The People’s Association in 2016

Hypothetically, Year 2016 sees a new political party forming the govt. This can be any party other than the PAP. What would be the role of the PA? Would the PA turn around and appoint all the grassroots advisors from the new ruling party? Would it start to ban PAP MPs or PAP defeated MPs from becoming advisors to its grassroots organization like CCC, CCMC and RC and its organized activities?

Does it have any choice given the recent public statement of its role in supporting the ruling political party? One thing for sure, many of its staff will be axed and new leadership will be brought in to ensure that the PA does what it is designed to do, to support the ruling political party that is now the govt, and to remain apolitical.

How about Chee Soon Juan being appointed as CEO of PA? That will be exciting material.


Anonymous said...

Dream on!

Abao said...

we can always dream, no?