Poll on the Elected Presidency

The rice is cooked, we have a new Elected President in the Istana. And he is still getting his millions as salary. All the controversies raised during the election for the new EP were somehow forgotten, as usual. The heat is gone. This is very typical of Singaporeans when the pain is not enough. They only kpkb for the moment and then resigned to the fait accompli.

We just conducted a poll and 40% of the respondents wanted the EP to be abolished. Another 40% didn’t mind having the office of the Presidency but wanted a ceremonial one that does not come with the outrageous multi million dollar salary.

This is the feedback of the people who bothered to take a stand. Would the govt take this feedback seriously and cancel the EP office, replace it with a ceremonial one? The sample size of the poll may be small, but I think it is quite representative of the views of the population. The govt may want to conduct a bigger poll to get a confirmation that this is what the people want and not what the govt wants for the Presidency.

This is feedback too.


Anonymous said...

Logically speaking, Singaporeans do not need a president at all, even a ceremonial one is no better than a decor piece.


Anonymous said...

Just another gravy train.

Anonymous said...

Shelly is great post! I feel very happy reading this post on your blog.

Job Responsibilities

Anonymous said...

Guarding the reserves against a rogue Government is the easier and expected part.

Guarding the reserves against a jinx given a free hand to deal with the reserves is the more fearsome part with unexpected results. And the EP or whatever diety may be powerless to deal with it or have any say in it.

Anonymous said...

Don't think this is feedback. No one will see, no one will hear, no one will speak and do anything.

No one will feel the pinch of paying millions for this great job.

Anonymous said...

Subject: RE: Well said...David Marshall.Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 06:06:24 +0000
there is a misalignment between earning private sector pay and not suffering private sector consequences if management decisions do achieve objectives. For example, 50% or more loss in UBS investment.... :) Uncle Johnny, i think i shall return and run for parliament... good and easy $$

: FW: Well said...David Marshall.Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 14:01:05 +0800

: Fw: Well said...David Marshall.

He is one JEW who is NOT (a) $$$$ greedy and what JEWS are infamously for (b) STINGY !
In S'pore, we have S'porean Chinese "jews" among us instead!
they are among us, with all their money pinching habits and their "we are poor" mentality.
how to mix/associate with such......? I keep my distance from such elements. Disgusting !
Cheers from S C .

Well said David Marshall.
So bloody true too what he said.....
That's the reason why we have to Pay & Pay to survive in Singapore.

Subject: Fwd: David Marshall In 1994

David Marshall In 1994 (when PAP ministers started enjoying their high pay schemes):

I've got nothing against money. I'd like to have money myself! I'd like to have a house and a garden and dogs and a car and a chauffeur but, look, I've got a flat. I've got a swimming pool attached to the flat. I've not even got a car but I use taxis. I have a dignified way of life without being wealthy.

I don't see the necessity of owning a Mercedes-Benz and a swimming pool and a couple of mistresses. I think we've got our values all wrong.

You know $ 96,000 a month for a Prime Minister and $ 60,000 a month for a minister. What the hell do you do with all that money? You can't eat it!
What do you do with it ? Your children don't need all that money.

My children have had the best of education. In fact, I'm very proud of them. One of them is a senior registrar to two major hospitals in Oxford. Another of them is a consultant in European law to the Securities and Investment Board in the United Kingdom. They've had their education. There are no complaints.

I never earned $60,000 a month or $90,000 a month. When I was Chief Minister, I earned $8,000 a month.
Look, what is happening today is we are encouraged to and are becoming worshippers of the Golden Calf.

We have lost sight of the joy and excitement of public service, helping our fellow men. The joy and excitement of seeking and understanding the miracle of the living, the duty and the grandeur. We have lost taste for heroic action in the service of our people.

We have become good bourgeois seeking comfort, security. It's like seeking a crystal coffin and being fed by intravenous injections through pipes in the crystal coffin; crystal coffins stuck with certificates of your pragmatic abilities.

It's time we start clean up Singapore politics & get rid of the greedy self-serving politicians.

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