The Internet Balancing Act

This is the most appropriate statement about the state of affairs in Cyber World. It is all a balancing act by the internet service providers, software designers and producers, software companies and the internet terrorist brigades and their voracious and destructive viruses. They compliment each other’s existence and usefulness, scratching each other’s back and making a pile for themselves. The victims are all the internet users, the institutions that depended on the internet to do their businesses, and the policing forces that are always playing catch up with them.

The software and systems providers need the vicious virus developers to keep the losers continuously upgrading their systems and keeping the industry happy and rich. While they think that this is a good symbiotic relationship to fleece on the innocent users, it will one day grow to such a mammoth proportion that will crash the whole system.

Internet virus developers, including spammers and hackers are dangerous and destructive to the viability of the internet as a convenient business tools. Until the authorities and the software developers, system providers are serious in removing this plague, they will have a life of their own, conveniently accepted by the software developers and system providers, to create problems and generate more businesses.

My redbeanforum.com has been subjected to daily attacks of pornography and nonsensical spammings, nothing different from the attacks on MBS or Resort World, or other govt or commercial institutions. I have made it a read only blog to stop the attack.

I am very pleased with Bloggers for being able to fend off most of the spammings and pornographic attacks and keeping mysingaporenews.blogspot.com relatively free from them. Unlike other blogging or internet platform, Blogger is superior in this sense. Many of you did not see the spamming and have taken this for granted. But I am receiving daily feedbacks on the number of attacks in my email.

There is no reason why the scourge of spamming and virus attacks cannot be eradicated. The culprits are the software developers and system providers who are in a way accomplices to this menace and allowing them to continue to spread the disease. If the authorities can come down hard on them, with their combined resources, every one of them will be arrested. There is no where to hide and no where to run, if the authorities and the industry mean business to wipe out this pain for good.

Until then, it will be a balancing act. Yes, we need the National Cyber Security Centre to combat such crimes.


Anonymous said...

For all we know, the anti-virus software developers may also be the ones developing the viruses. How else can they sell their upgraded software year after year?

In any case, what is in it for individuals to develop viruses continuously if there is no money to be made for their troubles? For fun?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Starting fire to sell fire fighting equipment. Starting wars to sell weapons.

Crying wolf to demand obedience.

Anonymous said...


robber shouting robbery and chasing the victim!

Anonymous said...

Anybody know what happen to TRE ??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe hanging in a balance, doing its own balancing act.