$500,000 a week’s pay!

Being paid $400k or $500k a week just to play football is common in the British football league or the European league. That is a cool $2m a month or $24m a year, excluding bonuses. Where else can one find such a well paying job and so dignified, with fans screaming everywhere just to see them?

Carlos Tevez is one of the fortunate super football talents to be paid this kind of salary in Manchester City. This is the sister club to Manchester United that will probably reappear anytime for a listing in our stock exchange. And Manchester United, being a better club, with betterer talents, is likely to pay their star players much more, or not worst than Carlos Tevez’s $500k a week pay.

When Manchester United finally got to be listed here, Singaporeans will have the privilege to be associated with this great football club, and also the privilege to be their paymaster, paying each of the star footballer millions every month. Singaporeans should be happy to do that, as paying huge obscene salary is a normal practice here. They are used to it. It will cost them an additional plate of char kway teow at most.

The most important thing is that they are happy paying. It is value for money, every cent of it. Now, why are the parents craving for their children to be in the best school and to get a degree when they could have fun kicking a ball and not being stressed up in our hot house schools, and getting paid several times more than our President?


Anonymous said...

Since the Day a man in the US was ridiculously rewarded for reviving a dying company, things have became absurd.
In olden day China, artistes with the best performing skills were still regarded as 'xi zi' and ranked not much higher than vagabonds. Today actor, actress and singer are not much lesser than god and fairy. Those Olympic Athletes before the Seventies were glorious for their feats but never rewarded monetarily. Since then, sports people have became legends not only on their performances, their incomes are as legendary.

Let's put it this way, in the practical old days, any act that produces nothing edible and useful will be appreciated for the spirits. There will not be nonsensical reward. Unfortunately or otherwise, all human endeavours and obligations are commercialized and the rest are history.

My personal lament is why does one need so much for his/her short existence? Of course, me am aware of the Saying 'Greed knows no bound'.


Anonymous said...

When dumb people are willing to pay ridiculous entrance fees to watch eleven egoistic beans kicking a stupid ball around, nobody is batting an eyelid as far as what footballers are demanding nowadays.

I am also wondering why some beans are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a seat to watch cars going around in circles resembling a prison compound.

Or some willing to pay thousands to watch two guys slugging each other inside a ring and being paid tens of millions.

In the end it is still the smart gets the dough, the stupid ones paid the price.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The F1 is really not worth paying for. I was invited to watch one of the race and it was a big disappoinment. I lugged along my cameras and hoping to at least enjoy some photography. All I saw was the fence. And the jokers even got the cheek to claim rights to all photographs taken within the circuit.

And what did one get, the head swinging left to right, left to right and nothing else. Will not encourage anyone to pay that kind of money. Pure nonsense. They should redesign the fencing to allow free view, even if it is further from the track for safety.

The football clubs are fleecing everyone. Now they want to come here to fleece our innocent investors as well.