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Change is in the air

Everyone is talking about change, about throwing out old practices and policies. No sacred cows, nothing is sacrosanct. A wave of fresh air is blowing swiftly through the stale political landscape of everything is fine and everything is the best there is. The message of this new drive is that many things are not fine. But that was only a few weeks ago when everything was fine. Would the daft Singaporeans again be told that one party dominant political system is the best for them, that we are unique and cannot have multi party democracy? Would the people be told that there is no need for checks and balances, that a ruling party can check itself? Would the people be told that opposition parties are bad, the opposition politicians are out to destroy the country? There are many old mantras that are not looking like old follies. Would the daft Singaporeans still be saying ayes, ayes, we want more of the old ways? Now that the obstructing wall towards a new future is being torn down, would the Singaporeans look ahead with optimism that the future can be better, or still stuck with the old mindset that change is bad, fearing change, and crawling back into the old comfort zone? What do the Singaporeans want? Be a well fed bird in a cage, be birds in the bird park, where some are kept in cages, some allow to fly freely, within the park’s bigger net, or will they want to soar like eagles, where the limits to where they can go are limited by their own vision and resourcefulness?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore has always been one of the most rapid places to change -- when compared globally. Change is always happening.

However, what you might be referring to is political change -- that was bound to happen sooner or later.

If the nation is to grow to accommodate 9-15 million people, it will have to change (slowly) to achieve that.

Change is not 'in the air' -- it is already happening.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The people must demand for a referendum to raise population above 6m. We are seeing breaking points in many infrastructure at this level. Going above 6m can be deadly.

The economic growth should be based on higher productivity, marginal organic growth in population, and lower inflation.

This is a much more difficult task than growth by inflating the population and inflating everything.

Anonymous said...


can any one provide some ideas or just one or two suggestions as to how Sin can reverse the damage done?

Yap Lee said...

NS can be reduced to one year

Anonymous said...

Inflating is easy, deflating is painful.

Some will moan, some will groan, some will whine and some will cry, some will scream and some will fly.

Yes, change is in the air.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, I believe that if 66% or more had voted for the PAP this recent election and given them a strong mandate, nothing will be thought of as old practices and policies. The sacred cows will still be sacred and nothing is flawed or wrong with our system.

Just goes to show how fallacious some arguments can be, and how naive that those arguments have been sold and bought lock, stock and barrel all those years by Singaporeans.

History has indeed been made, notwithstanding only 6 opposition MPs have been elected, but the message sent by voters was the reason all the sacred cows are going to be slaughtered.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Yap Lee, welcome to the blog.

During the election campaign, everything was pushed out as track records, even ministerial salary was no issue. If only it was 66%, they will say the people like it, and more of it.

How to change? Get rid of all the XO blood, all the way to the grass root leaders, and replace with some fresh new red wine. Wine has lesser alcohol content and not so intoxicating.

Anonymous said...

Plain water is the best drink for all beans(beings).

Anonymous said...

Conscription is undemocratic and is an abuse of human right and dignity.
National Service should be scrapped like GRC, NCMP and NMP.

Anonymous said...

Conscription is undemocratic and is an abuse of human right and dignity.
National Service should be scrapped like GRC, NCMP and NMP.