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And the world turns

Yes, the American, French, Italian and Brits air attack on Libya continues and in all counts violated the authority given to them to control the sky and protect the civilians. Now they have killed Gaddafi's son and his 3 grandchildren. What can Gaddifi or the Arab world do about it? Or what can the world do about it? The Americans and their allies are so brave, attacking and killing the children and grandchildren o Gaddafi. They must be waiting for their Purple Crosses. Heroes of the western world killing children!


Anonymous said...

Oh, they will tell you it is just collateral damage or children should not be in that place.

How many Government condemned that incident? Supposing someone were to do the same to some hotshot of one of the Western countries, you can bet the whole world, including the UN, will be howling for blood.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy and double-standards of the ang-mohs is fully exposed!


Anonymous said...

The angmo hypocrisy pales in comparison to Sin hypocrisy.
There are Sin Leaders in the jobs for decades and never paid any attention to what the people said.
Come election time and suddenly they are all ears for the oppositions.
After election they become deaf frogs again or at most give some placebos to placate the people.
This election if the people still believe in these people then Singaporeans deserve no sympathy.
Failing to condemn hypocrites is in itself a sin much similar to those who say one thing and do the opposite.

Anonymous said...

cough, cough...
All the same, we are all hypocrates! there isn't any decent govt. or human!, is there? we all have agenda, don't we?

Anonymous said...

When hypocrite expose hypocrite, a sort of purification takes place to cleanse the evils'
Good for everybody.