Is Halloween a wholesome family affair?

My little knowledge of this western cultural event is that it is a family affair where the parents would dress up their little love ones and walk with them, to knock on their neighbours’ doors for a little treat and fun. It is a wholesome family activity really. Or is it not? Maybe our expats here could help to enlighten the ignorant world citizens that claimed to be well travelled and well read of this festivity that it is not anti family.

My memory of the Seventh Moon Celebration also says that it was/is a family affair. The parents would be buying all the goodies and preparing them as offerings to the good brothers for blessing. No one was to say anything bad. Hmmm, respecting the good brothers. All would be in the best of behavior in greeting and praying to them, and offering them the goodies. What’s wrong with diplomacy with the spirits or even devils?

And at the end of it, there would be a feast. Many in those days did not eat chicken or meat regularly. In such a festival, meat, chicken and fish would be on the table. It was a hearty meal for all that did not come often. If this is not a family affair, what is?

The Chinese cultural and religious practices are all embracing and all inclusive. Gods, deities, spirits, devils etc are all welcome to live in peace and harmony with human beans. Gods, deities, spirits, devils can also give blessing and protection to the mortals. When they are kind, they can give 4 D numbers too. There is no constant battle between the gods and the devils. They are all part and parcel of life, in this world and in the other worlds.

Unbelieveable! The physical and spiritual worlds are very colourful and can co exist. And this can only be more colourful with international and foreign devils in our midst. As a cosmopolitan city of the world, we cannot afford to be narrow minded to be religiously correct and puritans.


Anonymous said...

Sorry not part of Asian values. The event is a commercial affairs and keep it alive by the candy makers and etc.
No, its not a really a family affair but wholesome, may be for very young tot and it passes very fast with kids growing pains. Of course in cosmolitan and big cities the occasion is to generate $$ from Big kids who refuse to grow up and not be wholesome.

Again its not part of Asian values and shouldn't be practice even if angmoh are among us. Too what called...

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
Sorry not part of Asian values. ///

Is Christmas part of Asian values?

Anonymous said...

dah!Chrismast is not part of majority of asians except for asian christians.

just don't be a rojak as much as it is delicious, know one's own culture & values and celebrate it, not all others else also.

do you see any other culutres partaking in hungry ghost festival?

Are you a christian? if you are, you should stay away from holloween as it is a pagan practice.

Anonymous said...

Can one say that all non religious practices are pagan practices? Some say Christmas is not a Christian practice.

The said...

Christmas was derived from Pagan practice.