A sheepish smile

That is all I can afford when I read about big burly Caucasians beating up local girls. One girl was slammed against the bus door for talking too loudly, in the opinion of the Caucasian and annoying him. Another woman got her windscreen smashed for honking at another Caucasian man who cut into her path abruptly.

What to do? It happened. Reminds me of colonial Singapore or South Africa. The sheepish Singaporeans deserve every bit of it for worshipping foreign gods. Even the Chinese hawkers have no qualms or reservation to beat up Singaporeans in broad daylight.

Singaporeans have their jobs taken over by foreigners for their own good. Without the foreigners, they will all go hungry and their women will become maids. Better count their blessings and don’t make too much of an issue when foreigners throw them a few punches or knock the daylight out of them.

Got money, go and pay for a lawyer and take the offender to court. If no money, just shut up, or like me, smile sheepishly. It could be worst.
In the olden days, they came with their warships and killed the men, took the women and the country as theirs.

I just need to be extra careful in the presence of foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Can use ISA against these foreign terrorists for terrorising Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

It is of course not right to take things into one's hand, no matter how one may be irked by it. However, it is not uncommon to observe the habits of some commuters, drivers, and others, which can really be most grating on others' nerves. The cases involved perceivedly "bullying acts" by ang mohs, it might well have happened to locals who just could not 'tahan' the obnoxious behaviours of the so called "aggrieved ones".

Anonymous said...

It is a shameful state of affair when foreigners have no hesitation to beat up the natives. There is no pride as a people.

Anonymous said...

Back to being coolies...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am still hoping to divide up the inheritance, collect a few millions and move on to Lijiang.

InferiorGoods said...

redbean, it isn't new. The reason why we always kenna beaten or eaten up is because we don't know how to fight. How did we end up in this state? Simple, it is because we have always been taught to fear those who seemingly can beat the shit out of us with lawsuits or knuckle dusters. When we hear our CSM yell vulgarities and threaten to charge us we shut up and give up our rights. When we vote, we hear people tell us that we are daft and stupid and must repent or we will not get any upgrading even if we had voted after much consideration. The result? We get an inferiority complex, which is just what some people want because that makes us easy to manage. So when it comes to fight, we always back off because we are afraid that we will get charged or we just don't know how to handle the situation. We back off and that's why we always lose. What to do? Go Lijiang? Be careful, because you may have to learn how not to back down and fight for your rights and sometimes for your wrongs.

Anonymous said...

We must always remember that foreigners are our SAVIOURS and we owe our pitiful existence to them - do we need the great man to continually remind us :)

Anonymous said...

Very soon you will see signs that say:


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi InferiorGoods, welcome to the blog.

The Singaporeans today is the making of years of submissiveness. Is it an inborn trait? It is the software that have made them so. Like you said, it is good and easy to govern.

We need another saviour. Maybe not. If this is the desire result then it must be good. Just like telling the people 2 is enough. It took so long to embedded the thinking of one or two is enough, how to change over night?

Anonymous said...

Are those aliens creating perversions to our local justice system? Or is our justice system failing?


Anonymous said...

The guilding principals of managing Singapore have their own merits.

That is to make the land of singapore prospers regardless.

It is perhaps the pioneer example of management by law of jungle,the fittest survive and the weakest eliminated.

That is why an unceasing effort has been on going to attract generally the best from the earth to be in Singapore.a very limited land.

Whether it can be successful is debatable!

There is only one exception,in politics, only those who already made these decisions can stay and decide who are the best that can take over these rules.

The current world seems to be moving towards this direction.

Good or bad,only God knows.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When meritocracy is practised to the extreme with no regards to nationality, us or them, it is a sell out.

The families of the elite better pray their wealth and good fortune will last forever or any bad genes may put them back to the bottom of the packing order. Their offsprings may then bear the brunt of a cruel meritocratic system.

No, they don't believe that it will be their turn to be in the longkangs. They will be forever the elite and their children and grandchildren will prosper forever.

But they never count on Nature having that wicked streak and will turn the table on anyone at the most unexpected hour.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 26 Sep 9:52AM, foreigners has immunity in this land of FT ass-kissers. They can get away with anything. In anycase, what will they lose? If they get into trouble here, all they need to do is go back to their own land where nobody knows. But leaving the locals to bear with the consequences of their action (e.g. high and unaffordable cost of living etc).

Anonymous said...

Dear Readbean,

To be fair to the founding father,he seems to accept the Chinese saying:that good fortune in a family normally does not last more than three generations,it is OK for him.

The point is:MERITOCRACY must only be defined by him or his group of like minded people,and that this political power group must stay longer,if not to eternality,then at least to match with the Vatican-the Catholic Church,that is slightly more than two thousand years to date and on going.

Recent development in the world's civilisation shows that history might be on his side.CHEERS