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The audacity of Siew Kum Hong

How could Siew Kum Hong questioned the role of EDB in the UNSW fiasco? EDB has came out openly to say that they are not responsible and UNSW is ultimately responsible for the mess. Period. Can we not accept this clear cut position? And the reasons for not disclosing how much public money were lost were logical and for the good of the country. They cannot disclose it as it will compromise our position in future negotiations. Very reasonably put forth. Certain information are best keep undisclosed in the interest of the country. Transparency must have its limits and things of national interest cannot be divulged casually. According to the Financial Times, $80 million of public money were involved. This is only speculation and cannot be proven as no official figure has been given. Anyway it is small change. Money seems to be an issue in the article as Siew Kum Hong said that with world class pay, the public should demand a higher standard of disclosure, transparency and quality from govt employees. Though I take a different position from Siew Kum Hong, I strongly encouraged everyone to read his article in the Today paper today. He makes a lot of sense. And I am proud of him and Today for printing it. It will be better if Siew Kum Hong raises the same issues in Parliament.


Anonymous said...

Governments are, by nature, inefficient, so it is to be expected there will be leakages of public money. That is unavoidable, like civilians killed in war. They are known as collateral damage. Same principle applies.

redbean said...

luckily only about 250 students and families affected. if there a more it will be a big public furore.

Anonymous said...

BIg public furore ? You mean like the one that erupted after what happened in NKF ? That's not a furore. That's just the whimper coming from neutered pussy cats.

redbean said...

on hindsight, you are right.