Daft Singaporeans are so easy to con

The COE is too expensive at $100k. Please make it cheaper. The seller says ok, I will sell it to you for $20k but for two years only. The daft Singaporeans will be so happy to grab it straight away. Woah so cheap, only $20k instead of $100k. This is the mentality of Singaporeans today. Despite the higher level of education, their ability to think clearly is still missing. What is the difference between buying a HDB that costs $400k with a 99 year lease and a $100k flat with only a 25 year lease? Oh yes, it is cheaper, can pay up the loan in 10 years instead of 30 years. Very affordable! This is the kind of suggestions that one forumer wrote in the ST today to bring down HDB price, to make it more affordable. He forgot about why the HDB price is so high in the first place, and whether it is justifiable. I am going to set up a car showroom to sell cars in pieces. The daft Singaporeans can buy the cars very cheap, but in pieces. They can buy two wheels or four wheels first. When they have more money, they can then buy the doors, the seats, and later the engine. And they will be so happy, running around screaming cheap, cheap, very affordable. Singaporeans are daft and for good reasons. Please, bring in more foreign talents to help these daft people. I feel like crying for Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Read Bean.

Singaporeans indeed are daft or at least 60% are. For the last 40-50 years, was there a total accountable and transparent government? How had Singaporeans missed this important issue and ended up in today's mess? How did Singaporeans allow COE, ERP, GRC, NMP, NCMP, OSA, etc to implement without saying anything until 2011?

The reason is the success of a key policy implemented: Obscurantist policy (愚民政策). Lack of accountability and transparency is a direct result of this key policy. Mind you. It happens to be the key policy of any dictatorship government.

Anonymous said...

there is a Hokkien saying "sa lang wu sa khi" or "the daft has all the luck"

Anonymous said...

the One who wrote to the Forum must be one working in the Housing Board. He/She must be helping the New Housing Minister to achieve iconing the NEW Housing Minister.
am I daft to think so?

Anonymous said...

Just sell hdb by the month. We can repay the full amount in one month.

So cheaperest.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chua thank you for your articles. Discover your blog recently and enjoy them. Appreciate.Have a nice day

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anon 2:27, you are welcome and just don't take it too seriously of what is being said. Have fun chatting.

anon 1:16, the daft Singaporeans were blessed for many years in the formative years of this island. Their life improved, standard and quality of life improved. I think they were appreciative of those who ruled the country then.

The last decades they are seeing signs of things going bad, turning wild, and plenty of nonsense. When things were good, some pains were acceptable.

When things are getting bad, in fact a disaster maybe in the making, the daft will not remain daft for long. They acted daft, pretended to be daft, hoping that things will be ok.

By now the daft generally feel that they cannot remain daft anymore if they want to protect their future and the future of the children.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, I just want to say that our generation of oldies probably are more calculative than the P65. The oldies have gone through really tough times in the 50s and early 60s, the P65 probably are mostly in the 'money no problem' majority that enjoyed the best years of Singapore's development.

Just compare our starting salary those days of $120 to $150 pm with today's scale. So, no problem, everything is relatively affordable to them.

Anonymous said...

Those born before the 60s were the affordable ones. Broods of 5 to 10 were no issue, the British took cares of mother and children medically and health wise by charging only token sum. And for the rest, $0.50cts for consultation and medication at any public clinic. Hospitalization during Colonial Time, totally free!
The 'Kampong Spirit' or camaraderie of neighbours made helps available 24/7 amongst the populace. Those were the good old affordable days.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Allow me to say that the first generation leaders inherited a lot of problems. But they solved them.

The second generation just cruised along, talking cock and nothing averse happened.

The third generation not only talked cock but create a lot of problems. The problems were contained and kept under lid for a while. Now they are exploding right into everyone's faces.

The cost of living then was low. With low salaries, life was still bearable. Just about the late 80s, I went for a day surgery at GH. It cost me about $200. Today, they will likely to kill me with $2000 at least.

Once the inflation beast is allowed to run wild, it is hard to put it back into the bottle.

Joseph Tan said...

Red bean, go see now that photo of that fuckface Khaw about he setting up a blog, tell you the truth that fuckface send chills down my spine. Soon there will be news about affordable $8 housing and immediately the daft Singkies are going to work very hard to look for it. Please forgive my sailor language don't know why whenever I see this face or the monkey pulling up the shirt the word fuckface seem to come up. I think it's time to visit my shrink.

Joseph Tan said...

I mean to tell you to go to Straits Times Online now to see the fuckface.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Joseph,

I know you are furious. Many people are, after being told to tighten belt, live within their means, downgrade if they cannot afford to.

I am damn piss that I want to live within my means and go for the cheapest wards when jokers insisted that I have to pay for sharksfin. And if I insist not to eat sharksfin they will mean test me, basically to empty my pocket.

But believe me, the jokers are declaring how well they have done in their jobs. They will probably go and write their memoirs of their success stories.

Be grateful.

Joseph Tan said...

Tat is why I say this regime PAP is evil. They are full of cruelty and evilness. Live within our means? Our means are actually very big can see but cannot touch in CPF. How cruel can they be to ask Sinkies to go overseas for medical and old folks home. Where in this world you can find such evilness and arrogance. Only in Singapore. Overseas this type of government would have been overthrown by the people. Have said that balless Sinkies deserve to live with such evilness because we choose them time and again. Like dogs feeling uncomfortable when the collar is removed.

Anonymous said...

A daft pupulace is the best complement to an evil regime: )

Anonymous said...

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