Just dig a hole

All it needs is for someone to dig a hole that is big enough. It could be an accident, but more often than not, due to bad judgments or bad policies, and a big hole is dug. This would lead to a series of attempts and more bad policies and decisions to cover the big hole. And what it gets is more holes, or the big hole getting bigger.

Our problem with the CPF savings getting out of our reach is one good example. The hole was dug by someone, somewhere, some times back, and no matter how they tried, it is getting bigger and bigger.

Our population fracas too is another big hole started with population control to population decontrol and influx of foreigners.

Our housing problems, some still living in their dreams, will eventually sink everyone, when the bubble bursts. It started with under building or not building to squeeze the supply. But supply there was as seen from the recent policy of ramping up the building programme. Maybe they are holding back the supply to push up prices to increase revenue, or to save for the private property market. There is no way to bring down the prices anymore without causing a bigger hole.

And the uncoordinated flooding of the island with foreigners added to the frantic craze to chase properties. And it started a process, one silly policy or scheme leading to more silly policies and schemes, and all ended up in a bind. All these were unnecessary. It all started with a big hole or a bad policy to start with.

The high cost of living too, started when money was stuffed into the pockets of many people in some quarters, when ramping up property prices was seen as good, a blessing.

The congestion, high demands for goods and services, cars, properties, space, hospitals, schools, roads etc etc, all started with one big bad policy.

Today, they are starting to dig another one, oblivious to all the problems that it is already causing. The experts see that there is no other way except to grow the population for economic growth and viability. If the same kind of thinking is pervasive, the world’s population will be 10 billion in no time. If every country is growing its population relentlessly, then what?

According to these experts, population growth is the answer to everything. Yes, fully agree. It will lead to rapid economic growth, rapid consumption of goods and services, resources and all things. It will lead to rapid destruction of the earth and rapid death. Try imagine how a glutton eats himself to death, growing to enormous size with an equally big appetite to eat more and more. When the world is furiously competing for limited resources to feed its growing population, one thing will surely happen.


notanotherspinstory said...

One thing will surely happen. WW3? Suffering? Economic collapse?

Anonymous said...

Good one, redbean!

One more big hole: That big one in somebody's head!