A call for healing

The PAP leaders have been heard calling for a healing for all the political candidates and supporters in the GE. It is time to put down the differences and come together as one people, to serve the country. It is a nice gesture that has never been seen before. No healing was really needed in this GE. There were differences of views and ideas on how the country should be run. But that is exactly to be expected in a political contest for the vote of the people. All the parties were civil and focussed on issues and ideas, and not on digging people’s cupboard for skeleton, or checking if anyone has made excessive claims of bus fare or has one girl friend too many. There were two infringements that were nipped in the bud. And if there is any healings to be done, perhaps the transgressors could call up the victims and apologise privately. Demanding a public apology could be too much to ask for and too embarrassing on the violators. Yes, this election was conducted in a way that all parties were able to have a good night sleep without feeling guilty of offending anyone, and without the need to start sharpening the knives. I doubt anyone has any good reason to want to do so. No one was fixed. This election is a watershed in a way. It could pave the way for future leaders to emulate on what basic decency is all about and how a good election campaign should look like. Isn’t it nice when all candidates can now sit down and have kopi and regard each other as people of the country, not enemies? If there is any healings to be done, this will be a good opportunity to bury the hatchet of the past. Maybe a kind of amnesty for all past political opponents who have fled this country and unable to return for one reason or another. The ugly chapters of our political history need a little cleansing. The blood spilt needs to be wiped off, the wounds treated and healed, and the country can then move forward on a clean slate. This is a healing that needs to be done, and what better time than now, to bring a closure to all the acrimonies, and for Singaporeans to return home, free from political persecution or personal vendetta. They are our citizens, our people, and this is their home too. Maybe I am expecting too much. Then again, some were very sceptical that political campaigns could be conducted in an objective and dignified manner, minus the hostility and gangsterism. But it did end well, clean and honourable, it could be done.


Wally Buffet said...

While the ruling party is mulling over its reduced share of the popular votes, it might do them well to understand that any more "tweaks" or gerrymandering of the status quo will bring more discontent and anger amongst the population. The old ways no longer work, not when come 2016, there will be more Gen Y voters to swell the ranks and who will be very aghast that the election is no cricket. To these youngsters, the struggles of the oldies to bring this country to its current eminence is but a distant page in its history. They are only interested in the here and now, not why and how.

Take good parting advice from George, a respected man, even in defeat. Revamp your policies and listen to the voice of the people.

Also, do the right thing come August. Put George as a candidate for President. He has my vote and I am sure of many Singaporeans. Besides shaking hands and kissing babies, he will I am sure also do his utmost to lift the office to the zenith of respect and adulation from the current depth of nadir.

When all is said and done, this IS a good government. All it needs to do to regain the confidence of the electorate is to have a listening ear and a heart close to the ground.

Learn from a newbie like Nicole. Yes, she could very well be a Prime Minister to my grandchildren.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With so much money being paid to the Presidency, we can demand for a better man. George is ideal for the post.

notanotherspinstory said...

Thanks to Siew Hum Hong for his article on Tin Pei Ling to demand decency from both sides.

Thanks to LHL for his light handed approach, in contrast to his father's brash words.

Thanks to people like Vincent and George Yeo, true gentlemen.

No thanks to petty people and smearers. GCT, VB.

No thanks to fear mongerers. WKS, LKY, Shanmugam.

Anonymous said...

If LHL really hears us and want to try to work towards change, 1st change is to kick Tin out!

I'm sure he can hear from both sides how appalled we are to have such low caliber candidate riding the tailcoat into Parliament. She has caused much loss in votes to Marine Parade GRC.

Wally Buffet said...

Keeping her in MP is a plus point for the WP when they next contest the GRC in 2016.

The voters will be so intent in kicking her out that maybe GCT is also standing on thin ice. Throwing out the baby with the bath water as it were. Pun intended.

I can envisage that GCT's hair is not only turning whiter by the day but he should also start using Ba Wang hair shampoo to stop his thinning top.

So my friend, don't worry too much about this one term tingy.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You guys should not take it out on the poor girl. She is too innocent to know the political ramifications of the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Unfair it maybe, TPL will remains very much the icon for the unfairness of GRC system - for as long as she stays in Parliament.


Anonymous said...

George seems to be the choice of many for the Presidency.

But guys, if George is the man who we think he is, who said he speaks up from the inside, favours change and tries too hard to find out the worth of GIC and Temasek and so on, will he end up like the late ex-President Ong Teng Cheong?

Think about it.

Wally Buffet said...

George may not be as good as OTC but he sure as hell is gonna give it his best shot and I am confident he will be better than the current incumbent.

One step at a time guys.

Play it like LTK of the WP. Patience, patience and more patience.

For what George has achieved, please read today's review in the ST on page A25 highlighting his political career.

George Yeo for President!

Anonymous said...

I have not a very good feeling if George becomes President.

His credentials cannot be questioned. But the fear is that he may turn out being too oriented towards the thinking of the PAP, forgot his duty and purpose as President by failing to ask the decisive questions like OTC, and eventually end up like the incumbent.

Then, we have a problem. By then we won't be shouting George Yeo for President.

Anonymous said...

TPL is the victim of GRC system. Even though she may be a MP drawing $13K a month, I do not think people will respect her. Seriously what can she do in PAP for the country except as a yes-woman.

The problem is the GRC system but the root problem is a government without accountability and transparency to its people. However, daft Singaporeans do not understand this problem. At least, 60% are daft and do not.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans got to wake up and make up their minds, all those accolades given to OTC, Devan Nair and now GY are damn hypocritical.
These were the people who had helped to entrench the system all these years.
Opposition parties have had hard time to even remove a small fry member of parliament. And when big timers in PAP got the ouster or had fall-out with their family members, Singaporeans started eulogies and laments of losses of 'better' members from the incumbents.
Do have some consistencies lah, do not just because they were alma- maters, same racial/ethnic relationship and or attend the same place of worships and start getting personal and sympathetic.
Your sympathies are causing a lot of confusions to voters, for those acting as moles, carry on and make more confusions, You are not to be blamed.

Anonymous said...

Shall we say they are confused sympathizers.
Damn emo man !

Anonymous said...

Shall we say they are confused sympathizers.
Damn emo man !