China helping the ingrates!

The US and its European partners have been challenging and questioning China's sincerity as a responsible superpower. Bloomberg has just reported that China will be extending a helping hand to Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal and also investment bank Morgan Stanley to overcome their financial crises. China was also instrumental in helping the US tied over their own financial crisis in 2008. And who caused all the crises?

The question is whether these ingrates would turnaround to bite China after they have been nursed to health by China's financial assistance. While the US is running around farting, and only offer words, the Chinese are going to unload its cash hoards to these crippled nations.

So, who is really the irresponsible one?


Anonymous said...

Why didn't they ask the third superpower India to help?

Bai Hu said...

Hi. I agree with u.

Anonymous said...

It is to tie China hand, ensuring the Empire stays superpower? or they will come up with a thesis like Samuel Huntington's clash of civilization for foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

China should not give financial help to Western ingrates who come about begging unashamely.

These Western countries US and the European countries are always blaming China for all the evil and wrong things they have done and questioning China's responsibility as a world stake holder. US and its European allies have been starting fires here and there in declaring uncalled for wars against weak countries as recent as the illegal and most immoral attack and aggression against Libya. The crooks and scoundrels in their financial institutions have played havoc with international financial system and cause serious damage to the world's economy. All these are part of their evil scheme to contain China and bring China down.
US and Europe have been working in collaboration to deprive China of natural resources . The recent attack on Libya is a blatant act to deprive China of Libyan oil. So why does China want to help these Western ingrates. After these ingrates have been helped and nurtured back to health by China, will they not once again scheme evil things against China. I believe the present US and European financial crisis is nothing but an insidious conspiracy against China. If they are financially bankrupt how can they still have money to indulge in wild ventures of savage and aggressive wars against so many weak countries which happen to be well endowed with rich natural resources. Their aim is to conquer and control these countries and to deprive China of the natural resources especially oil found in these countries. So China should consider properly before giving in to the begging of these ingrates for financial rescue.


Anonymous said...

Think it is time to take over the country - and have the Chinese in their government.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Bai Hu, welcome to the blog.

Wen Jia Bao is telling the Europeans that Europe is America and China is not the American govt. China will help but would not pour money into a bottomless pit. The European must put their own houses in order and China will only help in the process.

The Chinese are not stupid to throw their money into the laps of the ingrates freely. Otherwise their US $3 trillion reserves will not be enough to go a second round.

Jonathan said...

The Chinese Govt is no saint either. It is just trying to use its economic strength to buy over "reverence" from the "barbarians". The world is at least better with a democracy as the superpower rather than a wealthy authoritarian state. If China is the only superpower, the world can forget about rule of laws, democracies, principles, values and human rights.

Political Bengster said...

All Empires ends, when the European Empire ended it caused WW1 and WW2.

It was called the Pound hegemony and now we are seeing the tail end of the USD hegemony....

It's always about currency and oil... first resource war which was WW1, from steam to oil. That's why till now Mid east has never know peace..

It ended the Austrian and Ottoman Empires...

WW2 was all about currency and the Pound...when the British Empire ended and was all used up. The banksters shifted base to USA...

Hence Green backs as the De-facto world currency and the most important status as Mid East Petro Dollar

if you look carefully, the tactics are all Spill over from the British since the 1700s! USA never gain their independence

USA is at its tail's end, with their imperialistic 900 Military bases ...

Questions is will the USA rather fight then give up the money tree (Petro Dollar Imperialism)?


Will China allow the banksters
(I care not who makes the laws)
to take over them just like the USA?

Never say Never... we are in the mist of WW3..it started in the Korean War

it has never ended.....Are we waiting for the climax OF WW3?

Caused by the
Industrial Complex??

one finance,one builds the other destroys and one locks-up.......

Terror in the purest form

"The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting." Charles Bukowski

Anonymous said...

It's naive to think that China is playing nice and 'just trying to help'. Together EU and the US account for what? over 40% of their exports? Can the world's number 1 exporter still expect to grow at 9% when 2 of their major customers are hit? It's probably a good PR exercise for the Chinese to offer their 'help' and get something in return behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

It is equally naive to think that the Americans are the policemen of the world and doing to help the world. It is also naive to think that the Americans are starting all the wars and killing all the Arabs for the good of the world and the Arabs.