Time for an Ombudsman

The way the CPF savings are getting further and further away from the people is no laughing matter. The delay in returning the money to the people, the inflating of minimum sums in CPF and Medisave both means that the owners are finding it more and more difficult to get in touch with their hard earned money. And you have jokers ridiculing the people’s stupidity by claiming to be very happy looking at a monthly statement saying how much is in there. In a way it is telling the people to be happy with the piece of paper even if the money is not touchable.

The most distressing part is that the people’s life time saving is now part of the nation’s reserve and can be invested by people who did not need to ask permission from the rightful owners of the money. The smell of blood, sweat and tears are in the CPF money. Who is so irresponsible and outrageous to think that it is ok to take the people’s money to ‘invest’ and claim credit, pay themselves insane bonuses when luck is with them, but if the money is lost, just pat their backside and simply walk away?

The very thought of taking the people’s hard earned money against their interests and will is evil to the core. It is irreprehensible for anyone to think that it is alright without any sense of guilt. It is morally wrong and criminal.

It is time to appoint an ombudsman to look into the people’s life time saving and find ways to return to them while the money is still there. There can never be any good reason, nothing, that can justify depriving the people from their savings.

I say again, anyone with designs on the people’s life savings is evil and wicked. They shall be punished, and it is only a matter of time. If there is no human law to deal with them, they will still have to answer one day. In the mean time, keep playing with the people’s money. There is no where to run from the guilt of conscience.


Anonymous said...

We need a revolution -a mental revolution.

notanotherspinstory said...

All those idiots who voted Tony Tan better not kpkb when their CPF monies go poof.

Tony Tan is there to prevent any accountability over GIC/Temasek losses of our CPF money. Else why would he want to quit his cushy job at GIC/SPH and stand for election and why was he wiling to withstand all that humiliation at being booed and being scrutinized?

Anonymous said...

However much we whine, the CPF noose will never be loosen. There are so many compelling draws on the fund that allowing CPF members to withdraw large amount is unthinkable. GIC/Temasek, HDB, Hospitals, all tap into CPF. The more HDB prices go up, the more members have to contribute to feed the housing frenzy. Same with hospitals.

So, with TT cohabiting with the PAP, forget about them listening to us or TT speaking up for us.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The grandmas like to tell the young not to 'cho chek ark' things. There are people who are born into very challenging families when life is like a living hell. To such people, 'chek ark or no chek ark' nothing bothers them. Living hell or hell in death, they would do anything to better their miserable lives.

For people born in richness or not having to struggle for a living, there is no need to 'cho chek ark'. Time will catch up with everyone and there is a heavy price to pay.

For those who think they are gods, they may believe that nothing can touch them. Good for them.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, please organise an outing to Haw Par Villa for THEM

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush believes, I think, that God asked him to kill in Afghanistan and Iraq. Does he believe in Karma? Hell, no. He too believes that nothing can touch him or punish him because of his God's protection.

Only Buddhists believe that you have to pay for what you do by yourself and nobody can atone for your own sins.

Anonymous said...

While the "goal post" in the CPF is pushed further and further, it is downright atrocious and despicable that certain groups in the establishment collects their pensions at 55 and continue to be employed.

Anonymous said...

Always remember that the pigs enjoyed all the benefits that were never available to the other animals.

How far off are we by comparison, remembering Orwell's Animal Farm?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the rest of 40%, the 60% only look at immediate gain and instant gratification i.e. how much can I get to flip my flat like 2 times in my lifetime? How much can I get by investing my CPF monies in mini bonds etc?

They are so blinded by greed that they can't see that their actions will only bring about greater inflation which affects them ultimately. But do they care? No! Why? Cos they are incapable of analysis and when they hit the brick wall, what does these groups do? They run to the govt naively expecting that their problems will be resolved, without realizing that our govt already told us to fend for ourselves (oh, work till you drop campaign etc).

Most of these 60% are basically living in a dream world of their own and without a care of any consequences whatsoever for everyone else, but unfortunately, what goes around, ultimately comes around and will hit them in their faces. Yet they're too blinded by greed to care at all.

Anonymous said...


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