A 10% swing is all it takes

The PAP’s popular vote has gone down to 60%. This came about after the great handouts just before the election, the unexpected apology and admission of mistakes by Hsien Loong, and a change of tact, no more threats but a pledge to listen and to be more humble. What if these three measures were not taken? The packing up of George Yeo and his team is a stark reminder that it can happen to any GRC. The margin for arrogance and aloofness the people is very thin. The man that called for reform and reflection is gone. Would those who are staying feel that they have fought a good fight and can go on as before, telling the people how great and deserving they were, and demanding for more pay and gratitude? Hsien Loong has taken the first step to humble himself, to be the servant of the people. The people have another 5 years to bear with the govt, the style and the policies. Would there be any change in govt policies and antics? Can the people look forward to a better life, to a change for the better? Well, they will have 5 long years to see the change, if they are going to be changes.


Anonymous said...

IMHO, as long as the Oracle of SIN is still around and calling the shots, very difficult to change lah!

Perhaps just some cosmetic changes here & there - in sytle only, not substance.


Anonymous said...

Foreign workers influx problem they already answered us before the election. No way they will change.

Mah Bow Tan said housing cost will still be affordable, whatever that means. So, where is the issue?

SM Goh said that minister's salary no longer an issue with the majority. So, more good years to the ministers.

Wong Kan Seng said he already apologised, so what is there for us to persue.

Thar Man has given assurance that there will be no GST increases for 5 years. Notice the reflection from his bald head when he said that and keep that in mind.

Yes, we should close ranks to repent for another 5 years.

Anonymous said...

FAT HOPE for any real change lah.
Daft Singaporeans deserve another 5 years unchanged live on this island. This shows the pain is not severe enough to get people wanted change. So, why change?

Singaporeans if not daft must list down what defect policies they have been facing for the last 40 years and reflect on why they should continue to suffer these. There are far too many social injustice in this place. The political system must be reformed to have an accountable and transparent government. Government without accountability and transparency is not good governance.

Anonymous said...

I think the ruling party knows now that the GRC system is getting to the stage that it might backfire on the PAP itself.

A 60.1% share of the votes may translate into 81 seats now, but if there were a further 10% drop in percentage by the next election, we could be seeing a very different picture in terms of seats. A few SMCs were won with quite high percentages, but many GRCs will not be won by the PAP with another 10% swing. Many opposition GRCs were getting about 44% share of votes of which another 10% swing will then favour the opposition.

They have to address the issues seriously now, or think of new ways to handle voters.

Upgrading is losing its attraction in some ways, threats are now becoming more of a liability and character assassinations are getting out of fashion with voters.

So, what can we expect? Changes in the way the PAP govern or a more aggressive stance to counter all that has happened in this election?

I think we should know soon enough.