A church besieged

George Yeo figuratively described the PAP as a broad church. Now you can understand why the ‘pastor’ called on the sinners to repent, and why the believers shouted, ‘In George we trust!’. This new religion can be appropriately called Papism, or shall it be called Papianity? It is a big church in all counts, and very powerful with hundreds of thousands of staunch believers. It can and has blessed many people to richness and a good life. It serves the people and works for the good of the people. It has its own belief system and commandments of course. It also has a jealous god. It does not take it kindly on believers of other gods. It cannot tolerate the existence of other gods. And of course it is a white god and all its angels are in white. Not forgetting the church elders elevating themselves to higher mortals. In its early days there were persecutions of the non believers. Some were imprisoned, some burnt at the stake, some fled. It was fortunate that the persecution did not reach the level of the Inquisition. Lately the Holy Order has taken some knocks. The quest for material well being instead of spiritual well being has unsettled many believers. The absolute power of the Holy See is also being questioned. The mantra that ‘We are gods’ is starting to be ridiculed. Even ministers are questioning the wisdom of the core beliefs. There are signs that some reformists are attempting to break away from the church. There is a high possibility that a protestant movement may surface and a breakaway church of Singapore be founded to rival the old church. The making of a new church is eminent. Some ministers have openly criticized the old church and have left. Many believers are troubled with their belief and may just join the new church. They would want a new beginning and not more of the same. The old church has simply grown too big, a mega church, too rich, too many members who are not really believers but eat religion to get fed and wealthy. Verily I said unto you. Whoever believes in me shall have everlasting life. Seek ye first the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Amen. PS. I am posting this for fun reading, political humour. Please don’t call me a mobster.


Anonymous said...

This is a good analogy to the regime and what is happening.

There is another analogy that draws from the history as well. See the second comment:

Some one must do further research and write a book on it. I am sure it could be a best seller but Singaporeans might not have a chance to read it because it will be banned for sure.

Anonymous said...

your so called 'pastor' is underated .....he thinks he is the only living god.

Anonymous said...

In George we trust? Misleaded sheep!

Anonymous said...

"And of course it is a white god and all its angels are in white." this is not true, yellow god, yellow, black, brown angels in white clothing pretending to be white. Afterall white is what matter most.

Anonymous said...

Those fake demi gods who conferred to themselves the title of god and act like one will soon be rebuked fearfully and harshly by the real God. The real lightning will strike them down. Hard truth :)

notanotherspinstory said...

The Holy Father of Singapore speaks ex-cathedra, "Repent ye sinners especially those in Aljunied!" All the other little demi gods tremble.

Now that the Holy Father and Holy Goh have abdicated their thrones the prick Son can have his day.
He will send all the Sinkaporeans into hell in the next 5 years to be tormented.
Don't forget the Holy Family is still in charge of Singapore's treasury and maintains strong grip on power. Blasphemers and heretics will be burnt at the stake. Anyone who threatens their despotic rule will be destroyed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

See what you make out of this. 'Our policies are right, we only need to communicate better.'

The PAP's only fault is not communicating better. Everything else is fine. Did they learn anything new?

Anonymous said...

Born a Sinner dies as Sinner.
Born a dog dies as a dog.
No one can saves You and
there is no redeemer.