make a good Minister of Trade and Industry in the shadow cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Wally, Goh Meng Seng was ex-WP who contested in Aljunied GRC in 2006.

I do not know the exact reason why he left the WP.

Anonymous said...

People do not trust party hoppers.

Their loyalty is at once discredited, their motive questioned, their next move perplexing.

Anonymous said...

1) Disadvantage due to "constituency" lines being re-drawn every election.

2) State-controlled media dominated the news with good news of ruling party and very little news of oppositions and BIG adverse news of oppositions when they get their hands on the tiniest rumors.

3) MM was right that Singaporean are Daft. There are many who felt that their life are getting worse but do not know what to do and they are resigned to fate and are no longer fighting for a change.

This is a sad state and Singaporeans really need to repent for the next 5 years. MM Lee is right after all..

Wally Buffet said...

The trouble with opposition politics in Singapore is that there are too many who want to be prima donnas out on an ego trip. If they would only unite, today would be a much happier day for Singapore. What these party hoppers don't realise is that no one likes to elect into Parliament someone who couldn't quite make up his mind as to what kind of party platform he wants to fight for.

Look at the PAP. Despite rumours of a split which is just rumours, the party is united, speaks with one voice and listens to one yoda. You may not like them, but you must certainly respect them for the fortitude of unity.

I suggest to GMS to please call LTK and ask for a pow wow to see how he can fit back into a team for the 2016 battle. And for christ sake, bring Nicole along with you OK?


Anonymous said...

@ Wally Buffet, it is a great strategy to sacrifice a good man (George Yeo) for five better people (WP team).

Isn't it worse that Tin can managed to get into parliament "free riding"?

Wally Buffet said...

Agree. Four Good men and one outstanding woman for One well loved ex minister. For the good of the country, some sacrifice is inevitable.

Georgie has a higher purpose in life. We want him to be our next President.

A good man. A God fearing family man. The rewards are incidental. You can see the sincerity and sense of purpose in his countenance. What do you see in WKS, MBT or KBW?

Don't worry too much about that little kid in MP. She is a one term MP and that means there is no pension after 55. The WP will contest in MP GRC in 2016 helmed by GMS, Nicole Seah, Jean Chong, Ivan Yeo and one of the husband and wife party hoppers. Either the husband or the wife will call it quits and concentrate on their tuition business.


Anonymous said...

After reading all the responses ad comments on the web post GE2011, I realised that Singaporeans are really daft though they deny this (anyway, MM LKY has said so and did a Taiwanese writer) and still dreaming of change. Some even suggested WP could table a motion in parliament to stop gerrymandering or PAP's changing election boundaries. Some said opposition candidates must be of same quality so that they will vote them into the parliament. These voters are simply childish and daft.

Firstly, how could WP having less than 2/3 seats pushing for constitutional amendment? Even they did, the 2/3 majority PAP MPs will not pass the motion for change.

Secondly, why is there double standard on MP quality, are you sure those PAP candidates are that good quality? This is contradictory to what have been done in last 5-10 years. This is again a dream for daft voters. Do you expect PAP will change after this GE2011? Those believe they will are really daft. Do you seriously believe PAP will stop abusing the constitutional amendment to pursue the one-party political system? The answer is obvious. The believers are just daft.

Therefore, there is NO CHANGE from this GE2011. Please read more history. History will tell you change will come from external. So, daft Singaporeans wake up.

Anonymous said...


Make no mistake. WP will be eyeing Marine Parade GRC in 2016, just next door to Aljunied GRC.

On second thought, maybe put another strong WP team in Tampines GRC to get rid of public enemy No. 1.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Personally, I think Ncole is dead wrong -- one should work together with others only if there is benefit otherwise forget it. Anyway the reality is that some people are just impossible to work with, and therefore should be avoided.

I personally think that people voted for the evil they know, rather than 'try out' a different/ alternative evil.

Good for George Yeo, now is free to join the PRIVATE SECTOR where the 'real work' for 'real people' are -- not working for some bullshit 'policy' when in govt and living off the tax payer money. George has a good opportunity to redeem himself as a productive, private individual, instead of a over-paid mooching bum.

I didn't vote, and it didn't make a difference...I've earned the right to say it I Told You SO.

Although I dislike the PAP for many personal reasons, objectively, I can live and prosper with their brand of 'economics' (if that's what it is called) better than any of the opposition parties. One that comes close to allowing 'selfish money making and plenty of freedom' is the Reform Party.

However, the Reform Party like the other parties all play to the gallery -- like Jesus on his (laughable) sermon on the ount...i.e. 'the poor shall inherit the earth'. How the fuck are the poor to get anything if the producers (capitalists) don't produce the 'goods' first, and pay their workers so that the workers can actually buy stuff?

Jesus was a terrible economist, and his sermon is the basis of the welfare state.

At least the PAP pay some IMO 'lip service' to meitocracy. I don't know if they really believe it, but to me it is a good idea -- you need the best to produce or the rest of us die. And if they earn something fro their trouble: power to them.

So it is on with the show... the open borders, free capital flows and connectivity to the global economy.

...and that suits this Hotel Visitor absolutely fine.

Capitalism is in reasonably good habds...and the people get the government they deserve.

I'd call that win-win ;-)

Anonymous said...

Daft? That is a rather sweeping statement for a common man on the road like you. This just shows what class and credibility you have. I dare say you are rather insipid.

Anonymous said...

There are many patriots and one less is no big deal. Please rest yourself and enjoy yr life.

Anonymous said...

There are many patriots and one less is no big deal. Please rest yourself and enjoy yr life.

Green Peas said...

Red Bean, How are you getting on? It has bee a long time since I last visited your blog.

Things have really changed, or not changed at all.

GRC system broken through. WP becomes the only Opposition voice in Parliament.

PAP still holds the stranglehold to change any part of the Constitution it wants and come out with new laws to ensure and entrench power deeper, wider and longer. Anothr 5 years means 5 more years of new citizens influx, which also means PAP's voters will increase in 2016.

Opposition's percentage of votes grew by 6 percent. So what?

By 2016, it will be a totally different ball game. Just watch.

Raymond Lim said...

Dear PM Lee,

You told us that you had great difficulty in finding someone to be Singapore’s next Prime Minister. Well, I have some good news for you. You don’t have to look anymore. We have found one for you.

At the moment, she is only 24 but not to worry, she has lots of time to learn and is very smart but most important of all, has a very good heart.

So don’t bully her too much OK, or else we may get very angry.


A Loyal Citizen and 4th generation Singaporean (like your Dad).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi, let me welcome the new bloggers here, Political Beng, Leong, Chow and Raymond Lim.

And yes Green Pea, you have been away for a long time. Thought you have grown into a bean sprout.

This election is very revealing, it revealed a lot of inepts and incompetence, a lot of lacking is understand the ground, a lot of heads in the clouds.

There would now have to come down to ground zero. But as many would agree, it may just be a temporary gesture. Things will be the same again in no time.

notanotherspinstory said...

60% daft, 40% not daft?
60% mandate but 81 out of 87 seats?

No, its the first past the post, GRC and all, which caused this freak result. Sinkaporeans not to blame.

Partly to blame is the poor strategy of NSP. NSP contested so many wards but no victories. They hogged the opportunities but squandered it away. NSP invited poor quality candidates and did not concentrate power in a GRC.
They did receive some swings in their favour but not enough.

Contrast with two B teams of WP, who did exceptionally well. Best losers.

LKY still thinks 50 years old and older people are in the 60% who voted for him. Mr Chin Leng has proved him wrong.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Voting for a govt is a serious matter. Everyone must think about it seriously and decide for himself what is best for him and the country.

Listen to a crook, the crook will tell you that the crooked way is the best.

Listen to a gangster, he will claim that using the fist or the chopper is the best way to do things.

Listen to a dictator, he will say dictatorship is the best way of govt.

It is better to listen to yourself, weigh all the factors and decide what is best for you.

A rational man would never believe that absolute power is the best way for the people.