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We have the best political system in the world. We are not bragging, the results are out there for all to see. In a short span of 46 years, we have created a first world city state with affluence as a way of life. Everyone is rich in his own way. Poverty is an exception. Practically every child is well fed, housed and in school.

All these we have to thank our one party political system. We can get it so far because of a one party dominant political system. If we have a two party system or multi party political system, we will be in a quagmire like many third world countries. But we persevered in a non communist, non dictatorial, non autocratic one party democratic system. And it works.

And this one party system must go on. Anyone talking about a two party or multi party system is talking about ruining the good things and the good life here. The alternative parties have made advances in the last GE. And it is likely to gain more seats in future GEs. But can they really help and make our country better? Will they be competitive and yet cooperative with the ruling party? Will they be asking embarrassing questions that they should not be asking to make the ruling party look bad in the eyes of the people?

Definitely not. There are too many things that happened over the last few decades that need answers. The people are fed up and wanted to know what is happening, the truths that have yet to be told. Just by asking these questions would put the opposition MPs in a bad light, that they are destructive, trying to score political points. And when the questions get to a stage of being more than just an irritation, would the ruling party say that it is part of the political process, that all the questions were belated and should have been asked long ago and the answers given? Or would the ruling party ride the high horse of rough shod over the opposition party MPs and harden its position?

The latter is likely to be the case. A two party system just cannot work, at least until the carpet is lifted, the cupboard of skeletons aired before things can settle down to a new normal. Only then can a multi party system go ahead in a truly democratic way.

This looks unlikely and a one party system is still the only way, the best way to go forward. But a one party system must not be of another political hue. It must be the same ruling party. A one party system that can work is a one party belonging to the same ruling party, not just any one party. Two parties are good, one party best.

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Anonymous said...

Quote: "We the citizens of Singapore pledge ourselves as one united people---- " To the Party one united people means the people in the Party in power and does not include the daft Singaporeans who are the means to the Party's self satisfying inglorious aim of achieving power and aggrandisement at the expense of the daft Singaporeans. As it is first capture power through demagoguery. Once in power grab all the priviledges to amass all the wealth and riches and justify it with more demagoguery which will be taken in by the unsuspecting gullible daft Singaporeans. With Power and Priviledge under the Party's arms the rules of law and justice will be bent and twisted and interpreted as the Party pleased. So now the Party has Power, Priviledge and Justice under its control. Will it be a fait accompli? Well history has shown that tyrannous power cannot last forever and no power no matter how strong it is will be allowed to always change the code of Law and Justice. Sooner or later retribution and real justice will be done and that's the way it is going to be.