Daft Singaporeans cannot understand the theory of supply and demand

Singapore is a choice country to many wildlife, for work and for play or to escape high taxes. Singapore passport is highly in demand and highly desirable. What do these mean in terms of supply and demand? The simple principle of demand and supply is that when demand is high and supply is low, price will go up and up.

But daft Singaporeans cannot understand this. This is why there is an open leg policy, legs opened so wide for everything to come in, begging every wildlife to come in. It is so cheap and easy for wildlife to come to Singapore and paying pittance for it. Work levy and for PRs and PMETs, almost free. Then there is this silly and traitorious CECA that makes entry to Singapore a breeze and so free.

If there are so many people queuing to come into Singapore for all sorts of reasons, why is the cost of entry so low, so cheap? Why our so clever govt did not turn this into a high revenue source? Or are they satisfied just to collect worker's  and maid's levies? Should not they go higher up and collect more from the PMETs and PRs? And why give free scholarships to the tune of hundreds of millions annually when our education system is world class? Should not the demand to study here be so overwhelming and the supply limited that the fees for education here be raised higher for foreigners instead of Singaporeans?

Maybe all the so called demands to come here, all the long queues are fake news. Only the beggars, the cheats, the conmen, the wildlife are queuing, not the real McCoys. Even then there is more reasons to make it more expensive for the cheats and conmen and wildlife to come in as they are not desirables.

When things are in demand, you can charge a high price for it. And when supply is limited, you can charge even higher. But easy immigration only happens in this stupidity has no cure island. No country will make immigration as easy as this silly island. So the supply of easy immigration is also very small.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think Singaporeans are too smart. So smart until they become stupid. Once the smart asses become stupid, there is no return to the original state. Too comfortable. Too easy to simply give orders and all the running dogs will run, all the bitching bitches will open mouths and give manipulated statistics to look pretty. Too easy to become millionaires over night. No resistance. No protests. No hue and cry. Everything easily done. The Civil Service does all the works. The millionstars simply give orders and sit back to read their bank statements, CPF statements and investment portfolios. Attend meetings, attend dinners, attend opening ceremonies, skip parliament if can. QED.

How to change? Nothing wronv, why did it?

Anonymous said...

Amendment to Auto-Correct Errors:

"How to change? Nothing wronv, why did it?"

Should read as:

"How to change? Nothing wrong, why fix it?"

Virgo 49 said...

CCS aka Kee Chiu said Foreigners are Here to create jobs for Singaporeans aka Singa Ka Pore Lans.

So Lans Lans balls kena stuck in wooden horses.

JT said her Ministry will monitor further that they do not discriminate against Singa Ka Pore Lans.

So that means all the while they been discriminating against Singa Ka Pore Lans and closing their eyes shut.

As CCS as Higher Brass said so. Have to keep mum and wayang.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are about 2m foreigners here. If they could create 20% of jobs for Singaporeans, there will be 400,000 more jobs for Singaporeans, ie we create 2m jobs for them to create 400,00 jobs. If we can create 2m jobs for foreigners to create 400,000 jobs for Singaporeans, why bother, why don't we create 1m jobs for Singaporeans and minus the rubbish the foreigners brought in?

Does anyone has any statistics to prove that the foreigners have created 400,000 jobs for Singaporeans?

Or we create 2m jobs for foreigners but foreigners create 20,000 jobs for Singaporeans?

C said...

Other people buy low and sell high.

Our mighty ones buy high and sell low.

I also don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the figures? You tell me lah!

No one no one.....as long as the masses continue to vote for them!


Anonymous said...

The root cause of this immigration policy is the relentless effort of employers, HR and the ministry to open its gates to all the foreigners of on this planet. The ultimate root of all is GReed with the What's wrong with collecting more monies type of mentality is deep rooted in the Sinkieland G culture so much so that this Trogen horse becomes gignonmously huge & uncontrollably creating Sin city as a Crazy Rich Sinkieland outwardly but inward is like nothing soulless and devoid of feelings & empathy, it's a Lost Nation govern by A Rogue Greediest G, its dafts Sinkies r mostly stupidity that is terminally beyond cure, it's going to be worse than the Africans Cry The Beloved Cuntry, a sad state in a tiny rocky desert island full of bricks & brat

Anonymous said...

Supply and demand.

Why is the demand for PAP politicians so high?
- 70% want PAP

Anonymous said...

This is the NEW economic theory! What so difficult! No need to understand!


Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 1010am

Yes, you are 1o8% correct!


Anonymous said...

POFMA should be applied to deliberately manipulate statistics for interpretations to support the positive outcome instead of the true picture.

Anonymous said...

If you want to reduce the price (salary) of these PAP politicians who are in such high demand;
- you must vote Opposition

Anonymous said...


When more than 50% of Sinkie workers are bringing home more than $4K salary per month, everybody will fuck care about such things. At most KPKB at coffeeshops or foodcourts with friends & family. After that continue to vote PAP becoz their lives still good mah & Oppo not ready to become govt --- this makes Oppo worse than PAP.

PAP --- greedy fuckers who are prepared to be govt.

Oppo --- greedy fuckers who are not prepared to be govt.

Now you know why PAPies get >=60% every GE. Next one very high chance will be 75%.

Anonymous said...

Some fund managers deliberately buy high and sell low to their relative's accounts to make money while losing the funds money. QED.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1129pm

You are not alone predicting pap 75%! Possible?

Anonymous said...

PAP 75%? Possible but not probable.

Next GE no more LKY-phobia.
Therefore, no extra "emotional baggage" advantage.

Too many major cockups and hard decisions made. Therefore, some voters have been alienated, especially the bread-winners.

How many percent has been affected?
Difficult to assess.

But can safely say PAP will not enjoy the 69.9% as in 2015.

Any other projection, without basis, is just a mischivious red-herring, to be polite. To be blunt, it is like talking thru your asshole.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis! Cheers....

Anonymous said...


A lot of the problems in 2011 are no longer problems or much smaller problems. The new problems (HDB zero value & GST 9%) are big ... but the benefits being enjoyed by those age 0-55 are much bigger than the problems ... so no problem!!!

Age 0-55 is 2/3 of the Sinkie population today. So as long as most of the goodies / angbaos / rebates / subsidies go to them & that most of those working are getting good salaries & increments (which has been the case since 2013) ... then PAPies will still get the vote.

Sinkies may not like PAPies much ... but there is no alternative! PAP is the TINA trade in Singapore every 5 years!!! LOL!!!

All the other problems have been around since 1965 ... high cost of living, salary not enough, money not enough, expensive housing, hard to get jobs, too many local competition, too many foreign competition etc etc etc .... ALL THESE are perpetual. If you were a 40-yr old working adult in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s --- you will also feel the same pressures as today & also KPKB just as loud (but only in coffeeshop).

LKY effect in 2015 was actually quite small --- outwardly like so many Sinkies all publicly mourning & wayanging .... BUT!!! When it was time to actually put pen to the ballot paper, ALL Sinkies put on their PRAGMATIC What's-In-It-For-ME_&_MY_Family hat.

Saying that Old Fart dying had a big impact in actual vote casting is the same as saying Old Fart dying made people sell their properties below valuation becoz they feel so patriotic & so motivated by "selfless" Old Guard & hence so highly social conscious to help fellow Sinkies.

That's why PAPies getting 75% in March GE is highly probable.

Anonymous said...

Indeed another good and fair analysis! Cheers......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ spot on analysis:

>> ALL Sinkies put on their PRAGMATIC What's-In-It-For-ME_&_MY_Family hat.<<

There Is No Alternative "TINA". Politics comes from CULTURE.

The weakness of the wannabe oppositions are that they simply don't get the CULTURE.

The PAP on the other hand not only "get" the culture, they "enable" it by highlighting the culture's most "emotionally centred" points: economic security, family cohesiveness.

IMO the opposition "fans" are mostly overseas educated in "welfare state" cuntries like Australia, Canada USA and UK, so they return with "welfare ideas" which every opposition party promotes.

The self reliant and entrepreneurial Ah Bengs & Ah Lians are usually very clever at making money, and the food court aunties and taxi uncles all work hard for a living, plus they receive "goodies" from the govt. Surprise, surprise...the above cohorts IMO will tend to vote PAP.

The opposition really doesn't know their "market". The PAP are market makers lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ What's your play?

Politics evolves from culture, and culture evolves from BIOLOGY. Biology itself is evolutionary depending on random mutations, environmental stressors and advantages for survival and perpetuation of the species.

I'm not kidding when I state that everything is A GAME, and like it or not, we are all players.

One famous interesting game which is still being researched today is The Prisoner's Dilemma. It's a game revolving around cooperation and defection.

Let's see how it applies to voting in Singapore's politics. Assume 2 parties (for simplicity): PAP & Not-PAP, ie "opposition".

Main assumption: Everyone acts in what they think and define for each of THEMSELVES (individually) as their own SELF INTEREST.

When it comes time to cast the ballot at the GE, does one:

1. COOPERATE with the PAP and vote for them, thus "defecting" from the non-PAP

2. COOPERATE with the non-PAP and defect from the PAP.

Each GE could be thought of as one iteration of the game.

When this game is played out with competing computer programs, TIT FOR TAT appears to be a "winning" strategy. ie you do what your opponent does....if he plays nice and cooperates, you do the same. If he's an asshole and sells you out, you fuck him back by throwing him under the bus.

So how? Got GAME FACE? Got A-Game? 🤟👍

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ho Ching openly supports the premeditated murder of Iran's General Soliemani by the US Terrorist Trump and called those who opposed the murder as "sickening".

Anonymous said...


///TIT FOR TAT appears to be a "winning" strategy. ie you do what your opponent does.///

Yes .... Sinkies are NOT DUMB.

That's why they voted 40% Oppo in 2011 & kicked out PAPies from a GRC & 1 full minister & 2 junior ministers.

After which PAPies started to open Singapore's OWN RESERVES a bit wider & use the money to fund all sorts of "Packages" & build BTOs like no tomorrow & CLAMP DOWN on easy foreigner W-Permit / S-Pass / E-Pass longterm renewals.

Why do you think median Sinkie salaries since 2013 are so much better than from 1998-2012 on a PPP basis?!?!???

And this is what enabled millennial Sinkies in their late-20s and 30s to be able to buy BTOs at 4X (or less) annual household income --- something which hasn't been seen in Singapore since the early-1990s.

Like I said ... PAPies getting 70% in 2015 is NOT due to Old Fart up lorry. By 2015, Sinkies could SEE the improvements. Today in 2020, the improvements have only gotten BETTER for the MAJORITY OF SINKIES.

However ... PAPies have started to take Sinkies for granted & this has shown up in their policy stance from 2015-2018.

The keyword is "TACTICAL" voting to put spurs into politicians. Unfortunately Sinkies aren't capable of 2nd Level Thinking & will likely over-vote for PAPies this GE.

Anonymous said...

Boeing 737 Max again killed maximum people on board

This time, ut is an Ukrainian Boeing 737 flying to their capital Kiev from Tehran International Airport.

Everyone on board were killed when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran's international airport.

The Boeing 737 Max passenger jet, Flight PS752, operated by Ukraine International Airlines, took off early Wednesday morning with 167 passengers and nine crew on board.

Anonymous said...

Who were on board Flight PS752?

Among the victims were 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians including all nine crew, 10 Swedes, four Afghans, three Britons and three Germans, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said.

Ukrainian officials said that 169 people had bought tickets for the flight but two had not boarded the plane.

The 2 could have been CIA agents?

Anonymous said...

The question is: Did somebody, under whatever and whoever's orders, activated the in-built secret remote-control of the aircraft and deliberately caused it to crash?

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This Boeing 737 crash, coming one day after Iran's counter-attacks on US military bases in Iraq, killing 82 Iranians (probably include Iranian VIPs) can be linked to the World's One-And-Only Lawless Terrorists Country???