The Halloween Horror that would not go away

One week after the cancellation, and the horror is still haunting everyone. The Halloween Horror is turning out to be the horror of all horror stories. Isabella Loh could have not asked for more. She is made of the same kind of steel like all Singaporean leaders, dare to make the difference, to make tough decisions that are good for the people. Halloween is bad for family values and comes at a bad time when the country is promoting wholesome family and more children. Can’t imagine the harm it will cause to children by the devils that Halloween is all about. Really frightening.

This really takes too long to happen. Commercialism and playing with the devil, both rolling into one in the Halloween Horror. It must be stopped, sooner or later. It is simply bad influence. Hurrah, finally someone has the conviction and gumption to put an end to this twin terror.

Now that the ball has started rolling, let’s look at all the events and festivities that are associated with the devil, commercialised, and unwholesome. While one is now canned, let’s canned all of them once and for all. Now where to start? The two casinos! Wait a minute, they are not casinos in the first place, and they are family oriented resorts, with many wholesome activities for the families. Just leave them alone. And there is nothing devilish in them.

What about those devil worshipping commercialised events and festivals? There must be plenty of them. Uh huh, don’t you dare! Let’s start with something safer and more manageable. No more horror movies. That should be easy. Is Harry Porter and his adventures horror movies or devil related? Difficult to say I think. What about MediaCorp programmes, there must be some that are devil related or about the devil, I am sure.


Anonymous said...

Hey Redbean;

commercialization of Father, Mother, Teacher Days and all the Religious and Non Religious Festivities are as good as those meant for the devils. But these do help to make the Rich richer and the GDP better.


Anonymous said...

I guess the 7th-month Ghost-month festivities have to be put to a stop as well!

Anonymous said...

It was a mistkae,leadership or not!

Anonymous said...

I believe everyone should have a choice to celebrate any festival but imposing a belief and cancel the entire event last minute which is a fun way for families and friends to enjoy is very disrespectful. It has nothing to do with leadership, it is more a dictatorship. Good leadership is about making decision based on good discussion, planning and being a good a listener to the audience and visitors involved. Censorship of any festival due to personal beliefs is a violation of human rights and civil rights, especially in a leading multicultural country of modernization. Change is good but not when it is made alone.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are just too many gods in this world and with too many people wanting to play gods as well. I gooder than you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just watch the BlogTV on the Halloween Horror story. It came out that the cancellation of the event was more scary and horrifying than the event itself.

The students were totally devastated. If anyone ever think of destroying the zeal and motivation of students or young people, this is the perhaps the perfect way of doing it.

I feel very sorry for the students. Anyone who knows what happened would feel very sorry too.

I thought the spokeswoman representing the poly students in the BlogTV show was about to cry. She put up a very brave front but you could sense the stress and hurt she was going through.

Hope no one will ever repeat such a thoughtless act again.

The students' refusal to accept all the alternative offers by well wishers to stage the event at an alternative site was strategic. It was their way of making whoever responsible for their plight to bear with the pain that they were going through. Accepting alternative offers would be too easy and a relief for whoever. Now the guilt will stay exactly where it should be.