$10 horror movie in Woodland

The discovery of a maid who was killed and dumped into a water tank in Woodlands is turning into a horror movie. Many residents ended up bathing with the water from the tank, some boiling green bean soup, making milk for the babies, general cooking, using the piped water when the body was still in the tank. The Town Council had acted quickly to remove the body, flush and clean the tank before telling the residents that the water is safe for drinking. The residents are not happy. They have signed a petition for the tank to be changed. Some must have found this request too sensitive and unreasonable. The tank has been cleaned, no more dead body. What’s wrong with it? The Town Council has offered a $10 waiver on the conservancy fees. This has infuriated the residents even more. The cleansing and prayers for the dead maid is one thing. Normally these could let the matter to rest. What the authority fails to understand is the emotional, religious and psychological part of the affected residents. The phobia and psychological attachment to what had happened in the water tank would not simply go away to some people. Some will be terrified every time they turn on the tap, take a bath, or cook a meal. This cannot be easily explained away. Neither can those badly affected be persuaded to accept things as normal. To the extreme, some could repeatedly visualize the maid’s body still in the tank, or seeing blood when the tap is turned on. Too much horror and ghost stories, yes, and they will play on their imaginations for as long as they are living there. It is something that cannot be removed by a mere $10. The horror movie will keep on replaying in the minds of some residents, and some may even move out for a little peace of mind. Finally it was reported last night that the water tank will be removed. PS. Water is a strategic and important resource. Think of the possibilities if our water security is in the hands of wicked minds, terrorists etc? How many of our strategic and sensitive resources are in the hands of ‘harmless’ uneducated foreign workers and educated foreign talents? Keys to our drinking water in the hands of foreigners! Then, how many of our strategic installations and institutions are in the hands of foreigners? Is it a sensible thing to do? Do we have complete faith in foreigners to manage and control our sensitive and vital installations and institutions?


Wally Buffet said...

Isn't it simply atrocious that any Bangla can have access to the water tanks on top of HDB blocks to do nefarious acts or in this case dump a murdered lover into the soup?

Why is it that this island which has supposedly the best paid brains to do the job of management and control of security always get caught on the wrong footing before preventive measures are taken to prevent a repeat?

The town council should take responsibility for this serious lapse and resign.

Oh keep the $10 and replace the water tanks affected before you useless fellas leave willya?

This is no laughing matter so I will not end with LOL or Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Just the thought makes me gag. The TC should have just replaced the water tank and needn't have bothered with the $10 rebate. Another instance of doing things right but not doing the right thing!

notanotherspinstory said...

Textbook example typical of the MIW. They think that paying a meagre compensation is enough to social engineer a solution out of a complex problem.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder whether this is an isolated case of water tanks being unsecured and foreign workers taking dips as and when they like.

Someone commented that the MOM should teach our foreign legions that they should not treat our water tanks as the Ganges River where they can bathe and throw dead bodies into.

Gosh, I was complaining about bringing the Kallang River into Bishan just days ago. Maybe it is not a bad idea to bring rivers into the heartlands so that our foreign workers can do their thing just like doing it in the Ganges River at home, instead of in our water tanks.

Anonymous said...

I have to say foreign talents are indeed more intelligent and ingenious than locals. Imagine Mas Selamat having elaborate but infeasible plan to ram planes into Changi Airport. If he had the brain of a Bangla, all he needed to do was to marinate the water tanks of some highrise buildings with cyanide or arsenic. And he could have just engaged a few Banglas to do it and had them flown home safely. Wow, luckily Singaporeans are daft.

Joseph Tan said...

$10 = Ox cart wheel for PAP

Anyway it not just the horror of the dead body or ghost or contaminated water . . . . . the horror of horrors will be the new value of their homes

Anonymous said...

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