Two party system, who decides?

After the last GE, the prospect for a two party or multi party political system appears to be brighter. The invincibility of the ruling party had taken a sharp knock and is not like what it was before. It is looking very fragile and breakable. What it means is that more alternative parties could gain a foot hold in the future Parliament. The electorate are getting very uncomfortable with the political system and are showing signs of adventurism, that alternative parties could be the solution to the shit hole that many are stuck in and claimed to be the best there is.

What is telling is that the electorate should never ever flirt with the temptation of alternative parties. The ruling party will decide if the political system will evolve into a two party or multi party system. The message is distinctly clear that the outcome of what the political system will evolve is not for the people to decide.

So, how would the ruling party decide if there should be a multi party system? Simple, the new WP members in Parliament will be watched very carefully. How they perform will decide the fate of the future political system. Simply, they need to play ball with the ruling party, to win its confidence, that they are not out to destroy the party or the country.

Does it make sense? I think the message is that they must not ask funny questions that make the ruling party and the leaders look funny. Better still, try to make them look good, make them feel comfortable, then maybe more alternative party MPs will be able to get into Parliament. And they may even be invited to be grassroots advisors. If the WP’s MPs did not play ball and are contemptuous, and persist in asking embarrassing questions, then the fate of a multi party system will be sealed, be gone forever.

If this is the case, that the future of a multi party system is decided by the ruling party and not the electorate, then my advice to the WP MPs is to play ball, be nice. Then maybe in 2016, more alternative MPs will be allowed into Parliament.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the way to go,but it depends on the opposition parties,they have an extremly tough battle ahead.

I personally think that they have an impossible task,but I hope that I am wrong,as were most of my past decisions.

Anonymous said...

Single party, 2-party or multiple-party coalition - It will be decided by the vote in your hands at the next elections!

Anonymous said...

///Two party system, who decides?///


Anonymous said...

If you read what ex MM and PM said,
Ans: PAP.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans get to decide who gets into parliament only if there is real freedom of speech and a free press. When the ruling party curbs freedom with detention without trial and control the MSM to spew out propaganda, the ruling party controls the minds of Singaporeans and their votes.


Anonymous said...

The Ogre just said that losing one GRC is not a disaster. See how arrogant he still is. Not a disaster, but why is he so flustered about losing Aljunied during the May election, so much so that he had to resort to threatening voters?

Losing another few GRCs will also not be a disaster for Singapore. But it will be a disaster for the MIWs. That is my hard truth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Saycheese, welcome to the blog.

Singaporeans may think that they will decide and should decide who goes to Parliament. But the comments by the leaders say otherwise. It depends on how the opposition MPs behave and they will respond accordingly, and the fate of more opposition MPs in Parliament will depend on how things developed.

What does this say as to who will decide?

notanotherspinstory said...

WP is in the most difficult position.
Having to survive politically by threading carefully and yet not wanting to be seen to be in cahoots with PAP.

Keep too low profile and they risk being labeled as cowards. Being too mild they may be perceived as soft by PAP.

Yes its true, only when the one in power decides to give up power. It is not the people who decide by vote. Because govt and grassroots machinery is too entrenched. Pressure must be put on PAP to loosen their grip on power.

Anonymous said...

Think this is a sensible party with sensible and smart people. They would not anyhow shout. Wait for parliament to open and see how they perform.