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Myth 140 - Unsolvable Problems

It is a myth that Singapore cannot solve any problem. The latest problem on difficulties in finding taxis during peak periods has been solved. This is a problem caused by heavy usage and calls for taxis during the certain hours. The solution, raise the surcharge. This will reduce the demand for taxis. It's so elementary and so ingenius. And any expressway that is too congested, raise the toll fees. Then traffic will be directed from expressway A to expressway B. And when B is congested, raise the toll fees. Traffic will then be diverted back to A which is having lesser traffic. And when it gets congested again, raise the toll fees again. Traffic will then go to B again. Just keep doing it and the problem will be solved. And if people are consuming too much food and there is food shortage, just raise the price. Then people will consume less. Just like saving water. This is the magic formula to problem solving.


Anonymous said...

Like that we will be constantly raising prices the more foreigners come in

Anonymous said...

Their magic formula sounds like a sure-win money making formula.

Anonymous said...

so that u guys can retire at 90

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo, mr Beanie, U got say like got no say. ;)
Put it simply:
Just take $$$ from ours (citizen's) into theirs (gahmen's). All problem also will settle one! ;P

redbean said...

please allow me to say and not say can? for sometimes or most of the times i do not know what i said.

Anonymous said...

Can la. We dunknow you meh? ;)

Anonymous said...

I like your magic formula of solving problems. Generally it is true how issues are tackled by the authorities.

As for the shortage of taxis during peak periods, I sincerely believe that raising the surcharge would be good. Then all those who do not really need a taxi would have a rethink. This would free up what available taxis there are, for the needful and urgent cases.

Demand and supply will then be met unlike the expressways where there can be only so much space available.